So, you have a thing for Anime Girls With Pink Hairs?

We’ve got all types for you.

Shy ones, bold ones, proud ones, Tsundere ones, sadistic ones, bloodthirsty ones, femme fatales, flirty ones and everything else that you might ever dream of.


Indulge yourself in a list of 18 best waifus for you, all tailored to your preference of pink hair.

18. Haruno Sakura From Naruto

Haruno Sakura From Naruto

This character is a stranger to absolutely noone in the anime world.

Sakura is a very highly underrated character as she gets compared to two of the most legendary Shinobi to ever exist in Shinobi history, the Nine Tails Jinchuriki and the last Uchiha.

Haruno Sakura is a great medical Ninja with enough power in a single punch to probably destroy an entire country.

Sakura went from having a fiery and often comically short-tempered attitude to a mature, intelligent and understanding mother over the course of the Naruto series and Boruto.

She is one of the most well-known pinkettes in anime due to the Naruto series.

17. Kotoko Utsugi From Danganronpa

Kotoko Utsugi From Danganronpa

You know how you’re but you also remember that you needed to tell anyone about this absolutely useless completely unnecessary piece of information that everyone must know at this very point of time?

Yeah, that’s Kotoko.

She is capable, cunning, intelligence and knows how to act around people. She adapts her personality from sunshine sweet to mean and a bully depending on the person she’s dealing with.

She is constantly performing with this ‘cutesy’ act to hide her inner demons.

16. Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière From The familiar of Zero

Louise Françoise le Blanc de la Vallière From The familiar of Zero

God save anyone this woman chooses to unleash her wrath upon.

Louise quickly jumps to conclusions about people and often sticks with it. She might seem fiery angry, hateful and mean with her words on the outside but that just means that she is that honest.

She often used means like beating him up and whipping him with a magic whip, but as time passed her real personality trickled through.

15. Perona From One Piece

Perona From One Piece

You know what fits into Halloween themes  and a zombie island that has human animal hybrids, an alive skeleton.

A giant resurrected frostbitten monster as big as a 10 story building, a mad doctor that creates the zombies and a pervert with the ability to become invisible?

A ghost princess.

But not any regular ghost princess, a ghost princess that wants to sing cursed songs in a dark mansion, but is obsessed with ‘cute’ things.

From alive soft toys to the secret kindness deep inside her heart, Perona’s personality is just as pink as her hair.

14. Nonon Jakuzure From Kill La Kill

Nonon Jakuzure From Kill La Kill

Strict. Cute. Bomb. Music. Loyal.

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These are the only five words anyone needs to describe this deadly DEADLY fighter.

Nonon head everything she needs. She is badass. She is powerful. She has her music. She has a purpose. That’s all she needs.

She is definitely a critical leader who will find faults with almost everything you do and will often say derogatory things about you or your way of doing things but will always have your back no matter where you are, she will have your back.

Nonon is actually a very kind person who has her air of pride due to her strength and intelligence but is an absolute sweetheart at the core.

13. Meredy From Fairy Tail

Meredy From Fairy Tail

Meredy is one of the most complex and beautiful characters in the wild ride of absolute madness that Fairy Tail is.

As a member of the guild, Meredy is like every single Fairy Tail member despite standing on the side opposite to them.

Values of friendship, loyalty, protecting your loved ones and being strong enough to do so, the will to make sacrifices for the greater good of the guild and at the same time knowing when to ask for help.

Meredy is a mirror to every single person raising a very profound question in anyone’s mind.

In the end, what is it that is causing us to be enemies? If we had met under different circumstances, we would’ve been such great friends, wouldn’t we?

12. Machi From Hunter X Hunter

Machi From Hunter X Hunter

Anyone who has even caught a glimpse of this character will know that she is not to be messed with.

Not only will she cut you to pieces with her threads but she will sew you back just to cut up again.

This antagonistic character is practical and is discreet about her work but is also grown cold and heartless towards the lives of anyone other than her Troupe allies.

Machi is the definition of an assassin. She is swift and doesn’t leave any evidence. She is smart, swift and super secretive but a trustworthy and loyal character who needs to have more screen time in the series.

11. The Hero, Emilia From The Devil is a Part timer

The Hero, Emilia From The Devil is a Part timer

Satan. Attacks a town.

Hero. Born in that town.

Satan. Kills people.

Hero. Gets the trauma of father getting killed.

Satan. Starts losing to Hero.

Hero. Goes in to strike final blow.

Satan’s Most Trustworthy General. Opens a portal to Japan to keep Satan safe.

Hero. Gets sucked into the portal alone with Satan and his general.

Satan plans on taking over the world… By working part time.

Emilia is a sweet character who believes from the bottom of the heart that if Satan is dead, all evil with die.

Is that actually the case? Will all evil disappear if Satan does so? Are demons evil? Are all demons evil? What are demons? What are angels? Who should win?

Emilia is confronted with so many questions as she navigates through betrayal, being used, love, understanding, friendship and so much more.

10. Aries From Fairy Tail

Aries From Fairy Tail

A cotton ball of shyness.

All of her sheep and wool based attacks will definitely put you in a comfortable spot.

Aries is sweet, get very nervous very easily but makes sure to deliver every single time. She is quite the simpleton and will often accept was people say as the truth especially if it’s coming from people she knows.

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Also, don’t let her acting get to you! If she wasn’t beating up enemies on the battlefield, she would definitely be getting Oscar.

9. Virgo From Fairy Tail

Virgo From Fairy Tail

She is probably the most famous masochist in all of anime.

Excited at any thought of punishments, Virgo is ready for anything you can possibly have.





She also goes around wearing a maid outfit all the time and visibly happily melts when hurt.

She can also change form according to her master’s desire going from a gorilla-like ugly form to a waifu type in seconds.

If, however, you hurt her friends…

8. Mina Ashido From My Hero Academia

Mina Ashido From My Hero Academia

Mina is stupid.

Mina is determined.

Mina loves her friends.

Mina has a cheerful and happy attitude almost all the time.

Mina is not afraid to stand up to villains for her friends.

Mine has a goofy laugh.

Mina is a Shounen protagonist on her own.

Mine is that anime character that does represent some traits of real people. For eg, constantly bothering people about their love lives and jumping to awry conclusions about characters being in relationships.

Mina is pretty, powerful and a perfect protagonist.

7. Morgiana From Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Morgiana From Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

She is quiet. She is reserved. She sees herself as less than others. She doesn’t usually know what to do when not given an order.

Her life’s experiences have had such an impact on her that she has severe self-esteem issues and often has a hard time understanding what she is feeling at any point of time.

All she really wants to be of help to the people around her and not cause them any trouble. Though she does that by pouting and smashing her foot on the ground which causes it to crack.

She also has a very peculiar sense in jewelry picking two demonic gauntlets as her accessories.

6. Jibril From No Game, no Life

Jibril From No Game, no Life

She is the kind of person who would smilingly throw hurtful words in your face with a condescending manner without batting an eyelash or even thinking that what she’s saying is wrong, obviously,

While adding sweet words like ‘puppy’ to refer to the other person and using ‘keigo’ which is polite Japanese used in professional settings or while talking to someone of greater status.

She has an almost unquenchable thirst for knowledge that makes her drool at any opportunity of getting it.

She is sadistic and is used to killing as a ‘simole solution to everything’. She is perceptive, intelligent, powerful but also will do everything to honour a promise that she made and gracefully accept defeat when lost.

Nevertheless, all the angelic appearance and sweet words have a perfect contrast with her bloodthirsty and sadistic personality.

5. Ram From Re: Zero

Ram From Re Zero

While her twin bluenette sister stole the show with a sunshine confession, Ram attracted her fair share of attention.

Her bond with her sister and her supposed love interest shows just how much of softie she is underlying all of the hard exterior that she had built for herself.

Ram shows presence of mind, awareness of her surroundings and willingness to fight in the face of danger.

She is wary of trusting people too easily which is a sensible thing to do which somehow a trait most characters do not have in anime which is strange considering the circumstances that the most of them have encountered in their lives.

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4. Vanessa Enoteca From Black Clover

Vanessa Enoteca From Black Clover

Vanessa Enoteca, the resident drinker of the Black Bulls Squad.

It’s surprising how Vanessa has maintained such a carefree attitude considering the caged, manipulated and psychologically tortured past that this character has gone through.

Just used for her powers and then locked up in a cage for her powers which she herself might or might never have.

Vanessa fits right in with the quirkiness of the Black Bulls with her signature ever drinking habit while still maintaining her mature big sister attitude towards her juniors.

She’s a super sweet person who would go to the ends of the world for the people she cares about including returning to the very place that traumatized her.

3. Mine From Akame ga Kill

Mine From Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill is an anime about change. Change and the cost at which it comes. All the characters come with their special quirky character traits and arcs, but Mine, the genius sniper encapsulates the series in her character so well.

She goes from being strict with the protagonist to backing him up to protecting him to teaming up with him. Mine is everything a normal human is and more.

She is proud of who she is, she cares about people she loves but shows it in a more ‘acts of service’ fashion, she has a heart of gold and she can snipe from islands away.

Everything about Mine’s arc throughout the series from the introduction to the end, it is something to keep a keen eye out for.

2. Zero Two From Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two From Darling in the Franxx

One of, if not the most, famous pinkettes in anime and for good reason.

She is complicated, sweet, she has hurt people, she has gotten hurt, she is beautiful in every single cracked way that she is not.

Zero Two comes from a place of darkness and manipulation. She goes to a place of love and light through her entire journey of overcoming her own nightmares, mistakes, all the ugly things she has done and going on to making a life-changing sacrifice for someone she loves.

The reason why she is so well liked is because she can resonate with so many people despite not being human at all.

The reason why she is so well liked is because she holds herself responsible and chooses improve which is something that everyone can look up to.

1. Vinsmoke Reiju From One Piece

Vinsmoke Reiju From One Piece

Since the very introduction, Reiju has only grown more and more interesting both in terms of her storyline and her character arc.

The only solace to her younger brother who was severely abused by his family members strictly warning to never come back once he had left.

Reiju displays a very mature, compassionate and a powerful woman in terms of her moves on the battlefield, in terms of a support pillar.

An actually character who does understand what the greater good is and isn’t and has a very clear conscience with a resolve of iron to act upon it.

All this while maintaining a calm, collected and intellectual persona who know and is hardened to the truths of life.

Reiju is a perfectly calm hurricane that will take you by storm.

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