Anime Girls With Pink Hairs

35 Cute Anime Girls With Pink Hairs

Live-action TV and movies rarely show people with pink hair. No, this is a thing in anime.

It’s not clear if artists make these characters to be more unique, less like real people, or just because they’re so darn cute. But one thing is for sure: a lot of anime girls with pink hairs.

And because there are so many cute/weird/awesome pink-haired anime characters, we want to learn as much as we can about as many of them as we can.

But let’s be gentlemanly and put the ladies first.

35. Mizuki Himeji From Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts

27 mizuki himeji anime screenshot

Mizuki seems perfect in a lot of ways. She is very smart, has a pure, naive heart, and always wants what is best for you.

On the other hand, she has a little bit of yandere in her because she gets jealous easily and can read advances as well as Stevie Wonder.

Also, never eat anything she makes. Now that PostMates are around, don’t put yourself through that.

34. Miyuki Takara From Lucky Star

26 miyuki takara lucky star pink haired girl anime

Miyuki is kind of like if Amazon’s Alexa came to life and decided to be super cute.

This is probably because she seems to know everything and is like a walking Wikipedia.

God did have to make her less powerful, though. He gave her such bad eyesight that she has to do a Velma every time she loses her glasses.

She also has a short attention span, which is ironic, because she often loses focus.

33. Akira Kogami From Lucky Star

25 akira kogami lucky star pink haired girl anime screenshot

I guess you shouldn’t judge a book by how cute its cover is.

At first glance, Kogami seems to be the cutest thing ever. She says cute catchphrases, has pink hair, and is always happy.

But when you get on her nerves the mask fades and you realize she has quite the mouth on her.

Still, she has her reasons. People can really burn out in the entertainment business.

32. Nurse Joy From Pokémon

24 nurse joy pokemon pink haired girl anime screenshot

Everyone who grew up in the 90s or 00s had a crush on this nurse at some point.

After a long day of making your Pokémon fight until they are too tired to move, it’s always nice to see a warm smile.

Like nobody has ever wondered if their Pokémon would be safe with her. Then, when the Black and White series began, there was a change to the look.

I’m conflicted. Even though it makes me sad, she looks even cuter now.

31. Ai Fuyuumi From Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru

23 ai fuyuumi pink haired girl anime screenshot

Cupid just shot arrows at this one, but he didn’t check.

Ai is a tsundere, which means she keeps her feelings inside, storms off, and says “bakka” with a hint of violence every now and then. You know the drill.

She also really needs love it seems.

Her thirst-o-meter is in the red because she writes fanfiction about herself and a childhood friend, and her boyfriend goes to another school.

30. Meroune Lorelei From Monster Musume

22 meroune lorelei monster musume anime

I’ve heard that video games are bad for kids. The Little Mermaid, though?

From the start, Meroune has some strange goals for her life.

First, she wanted to live the story of the Little Mermaid, even though being on land for too long can kill her.

And then it was just anything tragic.

Something sad had to happen, like her love not being returned, her lover dying, or her own death.

29. Shuna From That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

21 shuna pink haired girls anime screenshot

What an improvement!

Rimuru gave Shuna her name, and she went from being a cute little girl to a probably still young but very pretty woman.

I think the Kijin are some of the coolest characters because of how they were made.

And the fact that Shuna is their princess makes her stand out.

She’s also very reliable, and her diplomatic skills have helped the slime kingdom many times.

28. Vanessa Enoteca From Black Clover

20 vanessa enoteca black clover anime screenshot

Vanessa is glad that wizards haven’t made breathalyzers yet, because if they had, she would never be able to fly again.

Like, the woman likes to drink a lot.

But hey, at least she’s always happy and flirty in an odd way.

Her magic is also one of the more interesting ones, especially after a certain major buff that makes her very noticeable on the battlefield.

Even more so because she is very hard to beat.

27. Utage Douraku From My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy

19 utage douraku anime screenshot

I mostly want to know three things.

Why do anime titles now sound like little paragraphs?

Second, in the name of all that is good and right, how is this character “29”?

Lastly, how does someone with such a small body manage to choke people to death in a matter of seconds?

Oh, she’s also a teacher.

I wouldn’t miss any of her classes, you can be sure of that. I like the way my throat is.

26. Tetora From Log Horizon 2

18 tetora log horizon 2 anime screenshot

The best kind of idol is one who calls herself an idol and can prove it.

And that’s Tetora.

She might not be a great singer, but her charming personality more than makes up for that.

She brags a lot and might even be a little bit cocky, but she never goes too far. With that pink hair, it always just looks silly and cute.

25. Benitsubasa From Sekirei

17 benitsubasa sekirei pink haired girl anime screenshot

I swear, the characters with the worst tempers are always the ones who get the most power.

Benitsubasa has a little trouble controlling her anger, and boy, can she hold a grudge!

Musubi once made her mad, and now she’ll always want a rematch with it.

And again Benitsubasa is no joke. She will beat you into the ground, and she doesn’t care if she breaks the rules or kills you.


24. Mexiah Furan/Doll From Tenchi Muyo!

16 mexiah furan tenchi muyo pink haired girl anime

I guess I shouldn’t have put her Doll form here, since when she turns into a doll, her hair turns green.

But who cares about Doll? She likes to kill people and do other bad things. Mexiah is the place to be. A

Even though she is still sometimes mean, she is much better than she was when she was Pinocchio.

Mexiah is also very good with women. I mean woman, because we see her in bed with several other female students… everything adds up.

23. Isuke Inukai From Riddle Story of Devil

15 isuke inukai riddle story of devil anime screenshot

I don’t remember Assassination Classroom being this violent.

Isuke is one of the first killers we see when she uses the Mister T method.

I’m not sure if she’s sneaky enough to be a good assassin, but she has the smarts to be one.

She also loves money, which helps. God knows that killing people and making money go hand in hand.

22. Dorothy Unsworth From Black Clover

14 dorothy unsworth black clover pink haired girl anime

Dorothy, who has pinkish-purple hair and is a captain, has been a mystery for a long time.

Seemed to be sleeping all the time and just followed the other captains around while he was out.

But once we found out what her powers were, this little trope made a lot more sense.

She is a very strong wizard who can seem impossible to beat if you don’t think things through.

Even though she has a snot bubble coming out of her nose, she is still one of the cutest characters in the show.

21. Ritsu From Assassination Classroom

12 ritsu assassination classroom anime screenshot

I don’t know if Ritsu would be ready for people.

If you couldn’t tell from the picture, she is a very well-made machine.

And based on the show she’s from, she’s less like Alexa and more like “Get into the chopper.”

She is very smart, but at first, she doesn’t care much about the safety of anyone in the classroom. Instead, she chooses an assassination method where she shoots for hours on end.

She does get a good moe update in the long run.

20. Haruno Sakura From Naruto

Haruno Sakura From Naruto

This character is a stranger to absolutely noone in the anime world.

Sakura is a very highly underrated character as she gets compared to two of the most legendary Shinobi to ever exist in Shinobi history, the Nine Tails Jinchuriki and the last Uchiha.

Haruno Sakura is a great medical Ninja with enough power in a single punch to probably destroy an entire country.

Sakura went from having a fiery and often comically short-tempered attitude to a mature, intelligent and understanding mother over the course of the Naruto series and Boruto.

She is one of the most well-known pinkettes in anime due to the Naruto series.

19. Perona From One Piece

Perona From One Piece

You know what fits into Halloween themes  and a zombie island that has human animal hybrids, an alive skeleton.

A giant resurrected frostbitten monster as big as a 10 story building, a mad doctor that creates the zombies and a pervert with the ability to become invisible?

A ghost princess.

But not any regular ghost princess, a ghost princess that wants to sing cursed songs in a dark mansion, but is obsessed with ‘cute’ things.

From alive soft toys to the secret kindness deep inside her heart, Perona’s personality is just as pink as her hair.

18. Nonon Jakuzure From Kill La Kill

Nonon Jakuzure From Kill La Kill

Strict. Cute. Bomb. Music. Loyal.

These are the only five words anyone needs to describe this deadly DEADLY fighter.

Nonon head everything she needs. She is badass. She is powerful. She has her music. She has a purpose. That’s all she needs.

She is definitely a critical leader who will find faults with almost everything you do and will often say derogatory things about you or your way of doing things but will always have your back no matter where you are, she will have your back.

Nonon is actually a very kind person who has her air of pride due to her strength and intelligence but is an absolute sweetheart at the core.

17. Meredy From Fairy Tail

Meredy From Fairy Tail

Meredy is one of the most complex and beautiful characters in the wild ride of absolute madness that Fairy Tail is.

As a member of the guild, Meredy is like every single Fairy Tail member despite standing on the side opposite to them.

Values of friendship, loyalty, protecting your loved ones and being strong enough to do so, the will to make sacrifices for the greater good of the guild and at the same time knowing when to ask for help.

Meredy is a mirror to every single person raising a very profound question in anyone’s mind.

In the end, what is it that is causing us to be enemies? If we had met under different circumstances, we would’ve been such great friends, wouldn’t we?

16. Machi From Hunter X Hunter

Machi From Hunter X Hunter

Anyone who has even caught a glimpse of this character will know that she is not to be messed with.

Not only will she cut you to pieces with her threads but she will sew you back just to cut up again.

This antagonistic character is practical and is discreet about her work but is also grown cold and heartless towards the lives of anyone other than her Troupe allies.

Machi is the definition of an assassin. She is swift and doesn’t leave any evidence. She is smart, swift and super secretive but a trustworthy and loyal character who needs to have more screen time in the series.

15. Yuno Gasai From Mirai Nikki

11 yuno gasai mirai nikki pink haired girl anime screenshot

Be honest, you knew she’d be on this list at some point.

One of the most famous yanderes in anime, and the reason why people cringe when they hear the word “yuki.” Yuno loves cocoa puffs, there’s no doubt about it.

She is still a very interesting person, though. Since she is a real beast on the battlefield, she has made a lot of people love and fear her.

14. Aries From Fairy Tail

Aries From Fairy Tail

A cotton ball of shyness.

All of her sheep and wool based attacks will definitely put you in a comfortable spot.

Aries is sweet, get very nervous very easily but makes sure to deliver every single time. She is quite the simpleton and will often accept was people say as the truth especially if it’s coming from people she knows.

Also, don’t let her acting get to you! If she wasn’t beating up enemies on the battlefield, she would definitely be getting Oscar.

13. Virgo From Fairy Tail

Virgo From Fairy Tail

She is probably the most famous masochist in all of anime.

Excited at any thought of punishments, Virgo is ready for anything you can possibly have.





She also goes around wearing a maid outfit all the time and visibly happily melts when hurt.

She can also change form according to her master’s desire going from a gorilla-like ugly form to a waifu type in seconds.

If, however, you hurt her friends…

12. Jibril From No Game, No Life

Jibril From No Game, no Life

She is the kind of person who would smilingly throw hurtful words in your face with a condescending manner without batting an eyelash or even thinking that what she’s saying is wrong, obviously,

While adding sweet words like ‘puppy’ to refer to the other person and using ‘keigo’ which is polite Japanese used in professional settings or while talking to someone of greater status.

She has an almost unquenchable thirst for knowledge that makes her drool at any opportunity of getting it.

She is sadistic and is used to killing as a ‘simole solution to everything’. She is perceptive, intelligent, powerful but also will do everything to honour a promise that she made and gracefully accept defeat when lost.

Nevertheless, all the angelic appearance and sweet words have a perfect contrast with her bloodthirsty and sadistic personality.

11. Ram From Re: Zero

Ram From Re Zero

While her twin bluenette sister stole the show with a sunshine confession, Ram attracted her fair share of attention.

Her bond with her sister and her supposed love interest shows just how much of softie she is underlying all of the hard exterior that she had built for herself.

Ram shows presence of mind, awareness of her surroundings and willingness to fight in the face of danger.

She is wary of trusting people too easily which is a sensible thing to do which somehow a trait most characters do not have in anime which is strange considering the circumstances that the most of them have encountered in their lives.

10. Mina Ashido From Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

08 mina ashido my hero academia anime

Mina is without a doubt the coolest person in class 1A.

She can dance really well, is pretty chill most of the time, and seems to get along with everyone.

Her quirk lets her spit out acid—not the kind that gets you high, but the kind from Raiders of the Last Ark—which gives her good offensive skills and some crazy mobility.

Most of all, she has the heart of a hero, because she was brave even when she was young. She was one of the few people in the crowd who went up to Mister Metalica.

9. Euphemia li Britannia From Code Geass

07 euphemia li britannia code geass anime

Nunnally is definitely the nicest of the family, but Euphemia is by far the most active.

She’s not as proactive as Lelouch, but she’s up there!

She fights for the throne and takes Suzaku, our second best boy, as her knight because she wants to stop discrimination.

She has been brave more than once and always cares about her people.

When Suzaku got himself into trouble, she gave him one of the cutest orders ever given to a knight.

8. Lucy From Elfen Lied

05 lucy elfen lied pink haired girl anime screenshot

Like I said at the beginning of this article, girls with pink hair are always either very cute or very scary.

After she lost her memory and went back and forth between being Nyu and Lucy, this character is now both.

Nyu’s childlike personality is like that of a very cuddly kitten, while Lucy scares everyone who has eyes and a will to live.

Like, have you watched the first show? After she was done with the place she was kept, it looked like a place to store minced meat.

7. Trish Una From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

04 trisha una jojos bizarre adventure golden wind anime

When I look at Trish, I can only think of one word: spunky. At first, she was a bit of a brat, demanding that only the best and most expensive things be brought to her.

But then he had a lot of problems with his dad, and “problems” is not a strong enough word.

From then on, she becomes a little more real, strong, and helpful.

She even wakes up her Stand, which was named after one of the spiciest senoritas ever.

6. Mine From Akame ga Kill

Mine From Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill is an anime about change. Change and the cost at which it comes. All the characters come with their special quirky character traits and arcs, but Mine, the genius sniper encapsulates the series in her character so well.

She goes from being strict with the protagonist to backing him up to protecting him to teaming up with him. Mine is everything a normal human is and more.

She is proud of who she is, she cares about people she loves but shows it in a more ‘acts of service’ fashion, she has a heart of gold and she can snipe from islands away.

Everything about Mine’s arc throughout the series from the introduction to the end, it is something to keep a keen eye out for.

5. Zero Two From Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two From Darling in the Franxx

One of, if not the most, famous pinkettes in anime and for good reason.

She is complicated, sweet, she has hurt people, she has gotten hurt, she is beautiful in every single cracked way that she is not.

Zero Two comes from a place of darkness and manipulation. She goes to a place of love and light through her entire journey of overcoming her own nightmares, mistakes, all the ugly things she has done and going on to making a life-changing sacrifice for someone she loves.

The reason why she is so well liked is because she can resonate with so many people despite not being human at all.

The reason why she is so well liked is because she holds herself responsible and chooses improve which is something that everyone can look up to.

4. Nonon Jakuzure From Kill la Kill

03 nonon jakuzure kill la kill anime screenshot

You can already guess how powerful Miss Double Negative is because she is one of the elites and the one who is closest to Satsuki.

She will defeat all of her enemies with the power of her Goku uniform and the power of music.

She makes up for her small size by wearing the biggest hat on the market and insulting one of the other elites most of the time.

3. Vinsmoke Reiju From One Piece

Vinsmoke Reiju From One Piece

Since the very introduction, Reiju has only grown more and more interesting both in terms of her storyline and her character arc.

The only solace to her younger brother who was severely abused by his family members strictly warning to never come back once he had left.

Reiju displays a very mature, compassionate and a powerful woman in terms of her moves on the battlefield, in terms of a support pillar.

An actually character who does understand what the greater good is and isn’t and has a very clear conscience with a resolve of iron to act upon it.

All this while maintaining a calm, collected and intellectual persona who know and is hardened to the truths of life.

Reiju is a perfectly calm hurricane that will take you by storm.

2. Mitsuri Kanroj From Demon Slayer

02 mitsuri kanroj demon slayer anime screenshot

Oh, my heart, this one’s dandere is so strong! Even though we haven’t seen much of her, it’s safe to say she could be a waifu.

Mitsuri seems to love everyone and everything, which is why she is called Love Hashira.

She compliments everything she sees, no matter how small or unimportant it is, but she only does this in her head. Naturally

You already know that she will blow us all away when we see her in battle.

1. Morgiana From Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

01 morgiana pink haired girl anime screenshot

Morgiana fills the need we all have for a “badass girl with a good heart.”

Even though she starts out cold, which makes sense since she has chains around her legs, she slowly warms up as the show goes on.

She never stops being a badass, though.

When all the cards are down and it’s time to fight, she jumps right in, knocks people out with her powerful kicks, and later gives them third-degree burns. A girl who stands out for sure.