28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

Anime teachers are kind of two faced gods they can ruin your life or make it worth while its all depend on your teacher because they shape children and train them for their future.

School is a place full of great memories and broken hearts, as well as wonder and magic.

Where your childhood is shaped and you learn as much as you can when you’re young.

Teachers are like two-faced gods who can make or break your experience.

A good teacher can teach you a lot and become someone you look up to over time. We all want these ones, and they’re all over the anime world.

So let’s take a look at some of the best anime teachers and guides in anime.

28. All Might From My Hero Academia

All Might From My Hero Academia 1 28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

Toshinori Yagi, also known as “All Might,” used to represent peace and be the Number One Pro Hero.

He became a teacher at the elite U.A. High School so that a young hero could take over his quirk.

Even though he had trouble at first with the rules of the job, he is a good battle teacher and is especially good at overseeing physical training, as Izuku Midoriya showed.

Just knowing he had never lost a fight was enough to stop people from doing bad things.

His quirk was one of the most powerful in the series, giving him incredible strength that no one else had.

His punches are so strong that they can send shock-waves through the ground and have even been known to change the weather.

After he gave away his quirk, he became much weaker.

However, he was still able to beat All For One, the most feared character in the series at the time, with just the rest of one for all.

27. Yami Sukehiro From Black Clover

Yami 2 1 28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

The Black Bulls’ strong leader is Yami Sukeriho.

Everyone in the odd magic group has a lot of respect for him because he is very strong and has a lot of power.

Also, he is often a role model for his team members in all areas of life.

This is especially true for Asta, who is one of the best characters in the group.

As was already suggested, Yami is very strong. As a magic knight captain, he is one of the most powerful people in the Clover Kingdoms.

Like the other fighters in the series, he can use water, but he can also use ki, which helps him a lot in battle.

Also, he is very good at dark magic, and when he gives his sword this power, he can use it to cut through anything, even worlds.

He has also done a lot of amazing things, but the one that stands out the most is helping to beat the king of the underworld, Dante, by going above and beyond for the sake of his friends.

26. Satoru Gojo From Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru Gojo From Jujutsu Kaisen 1 28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

Satoru Gojo has made a name for himself in the world of anime.

He is so sure of himself that he can be rude.

He thinks that experience is the best way to learn, so he tends to let his kids learn on their own.

He could see that Yuji needed more help than other students, like Megumi, because he wasn’t as smart as they were.

He sometimes seems more like an older brother to his students, but he also knows when to step up and be a teacher to them.

Gojo’s time with his students is limited because of how busy he is. He has to move quickly through his lessons.

25. Might Guy From Naruto

Might Guy From Naruto 1 28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

Might Guy is the energetic boss of Team Guy. He is also known as Guy-sensei.

He taught Rock Lee, Neji Hyga, and Tenten, who all became great ninjas, how to be the best they could be.

Even though he didn’t use ninjutsu or genjutsu very often, which is usually a huge disadvantage, he was still considered one of Konoha’s best shinobi.

Guy is one of the biggest people in the show who is good at taijutsu.

Guy can move at very high speeds and has a lot of strength and energy thanks to taijutsu.

But his most powerful skills come out when he uses different stages of the Eight Inner Gates.

This lets him ignore the limits that a human body has by nature.

Also, after opening the Eighth Gate and releasing Night Guy, he was able to beat Madara Uchiha. Madara said that he was the best taijutsu user he had ever faced.

24. Coach Keishin Ukai From Haikyuu!!

Coach Keishin Ukai From Haikyuu 1 28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

Even though Coach Ukai’s ways aren’t the most traditional, he’s done a great job coaching Karasuno.

It did help that Daichi was already a great leader and Sugawara was vice-captain, and that the team was full of talented players.

But without a coach, the team was lost, and Ukai stepped up when Takeda kept asking him to teach.

Because he has a smart mind, he is great at figuring out what his opponents are doing and coming up with ways to beat them.

He always knows everything about his players and knows when they need a break from playing or from certain players.

He also knows their skills and weaknesses, so he can put them in the game strategically and take them out when he needs to.

Even though he didn’t want to coach a volleyball team, Coach Ukai has done a great job taking over for his grandfather, who was the previous teacher.

23. Mizuho Kazami From Please Teacher!

Mizuho Kazami From Please Teacher 1 28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

A half-alien, half-human who works as a monitor for the Galaxy Federation on Earth.

Because she has human blood, she is able to fit in better and no one thinks she is an alien.

Kei is the only one who knows about her because he saw her land, but because of this, they almost died together and became close.

Mizuho is naive and sometimes acts like a child when she talks to people.

This makes for some funny and embarrassing moments in the show.

She tries hard to be the best teacher she can, but because she doesn’t know much about Earth, she often ends up in awkward situations.

Even though she’s nice to everyone, some of the things she says are weird, and it’s funny that she doesn’t realize how it sounds to others.

22. Sakonji Urokodaki From Demon Slayer

Sakonji Urokodaki From Demon Slayer 1 28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

Urokodaki mostly showed up at the beginning of the show, but Tanjiro learned how to fight because of him.

He also taught Giyu Tomioka, who is now the Water Hashira.

When Nezuko was in a coma, he would talk to her while she was sleeping and tell her to protect all people and not eat them.

Nezuko sees all humans as her family because of this. The first time she changed into her Awakened Form, she only tried to eat two people.

He has had many kids before, but almost all of them died during Final Selection.

Sabito, one of his students who died, killed a lot of demons to keep everyone safe during his Final Selection.

He only died when he met the Hand Demon.

21. Igneel From Fairy Tail

Igneel teaches little Natsu 1 28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

Igneel was Natsu Dragneel’s foster father.

He was the one who taught Natsu the Fire Dragon Slayer Magic.

Natsu became a very strong mage and one of Fairy Tail’s best fighters because of him.

Even though his time with Natsu was short, the way Natsu fights shows that Igneel’s lessons worked.

Many of Natsu’s moves are based on Igneel’s signature moves, and some are almost exactly the same.

Natsu and Igneel have only been together for a short time, but they love each other very much and treat each other like family.

20. Anna From Shaman King

Anna From Shaman King anime teacher

Anna is not only engaged to the main character, but she is also his teacher from hell.

She put him through fire, water, wind, and earth just to get the position of spirit queen.

Anna is a soul medium, which is an incredibly rare power that lets her talk to ghosts through beads.

Anna uses her powers to control Yoh and Amidamaru all the time, just to keep them from being lazy.

She also makes other people cook, clean, and do everything else for her… She is, after all, going to be married to the next Shaman King.

19. Komoe Tsukuyomi From A Certain Typical Index

Komoe Tsukuyomi From A Certain Typical Index

FBI, open up! Komoe is a good example of a common trend in Japanese media: Lolis who are older than 18.

Komoe is always treated like a child of 12 years old.

Even though she was the oldest known character in the series until about volume 5!

Despite her childish appearance, childish voice and often childish mannerisms, it is evident that she is an adult anime teacher by the fact that her apartment is littered with beer cans, cigarettes and neuropsychology books.

She deserved to be treated that way… She stands 135 cm tall and acts like a child.

She’s not the best teacher, but she’s pretty good at what she does.

18. Mephisto Pheles From Blue Exorcist

Mephisto Pheles From Blue Exorcist

Mephistopheles… Should I say Mephistopheles instead?

Mephisto is a demon, and his job as an exorcist teacher is very controversial.

He is a sneaky and clever planner who has been following the MC’s life since Satan made him. He is also Satan’s child, which makes Rin and Yukio his half-brothers.

I’ll also say that he’s not the best teacher, since he spends most of his time making plans about Rin’s skills and trying to stop Satan.

But he is also very strong, so any smaller demon or exorcist who tries to get into the school without the infinity key will be stopped by him.

17. Glenn Radars From Akashic Records of a Bastard Instructor

17 glenn radars akashic records of a bastard instructor 28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

Lazy, dirty, and strong but weak.

I would say that about Glenn “The Fool” Radars.

He used to be a well-known assassin with the number 0. He was especially good at killing strong mages with his ability to stop magic.

He is a terrible teacher because he is mostly too lazy to teach his students or even try to come to the classes.

He used to be driven and happy, but when he found out he couldn’t do most tricks, he broke.

A Sad Account of a Dumb Teacher!

16. Muten-Roshi From Dragon Ball

Muten-Roshi From Dragon Ball

This old man is in no way weak. He has been called the “God of Martial Arts” since we were kids.

Not a title that wasn’t won, either.

In fact, he’s so strong that one hit from him would be the same as about 500 billion Tsar bombs!

Roshi has been Goku’s master and guide since he was a child.

And, well, I guess I don’t need to say much more… At this point, everyone knows about Dragon Ball. I mean, his beard is pretty cool, right?

Master Roshi is ripped as hell, by the way. This guy could beat Arnold Schwarzenegger at training.

15. Ginpachi-sensei From Gintama

15 ginpachi sensei gintama screenshot 28 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

I’m sorry, ok? This had to happen.

In Episode 5 The class is told to open the first volume of Gintama while Ginpachi-sensei anime teacher them the meaning of “Gintama”.

Gintoki calls himself “Ginpachi-sensei” in a Gintama fluff episode when he is trying to be a teacher.

Gintoki is sort of Shinpachi’s teacher because he is his Samurai-in-training.

Gintoki can be a pretty good teacher when he’s not talking about strawberry milk or lounging around. He can be serious and works hard, and he has a lot of strength.

Gintoki can beat almost anyone in a sword fight, even with a fake sword.

14. Eikichi Onizuka From Great Teacher Onizuka

Eikichi Onizuka From Great Teacher Onizuka

Ooh, a wayward teacher!

He wasn’t really a teacher before. He was more of a thug who was part of “Shonan’s Strongest Fighting Duo.”

He didn’t become a teacher until late in life, just to meet some girls… But after helping a kid, he decides to stay a teacher.

Onizuka was always very strong, and he often used this strength to help his students figure out how to fix their problems.

Eikichi isn’t the best person for his kids to look up to. He is very rude and conceited, which gets him into trouble a lot. He is also a pervert.

Even his friend’s woman is fair game. Not good, dude.

When he needs to, Eikichi can be very serious, and he often takes the hardest and most exciting way to solve a problem.

13. Shouta Aizawa From Boku no Hero Academia

Shouta Aizawa From Boku no Hero Academia

Oh boy, Oh boy, here we go! Shouta is a teacher who is always tired and never gets enough sleep.

Even though he sleeps a lot on the job, he works hard.

He is so hardworking that he has been kicked out of more than one class.

Still, Shouta cares a lot about his kids.

He could give up his sight or his life to save the lives of 1A.

He puts them ahead of everything else, which is funny because he tries to act like he doesn’t.

Shouta is always tired, which makes sense given how much work he does behind the scenes. Now he is trying to look like he doesn’t care.

12. Genkai From Yu Yu Hakusho

Genkai From Yu Yu Hakusho

In Yu Yu Hakusho, there were a lot of different leaders and teachers.

Still, one stands out more than the rest.

Yusuke Urameshi and Kazuma Kuwabara were trained by Genkai, who was their boss.

She often gave Yusuke training that was so hard that he wished he had died.

She did care about Yusuke, because she often put her own safety in danger to protect him.

Genkai loves video games a lot, which is a funny contrast to the way she acts.

11. Kisuke Urahara From Bleach

Kisuke Urahara From Bleach

Mr. StrawHat, why, why, why?

Kisuke is a strange man who used to be the captain of the 12th division and set Mayuri Kurotsuchi free.

Throughout the series, he helps Ichigo and his team by teaching them, sending them to the Rukongai, and waking up Ichigo’s inner hollow.

Yoruichi, the princess of Shihoin, has known Kisuke for a long time.

I think they’re also a couple.

He has a lot of power and can get the rarest things, even if it’s against the law.

10. Iruka Umino From Naruto

Iruka Umino From Naruto

Oh, Naruto. The little boy who was always getting into trouble and worked his way up to become the Hokage.

Who they had to deal with was Iruka.

Iruka was the only person in the whole town who didn’t dislike Naruto.

So it was only normal that Naruto, who was always skipping classes and was always lazy, came to love him like his father.

Iruka works hard and tries very hard to get Naruto to study hard.

He made him clean up after himself and then gave him ramen.

He was like the father Naruto never had, until he met Jiraiya. Even though the Nine-Tails killed his parents, he doesn’t seem to hate Naruto.

9. Franken Stein From Soul Eater!

Franken Stein From Soul Eater!

Franken Stein. The crazy teacher at Soul Reaper Academy who is also a doctor.

Franken Stein is scary, smart, and funny.

People think he is crazy and very brave.

But what about his belief in himself as a teacher?

Well… I wouldn’t call beating up your students “education” in the normal way… Oh well.

He does teach Maka and Soul about the size and sound of their souls…

He’s more like a “Tips & Tricks” figure in a game than a real teacher. But he’s a teacher, so he counts in my book!

8. Izumi Curtis From Fullmetal Alchemist

Izumi Curtis From Fullmetal Alchemist

My god do I love Fullmetal Alchemist. The show and cast are great, and some of the characters feel so real to me that I care about them more than some real people.

Now, Izumi.

Izumi usually takes apparent pride in being a “simple, kind housewife” and calmly introduces herself as such to anyone who asks but yes she is an anime teacher.

Izumi is the person who taught the Elric boys how to do alchemy.

She was hard on them because she cared so much about them.

Izumi and her husband were like a second set of parents to the Elrics, so it’s easy to like them.

7. Yoko Ritona / Littner From Gurren Lagann

Yoko Ritona / Littner From Gurren Lagann

So, at the start of the show, Yoko wasn’t a teacher.

She was 14 and a fighter, like most of the other characters.

She eventually left, though, and moved to a small island where she became a teacher under the name Yomako.

I don’t think Yoko is a very calm teacher, even though she is a good one. But probably has a short fuse.

Even though she tried to stay out of politics, she has had no choice more than once.

What a life!

Near the end of the series, we don’t see her, but we hear the kids talking to her and calling her “principal,” so it seems like she met her goal.

6. Tōtōsai From InuYasha

Tōtōsai From InuYasha

A little old sword monster that breathes fire, yes.

Totosai is the only blacksmith who can re-forge the Tetsaiga. He also shows InuYasha how to revive the sword.

He is very set in his ways and loves his swords more than anything else.

He is a very old man. He knew the father of InuYasha!

There are some links there.

Even though he’s not a very good teacher… He trains his kids by having them take a bath for him. Seems legit.

5. Nozomu Itoshiki From Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Nozomu Itoshiki From Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Nozomu is always bad and dark, which is not the best impact.

He says he is a realist, but from the first show on, he breaks each of his students’ dreams.

Nozomu is made of nothing but bad things, and I don’t mean that in a metaphorical way. He really is made of nothing but bad things.

Once, he was forced to go into a hot spring that cleans the body just to… die.

He dies a lot.

Nozomu always encourages people to kill themselves or commit suicide. For example, he gave Matoi and her ex-boyfriend a suitcase full of poisons and nooses and said, “Suicide is the highest form of love.”

So, as a teacher?

Yes, he’s up there, but man, he’s just a weirdo.

4. Junichiro Kagami From Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Junichiro Kagami From Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Imagine having a teacher who wants to talk to you about JoJo!

Or any other games, comics, or anime… This guy really rocks.

Junichiro never wanted to be a teacher in the first place.

Even when he has to do something else, he only does what he wants to do.

So, as a physics teacher, his games and anime have an effect on his kids.

Kagami tried to be a researcher but couldn’t do it. He is also a videoblogger.

He is still a great teacher because he teaches his kids and keeps them interested at the same time.

Most of us probably wish we had a teacher like that.

3. Koro-sensei From Assassination Classroom

Koro-sensei From Assassination Classroom

Yes, you’re right, tentacle boy.

Koro-sensei is a fast creature that looks like an octopus and moves at speeds of Mach 20 (24696 km per hour).

He signed up for a class to learn how to kill people, but there was a catch: Koro-sensei would destroy the moon if no one killed him in a year. Seems right.

Koro-sensei is a great teacher.

He cares a lot about his students, even though he’s teaching them how to kill him.

He would show them the way and tell them what they did wrong when they failed. Over time, they grew to love him, and I think you will as well.

2. Aikuro Mikisugi From Kill la Kill

Aikuro Mikisugi From Kill la Kill

Aikurou is (spoilers!) a double spy.

Aikurō can easily be described as flamboyant and flirtatious, but can be serious and direct when he needs to. When undercover, he takes on the persona of a tired and unenthusiastic teacher.

He is a teacher who wears dull colors and talks in a monotone voice that could put even the most attentive students to sleep.

As a revolutionary, he’s loud, flashy, and very open.

Now, he’s a fun teacher, but only if you know his good and bad parts. If you don’t, he’ll throw chalk at you so fast that you won’t be able to stop it.

Also, he seems like the kind of person who would scar you for life… as he is always naked (he is a nudist, after all).

Even more so near Ryuko.

1. Jiraiya From Naruto

Jiraiya From Naruto

Ah, Jiraiya!

Jiraiya is a powerful ninja who is also a pervert. He is also Naruto’s teacher for a large part of the story.

He is one of the three “Legendary Sanin” and a very skilled sage and ninjutsu master.

He is a good teacher and father figure to Naruto.

He also writes sexual novels, which isn’t something you see every day, eh?

But Jiraiya is the best teacher you could ever think of.

He cares about you, will help you fix any mistakes you make, and will always let you borrow his… “books.”

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