Anime teachers are kind of two faced gods they can ruin your life or make it worth while its all depend on your teacher because they shape children and train them for their future.

An awesome anime teacher can fill your brain with great knowledge and also act as an role model in your life and today we are going to create a list of some of the best anime teachers that you will find in anime universe.

20 Best Anime Teachers Of All Time

So let’s check out these greatest anime teachers of all time.

20. Anna From Shaman King

Anna has medium length blonde hair. Her eyes are black in the anime series while amber in the manga series.

She is an anime teacher and almost always seen wearing a red bandana; the bandana is usually worn on her head, but she starts wearing the bandana around her neck like a scarf and sports a pair of black sunglasses after departing for the Patch Village in America.

Anna From Shaman King anime teacher

Anna wears a jet black minidress and around her neck area, she wears a blue rosary necklace used for her Itako rituals. She wears wooden sandals with red straps and around her right wrist she wears a blue bead bracelet.

19. Komoe Tsukuyomi From A Certain Typical Index

Despite her childish appearance, childish voice and often childish mannerisms, it is evident that she is an adult anime teacher by the fact that her apartment is littered with beer cans, cigarettes and neuropsychology books.

She is also allowed to drive, despite her short stature. Komoe is such a heavy smoker that Yomikawa Aiho (also a heavy smoker), a friend and colleague of hers, states that Komoe smokes five times as she does.

Komoe Tsukuyomi From A Certain Typical Index

She contradicts her age sometimes by acting in a childish manner towards her students and having a child-like crush on Touma. Though despite her looks, she hates people mentioning the word “small” to her, yet likes people to call her “cute”.

18. Mephisto Pheles From Blue Exorcist

Shrouded in mystery, one quickly learns of Mephisto’s innate ability to act as if he knows more than what he is letting on.

Careful and meticulous, he is like a chess player, always ahead of the game. As anime teacher he enjoys chaos, as he stated to himself that he was a hell-raiser, and Assiah to be his playground.

Mephisto Pheles From Blue Exorcist

He frequently observes the growing conflict around Rin and his friends with delight, though he does not wish to see any of his students get killed.

17. Glenn Radars From Akashic Records of a Bastard Instructor

He is very lazy and constantly bored anime teacher by everything, with his primary focus being sleeping or eating. Not surprisingly he has an immature, dirty, and mischievous side, which has caused some to become greatly annoyed with his actions.

He doesn’t show respect to most people even giving some of them nicknames such as with Sistine who he calls “White Cat” or Halley Astry whose name he intentionally messes up.

Glenn Radars From Akashic Records of a Bastard Instructor

However, he did bow and show respect to the Queen.

16. Muten-Roshi From Dragon Ball

Master Roshi is over three hundred years old anime teacher at the start of the series and provides various stories to explain his longevity. Roshi enjoys eating home delivered pizza, which serves as a tongue-in-cheek joke because Roshi lives so far out into the ocean.

He also enjoys reading, watching TV, using the internet (mainly for adult sites), playing video games and taking afternoon naps. He is a very lecherous pervert who constantly watches Wide-Thigh Aerobics on television or looks at Dirty Magazines in his spare time.

Muten-Roshi From Dragon Ball

He even accepts a bribe from Bulma to show him her panties in exchange for a Dragon Ball early in the series (and got a very big surprise, as Bulma unknowingly was not wearing any panties when she exposed herself).

15. Ginpachi-sensei From Gintama

In Episode 5 The class is told to open the first volume of Gintama while Ginpachi-sensei anime teacher them the meaning of “Gintama”.

Ginpachi-sensei From Gintama

But before that happens, the students address some issues like their own teacher smoking in class.

14. Eikichi Onizuka From Great Teacher Onizuka

Onizuka is very presumptuous and vulgar anime teacher which often leads him into trouble. Although he is very hormonal when it comes to girls, he is still a virgin and seems to be unable to get a girlfriend.

He likes sexy women to the point of even sexually tempting Nagisa Nagase, Ryuji Danma’s girlfriend, without caring that his friend was right behind him. He is often referred to as a pervert and has a fetish with smelling young ladies fresh panties in their drawers.

Eikichi Onizuka From Great Teacher Onizuka

Onizuka is also unashamed of the state of untidiness of his home and the fact that many porn magazines lie around his house. Onizuka’s behavior is akin to that of a child.

After finding out that Hajime Fukuroda has a secret longing for the academy’s students, he made him into one of his pranks main targets; which consists of hitting him with water rockets.

13. Shouta Aizawa From Boku no Hero Academia

Shota is a very stern and mostly reserved anime teacher who has lofty expectations of his students. He is primarily moved by logic and does not believe in the necessity to maintain a clean-cut appearance or filter his words or ideas for others.

He often comes off as cold, apathetic, and impatient, exerting very little energy in most situations, preferring to take naps in his sleeping bag instead.

Shouta Aizawa From Boku no Hero Academia

As a teacher of high expectations, Shota is known to expel students who he feels are not suited for U.A. High, although it is noteworthy that he has not expelled any students from Class 1-A yet despite being well-known for doing so.

12. Genkai From Yu Yu Hakusho

Like Yusuke and Hiei, Genkai is very down to earth anime teacher and ill tempered most of the time. Unlike Yusuke and Hiei, Genkai also enjoys a streak of sadistic humor, She will psyche out Yusuke even at the cost of risking her own life, if for no other reason than to mess with her apprentice.

As the oldest human character in the manga/anime, Genkai has life experience on her side, she has had time to mature socially and as a fighter. She takes a very Darwinian outlook on training, where risking one’s life is not only acceptable, but the best way to increase one’s skills.

Genkai From Yu Yu Hakusho

As such she puts Yusuke’s life in danger almost constantly through-out his training, holding back only in circumstances where his death would be 100% guaranteed with no chance for him to better himself. 

11. Kisuke Urahara From Bleach

Though usually a laid-back, optimistic, jovial, humble and eccentric man, Urahara shows a deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation warrants it.

He commonly uses idle conversation and outward concern to distract his opponents. Despite his care-free attitude, he always speaks politely, but is sometimes sarcastic.

Kisuke Urahara From Bleach

Yoruichi Shihōin notes he tends to go over the top with whatever he becomes passionate about. He has described himself as a “mere honest, handsome, perverted businessman and yes anime teacher.”

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