Why Does Nezuko Wear A Bamboo Muzzle?

Demon Slayer is one of the most popular anime series. It has plenty to enjoy about which includes the unique characters and their costumes. 

The character that stands out the most is Nezuko who is a witty character with a quirky appearance, long hair, pink eyes, and a matching kimono in peach pink. The entire style is perfect. 

Also, Nezuko has a bamboo muzzle on her lips that was put on her lips by Giyu Tomioka.

In order to address the issue of “Why does Nezuko wear a Bamboo Muzzle?”

Let’s talk about the background of Demon Slayer as well as the circumstances that lead up to the event that changed Tanjiro as well as Nezuko’s life completely.

The Nezuko Bamboo Muzzle, More than Just a Character Design

Nezuko Tanjiro Why Does Nezuko Wear A Bamboo Muzzle?

We’ve already discussed the way Nezuko was given his Bamboo Muzzle, let’s investigate further into the events that led to Giyu Tomioka.

In the very first episode of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro’s family was brutally murdered by the demon Muzan Kibutsuji and  Tanjiro’s sister Nezuko was transformed into a demon.

After reaching home, Tanjiro is welcomed by the horrifying image of his family being murdered in cold blood. However, he discovers Nezuko is just barely alive. 

Further, when he decides to visit her for treatment, our main character is able to carry her sister across the fresh snow.

When Tanjiro takes her sister to her snowy surroundings, Nezuko is awakened in her form as a demon and is able to attack Tanjiro in a rage of anger and desire after human flesh. 

Although the sudden attack by Nezuko caused Tanjiro off guard, however, he was helped by Giyu Tomioka who arrived on the scene right in time to rescue Tanjiro from the attack of his newly transformed demon-like sister, while threatening to murder her.

As Demon Slayer Giyu Tomioka was preparing to take Nezuko to death, Tanjiro threw himself between them to help his sister. 

As he was watching the entire scene, Nezuko had a change of mind. After seeing the bond between the duo of brother and sister, Giyu decided not to murder Nezuko but instead struck her unconscious and then put on the Bamboo muzzle on her to prevent the girl from using her demon fangs.

Nezuko’s Strong and Firm Will

Nezuko bamboo muzzle Why Does Nezuko Wear A Bamboo Muzzle?

The bamboo muzzle now stops Nezuko from eating human flesh. But the bamboo muzzle does not possess any supernatural abilities to ensure that Nezuko is in check. 

Nezuko’s rage and demon-like desire for the flesh of humans are under the hands of her strong will. 

The majority of that is due to Tanjiro who was able to help Neuko to realize that her choice is always hers regardless of her present form. 

After that, Sensei Urodokai’s attempt to influence Nezuko and help her to see everyone as part of a family is also a factor in Nezuko’s determination to succeed.

The Pacifist Demon

Nezuko bamboo muzzle close up Why Does Nezuko Wear A Bamboo Muzzle?

Many Demon Slayer fans are in the awe of Nezuko and her personality and her characteristics. 

However, we are all wondering why her bamboo muzzle is still needed, particularly after Sensei Urodokai’s efforts to help Nezuko accept her humanness.

Furthermore, the bamboo muzzle also prevents Nezuko from getting the blood of a human being in her mouth when she is tall. 

This further stops her demon anger from taking over her. It also acts as a safeguard to keep everyone around Nezuko secure. 

Furthermore, Nezuko’s bamboo muzzle lets her appear human, and blend with the population of humans. However, Demon Slayers are able to discern the appearance of Nezuko.

At the conclusion of the first season of Demon Slayer, we saw Kagaya Ubuyashiki as well as other Hashiras trying to test and accept Nezuko as the only peaceful Demon they’ve met. 

But, it is yet to be determined how the Anime will tell this storyline of this brother and his evil sister in the coming seasons, if Nezuko is ever human again, or if the demonic side takes control of her.

The muzzle is designed for everybody’s safety

Human Nezuko Why Does Nezuko Wear A Bamboo Muzzle?

When Tanjiro first realized that Nezuko is a demon she attacked him, before realizing it is her biological brother. 

A demon slayer called Giyu Tomioka appeared and threatened to take down Nezuko but Tanjiro stood her ground and fought Giyu himself. 

Giyu was then aware that they had an enmity that was special to them – particularly when Nezuko put herself in between the two boys and was ready to defend her brother, even as a demon. 

Instead of continuing to fight, Giyu knocked the two siblings off and Nezuko got up with her iconic (and robust) bamboo muzzle.

Because Nezuko did not actually taste human blood, the muzzle stops her from putting any blood in her mouth, either accidentally or intentionally. 

Although she appears to be in control and even had spells imposed on her to quell her desire for human blood Nezuko remains a demon, and one can be sure whether she’ll be able to keep in a fight against her natural urges. 

If Nezuko were to be able to taste blood, it’s probable that she’d lose her control completely and force Tanjiro and the other demon slayers to take her down. 

Therefore, the bamboo gag helps Nezuko and the other people the slayers might encounter during their journey.

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