Why Do Demons Eat Humans (children) In TPN?

In the anime, The Neverland of Promise, the demons are terrifying! 

Why do demons eat children?

I’ll answer your questions. 

This explanation may contain spoilers, so please be cautious.

What has changed about demons?

The Neverland of Promise 1 Why Do Demons Eat Humans (children) In TPN?

Demons are monsters who consume humans. In the 120th volume of the manga, Norman explains the reason demons consume humans.

A demon has to eat other creatures to keep its form and shape.

There is no way to know what the first demon’s appearance was. Maybe the demons were similar to bacteria initially.

Bacteria multiply in numbers through cell division. 

However, all bacteria that grow in cell division are the same and do not alter their clones. 

The bacteria that were affected went through some sort of evolution and transformation.

How did these bacteria evolve and change?

How did these bacteria evolve and change 1 Why Do Demons Eat Humans (children) In TPN?

The key lies in the “horizontal proliferating of genes.”

“Horizontal genetic propagation” does not refer to the transfer of genes from cell mothers to cell daughters, but rather the transfer of genes from different organisms.

Demons develop through eating other species.

Demons absorb the genes of the creatures they eat and take on the traits of the creatures. For instance, the demon who eats insects acquires an insect-like body.

In the same way, one who eats a fish for dinner acquires an appearance similar to that of a fish. 

Demons have acquired different shapes and characteristics.

The demons eventually eat human beings.

This is how the demons grew human-like in appearance and advanced in intelligence and language. 

Humans became the demon’s favorite food source, and the demon soon surpassed humans and became the main adversary of humankind. 

In the end, demons evolved at a rapid rate and eventually became apex predators. Humans feared demons, and they were referred to by various names, including monster, demon, and god.

Even a demon can be an organism, and horizontal transmission of genes isn’t always helpful.

Demons must pay for transforming too fast. 

Since they do not have a body to return to the form they were born into, demons must keep eating humans to keep their human bodies and brains.

The motive behind the demon-eating humans was to preserve its brain and body intact.

That’s the essence of the demon. Norman declared

What is The Reason Demons Eat People?

It’s been discovered that the reason that demons consume humans is that they do not wish to lose their form or intellectual brain.

The demons constructed farms and raised cattle kids so that they could not lose their shape and brains.

What a terrible world this is! Demons are far too powerful. 

How can children defeat demons?

Demons have the genetic advantage of being the strongest

However, Norman took advantage of the weaknesses of the demon.

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