Who Is Kiyomi Uchiha in Boruto?

Because of the Second Hokage’s decision, the Uchiha clan was forced to live in their hamlet outside Konoha. This gave them military power and also allowed them to be police officers in the village. 

All the Uchiha are known to be close. This is why no one seems to have been exiled from the village. Kiyomi Uchiha was the only character that was rumored to have been exiled.

Kiyomi Uchiha, the twin sister to Sasuke, makes her the younger sister to Itachi. After childbirth, Kiyomi was exiled by her clan, but she eventually discovered that Itachi had killed their clan. She trained as hard as Sasuke to exact revenge on Akatsuki as a result of the Uchiha Clan Massacre.

Why was this character not known by any Naruto fans? He is said to have appeared in the Boruto series. 

This is why I did some research on the mysterious Uchiha character. So I can tell you if she was a filler character or if she was created by fans to add some spice to Naruto’s storyline.

Who is Kiyomi Uchiha?

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Kiyomi Uchiha is believed to be the twin sister of Sasuke Uchiha. She is Itachi’s younger sister and the third child of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha.

She lived mostly alone in isolation and was exiled after childbirth. Although she is strong in kunoichi, she is not as skilled in medical ninjutsu as most of the female Konoha characters.


Like most Uchihas who are well-known for their beauty, Kiyomi Uchiha has beautiful kunoichi. Like most Uchihas, her hair is long and black with spiky ends at the top. She has black eyes, just like her family.

Haruno Sakura is said to be shorter than her, but she has longer hair. A grey shirt with the Uchiha clan logo is worn by her often. She also often wears a dark grey jacket. 

Blue sandals match her outfit well. Her forehead protector is worn around her neck. Her earrings are always long and worn on both her ears.

She always brings a blue backpack and bandages for missions. Bandages are also worn from her lower legs to her knees. Kiyomi, like many ninjas, wears a pouch to store weapons. It is located on her right thigh.


Kiyomi is a lot like Sasuke in terms of talent and being called a genius. As a shinobi, she is naturally intelligent and has been since childhood. She is usually focused on her goals, especially when she takes revenge on the Akatsuki for their deaths.

She is a natural genius and has proven her talents in difficult situations. She was able to see the possibilities and use everything she saw to her advantage, whether in combat or on missions.

Kiyomi, unlike Sasuke, who is darker during puberty, is more bright than her twin brother. Kiyomi, despite being raised in isolation and taking revenge for her clan’s massacre, is a happy person in the village. 

Even though she was a very pleasant person, it was just like Obito Uchiha. According to her peers, she is also known for being a confident individual. This is why her determination to achieve her goals is so strong.


Kiyomi is a strong kunoichi who can often get the upper hand over any opponent she encounters. She was also known in Konoha for being a talented individual, just like her brothers. 

She graduated at the top of her class, despite not attending classes at the academy. She was able to fight alongside notable characters such as Gaara and Itachi.

Fire-style techniques are her forte. Many people even claim that she uses the fire style better than Itachi or Sasuke. She also has a specialization in snakes.

This was revealed when she studied under Orochimaru. She can now access the Ryuchi Cave snakes just like her master. Ren is her signature summons, and she is fiercely loyal.

Upon discovering the massacre, she woke her Sharingan. She was able to fight blindingly fast and win against multiple opponents because of her Sharingan. Orochimaru stated that she is stronger in genjutsu than Sasuke because her Sharingan has better quality, despite being a youngster. 

Because she is skilled at using the Sharingan for physical combat, it is no surprise that she doesn’t seem to feel overwhelmed when faced with an army. This earned her the title “Kiyomi the Deadly Sharingan.”


She was forced to leave her home at an early age because her clan had been killed. She was forced to live alone and train herself on her own until Orochimaru discovered her. 

She lost trust in Orochimaru after he tried to place a cursed seal on her. She was able to escape Orochimaru’s powerful grasp of kunoichi thanks to her abilities as a kunoichi.

She trusted no one, and never spoke to anyone at all from that point. Because of the trust she had with Orochimaru, she made it clear that she would learn more on her own and would not need to be guided by a master. 

She was able to access several Jutsu by herself, demonstrating her genius and desire for revenge.

Although she still attends the academy, she often skips classes because she can train on her feet. This is why Naruto and his closest friends didn’t know her. 

Thanks to her talent, she was able to pass the academy and become a Chuunin at Konoha. She would then often travel on missions to improve herself and study the Akatsuki’s motives.

She met Gaara during her time as a Kunoichi. They even got engaged when they met on a mission. However, their fight ended in a tie. The fight led to a strong friendship between the two of them. They would often meet each other and seek ways to communicate. She and Gaara developed a close relationship over the years, especially after the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Itachi and the Fourth Raikage were also fought by her, and she pressed them with her blinding speed as well as her Sharingan skills. 

The details of their fight are not known. 

The fans just said it and will explain more in the next question.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha a real character?

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She isn’t a real character. It was a fictional character, so her stories are vague.

Her abilities were not revealed to the full extent when Naruto ended. 

According to some sources, she was created by a Deviantart user who liked to make a lot of Uchiha characters because of the low number of members introduced.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha Alive Or Dead?

It appears that her fan-made story was never finished. 

She may be alive today, as Naruto and Naruto’s children have become adults.

Some fans claim that she was involved in the Fourth Great Ninja War and was also present in Boruto fan art.

Is Sasuke’s sister Kiyomi Uchiha’s?

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As mentioned earlier, Kiyomi Uchiha was Sasuke’s twin sister. 

She appears to be identical to her twin brother, judging by her photos. 

It was not known if she or Sasuke was born first.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha in Naruto?

Her story was mainly in Naruto in Parts 1 and 2. 

Naruto was the main source of her story. 

These are some of the most memorable scenes fans have made about her in Naruto.

  • The Academy offers both study and recreational classes.
  • One fought Haku before Naruto, and the other met him.
  • Very young students can learn under Orochimaru.
  • Fighting an army of ninjas earned her the nickname “Kiyomi the Deadly Sharingan.”
  • She fought against the Fourth Raikage.
  • Gaara and her fight
  • Itachi’s battle with her somewhere before the series time skip.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha in Boruto?

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Boruto did not have any known scenes featuring Kiyomi Uchiha. 

Fans made drawings of her wearing the Konoha flak jacket and with Kakashi as an adult.

Kiyomi Uchiha Episode Appearance

Kiyomi Uchiha has never been seen. 

You can find her online if you’re a fan. 

Her appearance and her Uchiha status attracted a lot of people. 

You can conclude that she is fan-made but has a fascinating story and is worth shipping to Gaara!

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