Does Gon get his Nen back in Hunter × Hunter?

Nen is the common energy phenomenon found in the majority of shonen mangas and is a fantastic source of energy in the manga.

This is very similar to that of “Haki” and “Chakra” from Hunter X Hunter, which provides its users with special abilities and may enhance their power. 

Nen is distinctive because of its ability to be utilized to boost your power significantly, in exchange for removing it.

Gon has lost nen after his battle with Neferpitou. It was due to the shock Gon felt after he realized Kite has already died. 

This led him to the brink of breakdown which led his Nen to join with Gon’s plan to make use of it to increase his power to defeat his adversaries.

It is one of the most intriguing secrets that the series has to offer, particularly the possibility that Gon changed his appearance in this chapter. 

As of today, this ability of Gon remains to be recognized in its fullest and in a way in which Gon can utilize it without restriction. 

However, for this moment, let’s look at this important aspect of the series, as well as Gon’s abilities. was he able to get the lost Nen back?

What Caused Gon to Lose Nen?

What Caused Gon to Lose Nen

Gon was stripped of his nen following his battle with Neferpitou. 

The reason for this according to his family and acquaintances was because the emotional pain he endured after the realization of Kite’s demise pushed Gon to the brink of despair, and he negotiated an interim contract with his Nen to pay for the demise of those who had wronged him.

The contract provided him with huge amounts of Nen which was greater than his body could handle, which caused the body to go through aging and change to become a muscular, muscular man with immense physical strength. 

This would be his in 20 years if he continued to increase to the extent of his potential. In the battle, he also lost his arm, but it was a joy for him because his appearance was like Kite before his death.

After destroying Pitou’s body mercilessly and destroying the body, the contract was executed and returned to his former condition. 

The sudden change in his body and the harmful residual Nen caused his body to be stretched until it was possible that he would die due to a fatal error. 

The result was the state of a vegetative. He was stripped of his Nen in reward for the sudden surge of strength that he utilized to take on Neferpitou as well as his potential.

Does Gon get his Nen back?

Does Gon get his Nen back

As of the moment, Gon has not gotten his Nen back. The producer of Hunter X Hunter is famous for his long periods of absence, the series has been unable to move since the beginning of the year 2018. 

At the moment of the time this article was written, Hunter X Hunter has been on hiatus for 1028 days, which is about two years and nine months.

It is implied throughout conversations with the father Ging that he still feels the aura of Gon and could still achieve his Nen abilities, even though he will have to go through rigorous training to go back to how the way he was before using everything on Neferpitou. 

The only thing we have to do is sit and wait to see Yoshihiro Togashi appear in the future to tell us more about Hunter X Hunter.

What caused Gon lost the Nen over the course of thirty days?

He was denied access to Nen when he fought Knuckle. Knuckle has the ability of Nen Hakoware that allows him to lend his aura to enemies. 

When Knuckle lends his aura to his enemies, it will also pay an increase in interest every 10 seconds. If the debt isn’t paid, the party will end up in bankruptcy. 

The tiny marshmallow that has wings and keeps the track of interest is known as Amortizing Power Re-director, or A.P.R. for short. 

It isn’t a risk to be injured and it will disappear once the person is injured or Knuckle ceases to be able.

After being smashed, A.P.R. becomes an Individual Ren Suppressor also known as IRS which puts the adversary in a Zetsu condition for 30 days. 

However, Gon was still inexperienced with the concept of Nen and was defeated by Knuckles. The episode aired in 90. If you’re confused by this, don’t be concerned.

The majority people Hunter X Hunter fans didn’t comprehend it until they looked up how his abilities work online.

What episode might Gon make use of Nen on again?

What episode might Gon make use of Nen on again Does Gon get his Nen back in Hunter × Hunter?

Gon can regain its Nen following 30 days of episode 95. IRS or Individual Ren Suppressor is an ailment that wears off after 30 days, allowing Gon as well as Killua to join in the battle against the chimaera ants More specifically, they’re the ones who are tasked to take down Neferpitou, the Royal Guard of King’s Palace. 

Although Gon was unable to use his Nen due to Individual Ren Suppressor in episode 90, he recovered the Nen in episode 95. So what’s the reason?

Episode 91 focuses on Meruem and Chimera Ants and, in particular, Gon. Royal Guards, Gon is seen to have traveled towards the NGL Border Stop along with Killua, Knuckle, and Shoot. 

Episode 92 focuses on Colt together with Chairman Netero and the other Human Hunters infiltrating the Nest to save Chimera Queen Ant. In the meantime, Gon recovers from his loss against Knuckle and then moves on to learn.

In episode 93, the story revolves around The Chimera Ant King Meruem along with his Royal guards encroaching The Capital of East Gorteau making it their new home. 

Gon has a romantic night out and meets Palm while Killua guards Gon as he can not make use of his Nen abilities. The story of episode 94 centers on Killua fighting the anti-chimaera ant Ramos. 

Killua discovers that he was controlled by the needle of Illumi and, after taking it out, kills Rammot effortlessly. Gon is not yet on his rendezvous with Palm. 

Morel and Knuckle meet Cheetu.

Recalling the initial question, Will Gon receive the Nen return?

The public is divided in the debate about how the future will play out for Gon In Hunter X Hunter. 

After nearly dying in exchange for his huge rise in power to Neferpitou, Gon was sent to ICU barely hanging on to life. 

Through the help of Killua as well as his wife Alluka, they were able to heal Gon however it came at the cost of. Gon is unable to make use of his Nen. 

So, how is it that people are divided on this?

Gon will receive the Nen back

As the main character in Hunter X Hunter, Gon is expected to heal and carry on his quest as a Hunter. As with all shonen manga protagonists, he’s likely to be akin to Naruto and this storyline would simply be passed along and he will recover fully and fulfill his potential, and even defeat more formidable enemies shortly with his closest buddy Killua.

Hunter X Hunter is indeed published in Weekly Shonen Jump along with well-known mangas such as Naruto, One Piece, MHA, and many more. 

While it is said by many people that the next episode, The Dark Continent Expedition arc Gon will not appear since it will concentrate on two other protagonists, Kurapika and Leorio.

It is also claimed Nanika’s ability is the reason (the other one being inside of Alluka) The limit on Gon’s Nen is lifted, but Gon will need to learn to gain back his Nen capability back. 

Gon is aware that he can’t use his aura since he was restored. Gon talks briefly with Ging on the phone regarding not having the ability to use aura following which Ging advised that Gon might not be able to sense it since he’s returned to “normal”.

Ging declared that, since Gon “threw everything to the ground” in one of his conditions to boost his strength enough to defeat Pitou in the first place, then getting through that event will be sufficient and to demand more is reckless and the victim must pay the cost. 

Ging said that now is the ideal moment to allow Gon to set aside some time to research and determine what he wants to pursue from here on out which implies that he can remain as a “normal” person or re-discover his talents and remain Hunter Hunter with a new objective. 

Think about it What could divide the fans who are interested in Hunter the X Hunter story?

Gon’s story is over

Hunter X Hunter is different from the majority of Weekly Shonen Jump manga because of the character and building a world. As seen in the Yorknew City episode The story can change to a different character as the MC. We don’t know for sure, but the story could change towards Killua as well as Alluka’s travels around the globe. 

Consider this for a long time: what was the primary story of Gon about? What was his purpose at the beginning of his story before the beginning to tell the story?

The answer is Ging Freecss. Gon began his adventure after leaving Aunt Mito and his maternal grandmother on Whale Island to find his mysterious father Ging. Gon was determined on finding his father following a meeting with the father’s former student Kite. 

We’d all know that within the 13th Hunter Chairman Selection arc that Gon will finally see his father after recuperating his health from the previous Chimera Ant Arc.

It is also revealed at the conclusion in 13th Hunter’s 13th Hunter Chairman Selection arc that Killua and Gon have agreed with what they would like to do in the future.

They have separated, which feels like it’s going to be permanent. The scene was like the conclusion of Gon’s story, especially after speaking with Ging.

Since Gon has become not able to make use of Nen and is classified as normal. Gon has the option to seek to regain the things he lost, or learn the latest technology that will be compatible with Nen users, or remain on Whale Island as a normal child with his aunt Mito and his grandma. 

At present, it seems like the story might shift the focus to Kurapika’s attempt to eliminate Chrollo along with the Phantom Troupe in revenge for the massacre of his people and on Ging and his travels towards his home in the Dark Continent, where strong creatures and numerous unknown dangers originate like Chimera Ants, Nanika Chimera The Ants as well as Nanika.

The author in the story has been away for a considerable period and people are still pondering what the next chapter of Hunter X Hunter will go from here, or perhaps the time when Hunter X Hunter finish.

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