Is Hawks A Traitor in My Hero Academia?

There needs to be a murky area in a world where heroes and bad guys are the norm.

Hawks fit into that category.

He is this cool, laid-back, and hopeful figure.

But there seems to be something upsetting about him.

He is shrouded in mystery, which makes him a little bit unsure.

Is Hawks A Traitor?

At the moment, he is the second-best professional hero, after Endeavor.

He also belongs to the League of Villains.

So, does that make him a rogue or something?

This piece will talk about the question that keeps coming up and a little bit about Hawks as a person.

This article gives away a lot about the manga My Hero Academia.

2nd Best Pro Hero

Hawks has been a name for a long time.

Even though the viewers didn’t really find out about him until Chapter 184.

People were interested in him because of the short, fun conversation he had with Endeavor at the event.

He was a great hero when he was in his early 20s and kept a cool head. How could anyone not like him?

Is Hawks A Traitor

Also, it was made clear that he likes Endeavor as well.

When he fought with Endeavor against the high-end nomu, it was an amazing act of bravery and skill on his part. If not for him, the most important hero might have lost.

But one thing changed everything about Hawks and made the reader question his story.

Is He An Agent For The League of Villains?

Hawks met Dabi in a dark alley and told him he wanted to join LoV. The readers were confused because this turn in the story was a big surprise.

Because if Hawks joins LoV, they will learn everything there is to know about the heroes. And it will be the start of the end of the world.

hawks and dabi 1 Is Hawks A Traitor in My Hero Academia?

But it turned out that this wasn’t true. Hawks joined LoV for a reason that had nothing to do with that.

He wasn’t there to make friends or harm the heroes. It was a secret mission that not many people knew about.

What Did Hawks Do for the Villains in My Hero Academia?

Top 2 hero Hawks first got in touch with the League of Villains through Dabi, a dangerous bad guy who can control blue flames and has purple scars.

Hawks used him to get in touch with the League of Villains. He was very wary of what Hawks did, so he had to do a few things to earn his full trust and meet the other bad guys.

Dabi had Hawks work together in a test to see how strong the High-End Nomu, which was one of the League of Villains’ projects, was.

A High-End Nomu is a mutated person with a strong, smart body and strange traits. Hawks and the best hero, Endeavor, faced the first High-End Nomu that was made in the middle of the city. Endeavor was almost killed in this fight.

This fight shouldn’t have happened in the city. It was supposed to happen far away from people, where no one would get hurt, but Dabi didn’t seem to care much. Hawks did what he said he would do, though, and was one step closer to joining the villain’s team.

The last thing Dabi asked Hawks to do to show his loyalty to the bad guys was to kill the number three hero, Best Jeanist.

Hawks agreed and gave Dabi what is meant to be the disfigured body of Best Jeanist.

Did Hawks really go that far and hurt the hero society? In My Hero Academia, is Hawks a traitor?

Did Hawks Actually Kill Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia?

Hawks reportedly brought the dead body of the number three hero, Best Jeanist, to Dabi when he asked for it.

Hawks went to Best Jeanist’s house to talk to him and left with a bag that had the body of Best Jeanist in it. But in My Hero Academia, did Hawks really kill Best Jeanist?

Hawks did not kill Best Jeanist in the end. He got in touch with him and told him he wanted to join the League of Villains.

Since they were both heroes and friends, Best Jeanist agreed to help him. Best Jeanist went through a strange medical process that left him unable to move and unconscious, like he was dead.

This let them fake Best Jeanist’s death for a long time, and when they could, Hawks got Best Jeanist’s body back and put him back to normal.

With this, Hawks finally gets the chance to join the Paranormal Liberation Front, along with many other villains, citizens, and heroes.

Is Hawks A Traitor?

Hawks will never let down the people who put their trust in him. Because he was made that way, to protect people who needed help.

Also, back then, the heroes were the ones who really needed to know about LoV. Hawks did exactly what he was told.

He is a double spy who is pretending to be on both sides. Still, the odds are in Hawks’ favor. By doing this, he not only got into LoV but also earned some of their trust.

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s doing it to keep people safe. He’s not a criminal because he’s just a hero doing his job.

So, the short answer is no, he is not a criminal. He chose to be on the side of the people he thinks are good.

But is that all there is to it?

Because there is also another important question to consider. Can Hawks turn out to be a rogue soon?

Hawks Past

Keigo Takami was a child whose father beat him every day, no matter what. He didn’t believe in heroes because nobody was coming to save him.

But one day, Endeavor caught up with his father and set him free. Hawks has always liked him since that day.

From then on, he trained with secret officials to help anyone who needed it.

So, people started to think that he was just a tool for justice.

Why Hawks Can Betray The Heroes?

hawks childhood Is Hawks A Traitor in My Hero Academia?

Something must have changed in him when he met Twice, a man who only wanted to protect his friends.

They had planned to fly together, but the good of society made that impossible.

Hawks felt terrible when he saw a good friend die. Dabi was the other side of the story.

People who only cared about themselves forced both Hawks and Dabi into the world of heroes. Even stranger is that both of their abusers were only their dads.

Because of his similar past, Hawks is more likely to side with the abused person than with the person who hurt them.

The similarity between Hawks, Twice, and Dabi is scary. He has every good reason to turn his back on the heroes. But Horikoshi is the only one who can tell if he goes bad or not.

What Are Hawks’ Plans in My Hero Academia?

If Hawks, the second hero in My Hero Academia, is not a rogue, then why does he work with the bad guys? What are Hawks’ plans?

Hawks works for the Hero Public Safety Commission, which sent him a mission to become a double agent and infiltrate the League of Villains.

He was required to take part in this operation. The goal of this plan was to find out where the League of Villains was and what their goals were.

This task turned into a much bigger plan when the League of Villains turned into the Paranormal Liberation Army and started making plans to fight all heroes.

Hawks then tried to get even deeper into the group of bad guys to find out what their plans were and where their leader, Tomura Shigaraki, was.

He even made friends with the bad guy twice, with the goal of getting the information he needed. Later, this led to a full-scale war between the bad guys and the good guys, and Hawks even killed Twice.

Hawks is not happy with the things he does during this whole mission. He even thought Twice was a good person who deserved better, but events led to Twice’s death.

Hawks agreed from the start to become corrupted during this task for the good of heroes and society. He has always wanted a world where heroes have more free time, and this is all part of his plan to make that happen. Hawks came so close to dying as they did this.

Hawks did all this to make the world a better place, but his plans didn’t work out. In the anime and manga, we still don’t know if the heroes will be able to bring back peace and beat all the bad guys.

What does everyone think of Hawks?

Can he turn against his country?

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