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As the My Hero Academia anime was beginning to establish its foundation of success at the time, it was clear that the manga was already well beyond its joyful school episodes. 

The anime is hardly introducing Dabi and How Old is Dabi when compared to the manga. Kohei Horikoshi has been an important revelation in recent chapters. 

Even those who aren’t familiar with the manga understand that Dabi is the long-suffering son of Endeavor, Touya Todoroki. Dabi’s presence was overwhelming. 

The subject was brought up in the midst of discussions that were bursting at the seams in every forum. Many fan theories speculated that the new villain could be the son of Endeavor prior to the reveal. However, the manner in which Kohei Horikoshi delivered this idea to the audience was awe-inspiring to the audience. 

Despite his sinister activities, Dabi remains a fan of choice. We’ve put together the most important 10 information about Dabi that everyone in the MHA fandom should be aware of.

Touya Todoroki, also called Dabi is absolutely merciless. It is a natural thing for Dabi. All villains were innocent at one point in an era and so was Dabi. 

He’s been through a lot of suffering to get to where is he today. People were curious about what the character’s story would unfold. 

As a frequent reader of Manga, I am able to confirm that his story would touch souls. It’s got the ferocity of a villain as well as enough emotions that make us feel more sympathetic than dislike the character.

Dabi is certainly an intriguing character. The arc that he was in resulted in more destruction in the universe than anybody could have ever imagined. Here are the most important 10 things about Dabi that will pique your curiosity about this character.

Warning: This article includes spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.

What is the Age of Dabi (How Old is Dabi)?

Determining Dabi’s age is a challenge but we know that Dabi is in his early 20s.

The cut is for length. It’s also only speculation!

The largest range I’ve found in mind for Dabi would be 18 to 26. In the context of the Canon (seen here)Dabi is “around 20” which leads me to believe that he’s aged 20-24.

In accordance with research from the Todoroki Dabi hypothesis (and assuming that Shouto is Shouto’s full sister), Dabi is either the 1st Todoroki child or is the 3rd Todoroki child. 

We are aware that Fuyumi, the second daughter(seen in this photo) is aged 22. It is also known that Endeavor is just 46.

If Fuyumi is 22 the time she had her was about 24 years old. The more senior we are in HC Dabi and the younger Endeavor was when they had him. We are able to guess that he was the eldest son about 20-22 Based on this. 

He quit trying at the age of 20, which was probably the time he decided to try to raise an ideal child.

Of all three, Dabi would be the red-haired one.

It’s probably a stretch to consider any of these children younger than thirteen (although the one with the red hair is challenging to get older). 

This means that the first son is likely 13-14 or something similar to the image, and is around 23-24 today (about 8-9 years old difference in age between Shouto). The third son is likely 8-11 in the picture and also 18-21 today (3-6 years of age difference with Shouto).

It’s a huge guessing game, however, if he’s a 1st child, he’s probably between 23 and 25. If he’s a 3rd child, he’s likely 18-21. 

Both of these are compatible with what we call the “around 20” figure we’ve been given. It is assumed that the 1st son was born in the year Endeavor was between the ages of 21 and 23.

Do you think that he’s the first son or the third son? It’s important to know that Shouto was unable to recognize his presence in the forest and the greater the gap in age is, the more plausible it is. 

But at the same moment, we can be sure that Shouto was lonely, especially in his early years, and is susceptible to memory repression and that Dabi’s physical appearance has changed significantly (hair color scarring, body modifications, and so on. ).

I posted the name of my private HC for his age/which son is he on a different thread however I’ll leave this post open to interpretation.

Dabi’s Deficit Of Heat Resistance

Dabi (or Touya Todoroki) is well-known for his characteristic known as “Cremation. The quirk makes him emit blue flames that could literally melt all things in the way. 

However, what makes it even more intriguing is the fact that Dabi is not resistant to heat. 

For people who are fire-lovers like Endeavor as well as Shoto Todoroki, using their quirks is easy because they aren’t impacted by the consequences of fire. 

Yet, Dabi has burnt himself during his use of his quirk many times due to his insufficient resistance to the heat.

This was one of the major flaws of Endeavor’s “hybridization” strategy. He had been married to Rei Himura with the intention of having a son to inherit his quirk and Rei’s quirk of ice. 

At the time Touya came into the world, Endeavor was satisfied as his firepower was massive even if he hadn’t been born with the quirk of ice. 

However, instead of getting the fire-resistant ability from Endeavor Touya, he is left having a resistance to the Ice.

At the end of the day, it is his individual peculiarity that is his biggest threat.

Dabi He Lost His Tear Ducts

How Old is Dabi

Villains are usually portrayed as characters who don’t cry. In the instance of Dabi the phrase “somewhat transforms into a person who can’t be crying’. This is due to the fact that he has lost the tear ducts.

When he tries to fake his death a few years ago, he accomplishes this by igniting a massive fire. 

In this particular incident, Dabi also ends up injuring his tear drains. In the same incident, Dabi gets burned as well on the skin.

This issue is dealt with in the manga following Twice’s passing. Dabi’s shocked reaction to Twice’s death shocked Hawks who asks whether this is how someone reacts to a person whose friend was just killed. 

Dabi smiles with sadness and says that he’s not cried for a while since the tear-ducts became burned.

Touya Todoroki Wanted To Be A Hero

Touya Todoroki wasn’t always the villainous character is today. In fact, Touya was always looking to be a hero. 

Even though the idea was suggested through Endeavor, Touya was dedicated to achieving his dream. 

The desire to be heroized grew until Touya stopped acknowledging that he was beginning to hurt himself.

Following the constant rejection of Endeavor, Touya starts embracing his negative qualities and walks the path of the villain.

Dabi’s True Intentions

As the villain, Dabi’s longer-term strategy was not to destroy the lives of heroes. The motives of Dabi are much from being correct. 

In the course of the story, Dabi has been void of emotions. The fact that he is insane is a major aspect of his personality. 

It is possible that killing heroes is on the priority list of goals, however, the actor has expressed interest in two other objectives.

The first thing is that he has a desire to get revenge on Shoto Todoroki, and Endeavor. This is quite predictable given his past. He was not happy with Endeavor because of what he went through as a youngster. 

Shoto Todoroki became the substitute Endeavor discovered. He also makes a dramatic announcement of the identity of Endeavor along with Shoto Todoroki and loves the expressions on their faces.

The second goal of Dabi is to eliminate the belief that people place in their heroes. The video broadcast by Dabi reveals his true identity in order to provide them with the benefit of the doubt about their hero. To further fuel the fire it also exposes Hawk’s background as the child of an evil villain.

I believe this is the most fascinating of these top ten informational facts concerning Dabi because it provides an insight into the chain of thought.

Dabi and His Roles

Dabi is a villain in the making. It’s no surprise this Dabi is a formidable villain.

He began by becoming an active member of the Villain League. In the future, he becomes the Head of the Vanguard Action Squad. 

Then, he is appointed Captain for the Paranormal Liberation Front. At the time of writing, Dabi is the Co-commander of the Violet Regiment.

Dabi Was abused as A Child

top ten facts about touya Todoroki 1 How Old is Dabi? | Touya Todoroki Facts

One of the saddest of the Dabi details concerning Dabi is his personal history. The inability of Endeavor to parent has been established as a result of Shoto Todoroki. 

The endeavor was not as good with Dabi either. As Dabi was a young boy, Endeavor saw it fit to put his hopes onto his shoulders. 

As his skills improved, Endeavor started holding out more dreams to Touya who the child felt obliged to fight.

When Touya’s lackluster resistance was made manifest, Endeavor rejected him completely. 

However, for his benefit his father’s sake, he stopped forming bonds with him in totality through their education. 

Dabi felt as if he was a failure, and became lost to his own insecurities. The result was multiple mental breakdowns, and finally an act of desperation in which Dabi faked his death.

It was nothing more than the mental abuse an innocent child was subjected to for over five years. A list of facts about Dabi will not be complete without discussing his past which made him the character of a villain.

Touya Todoroki was only thirteen when he faked his death

Touya Todoroki was a man who had an unhappy life. He wasn’t able to meet those expectations set by his father, nor attain his security. Touya began to lose focus from all the anxieties that were forming inside him. 

He noticed that his flames were increasing and then turned blue as he increased his mood. In order to show the father a particular move, Dabi is able to increase his strength. 

But because of an absence of guidance from Endeavor and Endeavor, he didn’t have a clue how to manage the situation.

Touya is the one who causes the destruction of a large fire before disappearing. It’s sad to consider that Touya was just 13 years young when he took this action. In a time that should have been living a happy life, Touya turned into Dabi.

Cremation: The title of Dabi’s quirk

Cremation is not an official term for Dabi’s characteristic quirk. For instance, Names like ‘Hellfire’ and “All For One” are both confirmed. 

However, Cremation is the name that was used to describe Dabi’s quirk. It is an easy word for his initials. No proper name was assigned to the character’s quirk, and so the manga’s fans decided to name it Cremation.

The name describes the power in a way since his power can melt everything it touches to an ash.

Dabi’s weakness

Dabi blue flames appear impressive and invincible. They’ve been praised by Endeavor as more powerful than his peculiarity. 

But even Dabi isn’t without flaws. While his quirk is powerful, he’s physically weak. That puts him in a significant handicap in close-range combat. His inability to fight at close distances is his main flaw.

The Power Of Dabi’s Fire

Dabi has no normal flame. We’ve been talking about how Dabi produces some massive flame. However, what is the power of these flames? 

The flames that burn in Dabi are around 3000-degrees Fahrenheit. Just half the power will turn human flesh into the point of ash.

The list is now complete. the top 10 details regarding Dabi in My Hero Academia. It is possible to read My Hero Academia manga online at Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

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