Who is Aizawa Shouta Married to?

My Hero Academia has a variety of characters that fans have been able to recognize and enjoy. Of all of them, UA High School faculty member Shota “Eraserhead” Aizawa is one of the most notable.

Alongside teaching the shrewd group of youngsters in Class 1-A, his outgoing style and sleepy personality are what make him popular and well-liked.

But despite being a committed educator and an outstanding hero, there are hardly any details about how he lived outside the U.A.

Is Aizawa married? Does he have a daughter?

Shota Aizawa, aka Shota Professional Hero, goes by the name “Eraserhead.” He also serves as the homeroom teacher in Class 1-A at U.A. High.

Aizawa’s personal life beyond the U.A. This is why it’s unclear if Aizawa is married or has any children.

However, because of his extremely caring personality and quirk, he’s been Eri’s guardian as well as a foster father.

Who is Aizawa?

aizawa shouta Who is Aizawa Shouta Married to?

Shota Aizawa has been a professional hero who goes by the name of Eraserhead. He also serves as the homeroom instructor for Class 1-A at U.A. High.

The man is a very strict and reserved individual who is very demanding of his students. He is extremely rational and doesn’t believe in keeping a neat style or diffusing his thoughts or thoughts to suit the needs of other people.

Despite his insufferable traits, however, he truly cares for his students and goes far to safeguard them.

He also expressed his faith that his pupils are a good choice on several occasions, and is certain they will be influenced by villains.

Eri is the grandchild of Shie Hassaikai, the boss of the Shie. Because of her quirk to rewind, Eri was the main source of Kai Chisaki’s operations to create a quirk-destroying drug.

After the rescue, she was still under the influence of Kai. She could not smile and was not able to experience feeling happy. The situation changed after she joined the U.A. faculty and was assigned to Aizawa-sensei.

Is Eri Aizawa’s daughter here?


After Eri had difficulty controlling her quirk following the time Izuku beat Overhaul, Aizawa was brought to the scene to eliminate Eri’s out-of-control quirk.

Since then, he’s been a guardian to Eri and has taken charge of her as she is part of the U.A. faculty in the dorms.

Although Eri isn’t his actual child, Aizawa is seen to possess an affectionate relationship with Eri and seems to attend to his duties as Eri’s protector and foster father without complaint.

Because of her severe psychological trauma and physical abuse by Overhaul, he is trying to heal Eri, and she remains under his supervision.

In this regard, to achieve this, he makes use of the positive social influence that is the result of Izuku’s relationship with Mirio, helping her gain more control over her emotions.

Aizawa is extremely engaged and attentive in his work as a caregiver, going beyond his obligations as a mentor and teacher.

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