How Old Is Eri in My Hero Academia & Her Birthday?

There are many My Hero Academia characters that are as charming and beloved as little Eri.

Eri was born on December 21st, but My Hero Academia does not necessarily follow the real-world calendar, so we don’t know her exact year. 

She was six years old when we first saw her in the series.

With time, she has now become seven years old.

We will be covering everything you need to know about Eri, including her age. 

We’ll show you all that we know about Eri, one of My Hero Academia’s most adorable characters.

This includes her birthday and age throughout the series.

What is Eri’s birthday?

How Old Is Eri

According to official data, Eri was born on December 21. 

Because the show’s calendar is not known, it is difficult to determine the exact year she was born. 

Although the show seems to follow the real-life calendar, the year it took place is still unknown.

What is Eri’s age?

Although Eri was introduced late in the series, she has made a huge impact in-universe as well as among fans. Let’s quickly review her story before we get to the important questions.

Eri is the granddaughter and former leader of the Yakuza. She accidentally used her quirk to attack her father in the past. He regressed until he vanished. Eri’s mother considered Eri cursed, and she entrusted her grandmother with her quirk.

Eri’s protege, Kai Chisaki, was to research Eri’s quirk so that Eri could make friends with others with similar abilities. This was quite difficult for Eri.

When his grandfather was suffering from a serious illness and he had to stay in bed due to the severity of his condition, Chisaki started to experiment with Eri.

He discovered that the quirk of the former would cease manifesting if the girl’s blood was cloned into another organism.

Chisaki used her quirk to create bullets that contained Eri’s blood and sold them to the underworld. She also created a special type of ammunition that permanently eliminated the quirk. 

Eri tried many times to escape that torture but was always captured until she accepted her fate.

Eri manages to escape the Eight Precepts of Death surveillance and runs down an alley. Chisaki chases her down.

The girl improvises and meets Mirio Togata and Izuku Midoriya. Izuku realizes quickly that Chisaki is lying to them, and Eri appears scared.

Chisaki, however, is about to reveal his murderous intentions (lightly removing the glove from his hand, as his hands are what activates his quirk Overhaul). Eri decides that he will save the boys and returns to him, surprising Izuku.

Eventually, large numbers of Pro Heroes assemble at the Eight Precepts of Death headquarters to liberate Eri from Chisaki. 

Eri wants to see the School Festival 1 How Old Is Eri in My Hero Academia & Her Birthday?

Mirio defeats Shin Nemoto and Deidoro Sakaki to reach Eri and Overhaul. She then engages in a long fight with the villains, causing them serious problems thanks to her quirk.

Shin, however, manages to get to the fight site and shoots Mirio using a bullet that permanently destroys the boy’s quirk. Mirio, despite her lack of uniqueness, protects Eri, and she begins to hope for her salvation.

Just as Chisaki seems to be about to lose it, Sir Nighteye and Midorya arrive on the scene. Izuku rescues Mirio, and Sir Nighteye tries to stop Chisaki.

But the pro-hero gets worse and is killed. Eri is influenced by this incident and decides to go back to Kai to prevent further injury.

Izuku, however, decides to face Overhaul personally, and, realizing the effects Eri’s quirk has had on his child, he ensures that she is always attached to him and uses her power to its fullest without any repercussions.

Chisaki uses his quirk first to merge with Shin, then with Rikiya Kaztukame. However, he fails to defeat them both, who knock him out using the combined power of their quirks.

Izuku starts to feel the backlash after using his powers too often at the end. Eraserhead intervenes temporarily to cancel Eri’s quirk and restore the boy to normal. Eri is then taken to the hospital.

What is Eri’s age in 2021?

My Hero Academia doesn’t have a time skip in its narrative.

This means that very little time has passed between Eri’s debut and her current age. 

We know how long has passed between the start of the show and her first appearance.

Today, we can confirm that Eri will be seven years old in 2021.

How Old is Eri When She First Appears?

Eri was six when she appeared in Chapter 128 of the manga.

It was titled “Boy Meets…” and was published on February 27, 2017.

Episode 66 in the anime had the same title.

It aired on October 26, 2019. Further confirmation was found in the manga as well as the anime. 

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