How did Yukine die in Noragami?

One of the most perplexing mysteries that has been surrounding the Noragami series is the subject of how Yukine passed away.

At the time when Yato originally made Yukine his Shinki (Regalia), Yato was able to witness all of the memories that Yukine had forgotten throughout that time.

He shed tears as a result of this, which is an indication that Yukine had been through some really difficult situations while he was still living.

It is quite evident that he was a victim of abuse, as evidenced by the various flashbacks that we get from his background.

There are situations in the anime that give the impression that Yukine’s father was an alcoholic to some degree.

Even further, Yato goes so far as to imply that he had father difficulties that were comparable to his own (Noragami Manga Chapter 11; Noragami Aragoto Episode 2)

Is it possible that Yukine’s father was the one who was responsible for his difficult background and ultimately for his death? Find out more by continuing to read.

In addition, you should be aware that the following section includes spoilers for subsequent chapters of the Noragami manga that have not been addressed in the anime.

Similar to Yato, he struggled with difficulties related to his father.

Death of Yukine in the Noragami series

Yukine from Noragami 1 How did Yukine die in Noragami?

As a youngster, Yukine was brutally murdered by his father. The murder was committed by his father. Senselessly, he assaulted his body.

On the other hand, he did not succumb to the wounds that he sustained. On the other hand, rather than taking him to the hospital, his father brought him to a deserted location close to the mountains and locked him inside a refrigerator.

Yukine was still alive when he was shut up and he died due to asphyxia within it.

The mother and sister of Yukine had left them because they were unable to tolerate the incessant abuse that his father would inflict on them when he was in a drunken fury.

Moreover, this segment is presented in the anime as well. The burden of being alone with a dad who was both an alcoholic and mentally abusive took its toll on his life.

He had a tight relationship with his sister and continued to write her letters often, even after she had moved away.

He gave his word that he would escape the predicament that he was in at the moment and would make his way toward more promising prospects in the future.

When his father discovers that Yukine has been secretly writing letters to his sister, he loses control of the situation.

Furthermore, the contents of the letters may have made him even more enraged, which would have ultimately resulted in Yukine receiving a beating that was completely unnecessary and ultimately led to his death.

The fact that Yukine had a dream in which he was buried by someone is the source of a significant clue regarding Yukine’s passing, which is revealed in chapters 70 and 73 of Noragami.

The memory of his father shutting him up in the refrigerator was presumably the one that he was thinking about. The most upsetting aspect is that Yukine’s father appeared to take pleasure in seeing his son go through pain.

There is a recollection of Yukine being imprisoned inside the refrigerator.

When Yukine was finally suffocating to death, the only thought that crossed his mind was, “Why not?”

It was a mystery to him as to why his father would treat him in such a manner and how things had come to be in such a precarious state (Noragami Chapter 88.2).

When Hiyori realized that this was the manner in which he passed away, she was unable to stop herself from sobbing at that moment.

It is true that this was a terribly painful death, and it is the primary reason why he is scared of the dark.

The circumstances surrounding Yukine’s afterlife were unknown because he had passed away at such a tender age.

Because of this, his spirit did not take on any of the human forms; rather, it remained in its original shape as a “Sudama,” which is a pure and unblemished soul, for a considerable amount of time.

These spirits have the appearance of twinkling snowflakes.

Due to the fact that Yukine’s soul only has negative recollections of the mountain where he was abandoned, it unconsciously travels a great distance away from that location.

It also manages to avoid the Ayakashis until Yato makes him his shinki (Regalia).

I was wondering what your opinions were on Yukine’s passing in Noragami.

Are you of the opinion that he had a difficult time while he was still alive?

Is his childlike behavior a result of the fact that he passed away so young?

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