Why Is Itadori Yuji So Strong?

Although Itadori Yuji is a cheerful and charming ball of sunshine, he is also dealing with his own set of issues when we first meet him in jujutsu kaisen.
It is a testament to his profound thoughtfulness and generosity that he allowed a curse that has been there for centuries to seek refuge in his flesh.

It’s not a huge deal! This specific tenant really turned his life upside down, even though he was a typical high school student for the most part.

This is, of course, assuming that you could consider him normal in the absence of Sukuna.

Yuji was already a remarkable individual before he became the brand ambassador for Kentucky Fried Chicken (you know, it’s finger-lickin’ excellent).

An amazing superhuman strength and lightning-fast reflexes are two of his many impressive qualities.

The fact that Todo, who has an IQ of 53000, complements you herself is a sign that you are truly remarkable.

But is Yuji truly a unique individual? So it would appear, right? Taking Gojo’s opinion is the best option if you don’t trust our collective judgment.

During the time when Sukuna reincarnated, he stated that a person like Yuji is only born once every one thousand years.

Because of this, he is undoubtedly exceptional.

The question therefore is, where does all of this superpower that isn’t actually a superpower originate?”

Please explain to us, Kokkuri-san, what makes Itadori Yuji such a powerful character. Although Kokkuri-san might not respond to us, this article might make an effort to do so.

Let’s make an educated guess as to the response to this issue that has been plaguing the whole fandom, shall we?

Yuji’s extraordinary physical prowess

itadori Why Is Itadori Yuji So Strong?

The answer is something that many of us are keen to know, but where did this significant question even originate? First, let’s take a moment to review the many ways in which Jujutsu Kaisen has demonstrated Yuji’s strength up to this point.

We learn that Yuji is extremely powerful and nimble right from the beginning of the scenario in which he is introduced.

Not only is Yuji a sprinter, but he is also so powerful that the school’s sports club is really interested in having him join their team.

Not only did he comfortably defeat his instructor, but he crushed a freaking world record in the process.

The bad sports instructor, on the other hand. Ossan, you performed a good job. Even Megumi, who had no firsthand experience with Yuji, remarked on how very quick he is.

As a result of this, we watch Yuji engage in a struggle against a curse in order to save his comrades and Megumi.

There is no doubt that Yuji’s parkour skills are on par with those of Michael Scott. The joke is on me. Additionally, Yuji was able to hold his own against a massive curse and even do some damage to it without the assistance of Sukuna’s finger.

The level of strength and agility that you possess is almost definitely not typical.

After consuming Sukuna’s finger, his already above-average stats were elevated to demonic levels, which was a significant improvement.

Their words are Choso’s after Shibuya, and they are not mine.

Yuji’s personal power is diminished as a result of the presence of all the other characters in the series, such as Sukuna and Gojo. As soon as you start to realize how powerful Yuji is, it starts to seem eerie as well.

When Okkotsu battled Yuji for the first time after the Shibuya incident, he also remarked that Yuji is comparable to Maki in terms of his physical strength.

The fact that Gojo and Todo are happy to be Yuji’s instructors is evidence that his power levels are remarkable.

Currently, Yuji is relying heavily on Sukuna’s power, which is increasing as the terrifying curse continues to expand. However, even without that, he was no doubt an outstanding individual.

To what extent does its strength originate from its origin?

c5e7d56dfa4059271c0e461008371ab7 Why Is Itadori Yuji So Strong?

To start, let’s consider the most obvious possibility:

Does Yuji’s strength lay in a manga trope that is more general in nature?

There is no denying the fact that Jujutsu Kaisen makes use of a number of manga cliches that are common in the genre.

It is true that Akutami offers them an unexpected twist in order to make them fascinating; but, in the end, they are not completely distinct.

The cliche of an anti-hero exchanging bodies with the protagonist is one of these tropes that has equal popularity and is utilized frequently.

In keeping with yet another recurring cliche, we were likewise unaware of any information on Yuji’s parents.

There are more examples of this kind that we could enumerate, but you get the general idea. One of the questions that has to be answered is whether or not Yuji’s power is merely another example of a shounen cliche.

In the stories that fall within this category, it is a common occurrence for a hero who possesses extraordinary talents to come to the rescue. In light of this, it would not come as a major surprise if that turned out to be the case.

It was merely a coincidence that Yuji was the hero of the novel, and given his role, it was necessary for him to possess such a high level of strength. My point is that it all started with the struggle against a curse, after all.

One may make the case that Akutami would not utilize a cliche like that in a straightforward manner. Despite the fact that it could appear to be implausible at first (which is why we will talk about additional alternatives), we can’t necessarily rule it out just yet.

It was with great satisfaction that Akutami disproved the hypothesis that Yuji’s method consisted of memory manipulation, saying that it was possible that he could pull off something similar once again.

The utilization of this cliché is not always a negative thing; nonetheless, there are some reservations regarding the fact that Yuji’s power is only a setting and not a cause.

A portion of the inquiry into the reasons behind Itadori Yuji’s formidable strength originated from Grandpadori’s final comments.

Do you remember how Grandapadori stressed Yuji’s strength in the moments before he went away?”

He himself stated that his grandpa had placed a curse on him, which stated that because he is a powerful child, he is obligated to assist other people.

That was undeniably the point at which everything started, wasn’t it? To speak anything to your grandchild on your deathbed is certainly an unusual thing to do.

Additionally, we are aware, based on Yuji’s recollection, that Grandpadori harbored suspicions about either Kaori or Kenjaku.

It would explain why Grandpadori knew Yuji’s power is extraordinary enough to offer a hand to others, provided that we do not overly interpret this information.

Does Yuji have the same level of uniqueness as Maki, even if we consider the pattern of subversions to tropes? Should I remark that she is as ordinary as she is?

Another example of the restriction imposed by heaven?
The ability of Heavenly Restriction is also possessed by Yuji, is that correct?

The question that has been lurking in the back of our thoughts is one that cannot be ignored since there are just too many parallels. Yuji did not have cursed energy before swallowing Sukuna’s fingers.

In addition, he was unable to recognize curses prior to the occurrence that occurred at the school with his senpais. On the other hand, he possessed tremendous physical strength and senses from the very beginning.

In addition to this, Okkotsu’s comment indicated that his physical capability was already comparable to that of Maki before he awoke.

For the most part, the idea of Heavenly Restriction is something that is unknown to most people. It is unknown to us how, with what, or with whom the swap takes place, nor do we know how it is received.

It’s true that we have a fundamental understanding of it, but is there a pattern to it? Is it a ceremony that is responsible for bestowing these blessings (or curses) or have they been granted from birth?

Moreover, for something that seems to be so uncommon, we have already seen a great number of individuals in the novel that have Heavenly Restriction. These characters include Toji, Maki, and Kokichi.

Are there any possibilities that Yuji possesses this skill as well?

Certainly, that would make perfect sense.

However, if this is the case, what about energy that has been cursed? As a result of Maki’s situation, we are aware that because Mai’s cursed energy continued to exist in the world, it was impossible for her to achieve flawless Heavenly Restriction.

Consequently, even the tiniest amount of cursed energy is capable of disrupting this situation. Then, how was it possible for Yuji Itadori to use the cursed energy that Sukuna had as his own while still retaining his abilities?

In any case, we are unable to determine whether or not Heavenly Restriction is present in Itadori Yuji’s situation at this time. Having said that, we do have some information on his birth, which leads to another idea.

Itadori: Death Painting Experiment?

jujutsu kaisen yuji itadori Why Is Itadori Yuji So Strong?

Kenjaku, a well-respected shaman, was the one who was responsible for the creation of the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings. During the Meiji period, he aborted and impregnated a lady nine times. He also compelled her to have an abortion.

Given the goals he has set for himself at the moment, it is quite clear that he was searching for progression. This series of brutal experiments must have been carried out by him in an effort to explore every possible aspect of mankind.

On the other hand, it appears that he either made a mistake or was unable to reach the flawless outcome.

This train of thought brings up an issue for us to consider. Is Yuji Itadori the result of the experiment that was carried out with the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings? Contrary to popular belief, Choso did not compose this particular portion.

On the other hand, the reasoning that he used to arrive at this conclusion is completely satisfactory. Choso was more than just someone who was involved in both of their cases; she also had the ability to sense when Yuji Itadori was in danger.

It was only with his siblings that he was able to use this gift. In addition to that, there is the recollection of the brothers having a picnic together.

To what extent does Kenjaku wish to accomplish this with Itadori Yuji? In addition to this, he is the ideal vessel for Sukuna, which is an extremely unusual occurrence given the rarity of the situation.

Furthermore, we do not know what Kenjaku had in mind when he created the death paintings; we do not know what he wanted to accomplish. To what extent did Itadori Yuji’s strength surpass that of a human being?

Otherwise, is there something more about Itadori Yuji that we have not yet uncovered? It is exceedingly odd that Kenjaku would enter the Itadori household for the only reason that she is a mother, isn’t it?

To what extent does the Itadori family contribute to Itadori Yuji’s level of strength?

What was the reason that Kenjaku had Kaori? There is undoubtedly a specific secret that Grandpadori desired Itadori Yuji to be aware of prior to his passing. However, due to the fact that he is a Shounen MC, he did not wish to understand anything about his parents.

If only we had more knowledge about them, we would be able to provide answers to our questions. When it comes to genetic characteristics, did either of Itadori Yuji’s parents have any similarities with Choso’s mother?

That was the reason why Kenjaku had possession of Kaori, right? Is it possible that Kaori herself was a powerful figure?

Without a doubt, the Itadori family is more complicated than it appears at first glance. There is, however, the chance of a different alternative than the ones listed above.

As we are already aware, there are a great number of families that do not practice shamanism whose children end up becoming shamans.

In some of these instances, there is a tie to jujutsu that is just loosely connected. For instance, Okkotsu Yuta is a descendant of Sugawara no Michizane, despite the fact that his family as a whole does not practice shamanism.

In light of this, what evidence is there to suggest that the Itadori family is not a typical non-shaman household?

Among the Sugawara family, Yuta is a descendant of Michizane.

It is possible that Itadori Yuji is likewise an outlier due to the fact that his family is tied to an unidentified historical figure that we have not yet discovered.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are a significant number of persons who are shamans who are born into households that are not shamanistic.

In addition, this knowledge would explain how Itadori Yuji was able to recognize curses from the very beginning, as well as how quickly he learned how to make use of cursed energy.

The curse that Grandpadori placed on Itadori Yuji would also be given significance if it were based on some kind of lineage.

Now that we have discussed every conceivable scenario that we could think of, we have another question for you. Itadori Yuji is the ideal vessel for Sukuna since he was able to exert influence over him right from the beginning.

In our thoughts, it sparked some uncertainty:

Is it possible for Itadori Yuji to hold or repress Sukuna?

jujutsu kaisen sukuna anime 1259523 Why Is Itadori Yuji So Strong?

Sukuna is well suited to be contained within Itadori Yuji, as I have stated previously. Consequently, Yuji will still be able to exert influence on Sukuna even after he has consumed all twenty fingers. Okkotsu is informed of this by him after the Shibuya arc has concluded.

It is quite evident that a person like Itadori Yuji is only born once every thousand years, as stated by Gojo. What is it about him that makes him so special? It is indeed his power. That being said, is Itadori Yuji’s physique simply different?

In a number of respects, we have already seen that he is somewhat strange. In addition, the fact that Kenjaku was involved in this makes a great deal of sense.

Was he supposed to be something similar to the Star Plasma Vessel throughout his life? The only two “vessels” that we had seen in Jujutsu Kaisen prior to the conclusion of the Shibuya Incident were one and the other.

Is it possible that Itadori Yuji underwent some type of idle transformation that would transform him into the ideal vessel? Obviously, we are not aware of this. Similarly, Sukuna was taken aback by Yuji’s ability to exert influence over him.

Shibuya was the sole location where Sukuna was able to exert influence over Itadori Yuji’s body. As a result of being forced to consume a large number of fingers all at once, Yuji was unable to withstand the overpowering strength.

To add insult to injury, Sukuna was only able to exert control over Itadori Yuji’s body for a brief period of time.

In addition to this, the novel focuses a great deal on the relationship between the soul and the body. Tengen and the Star Plasma Vessel combine, which ultimately leads to the erasure of the Star Plasma Vessel.

On the other hand, Itadori Yuji possesses two souls; it is certainly a remarkable achievement to be able to contain two aware souls at the same time. In actuality, in order for Sukuna to take possession of Yuji’s body, he was required to make a legally binding promise to Yuji.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, Itadori Yuji is constructed in a different manner.

We have no idea how or why this happened. Both Itadori Yuji’s talent and our lack of knowledge of the solution are sources of frustration for us, just as they are for Sukuna.

The alternatives that were described above, however, might be the reason why Yuji is able to exert influence over Sukuna. However, is it possible that this skill may be a clue to the typical plot device of the adversary and the hero becoming friends?

Is Yuji going to become even more powerful?
Absolutely, to put it in a single word.

During the time that Gojo was teaching Yuji, he stated that Yuji did not yet possess a technique that was cursed. However, as time passes, Sukuna’s tactics will become ingrained in him.

That is to say, Yuji would be able to make use of them in the following years. That would be a really crazy thing to do if that were the case. There is no doubt that Sukuna possesses one of the most terrifying powers, and Yuji’s ability to make use of it would be advantageous.

We have yet more confirmation of Yuji’s development even after the Shibuya incident.

As soon as Yuji informed Choso that he is alright despite being struck by Mahito’s Black Flash, Choso’s expression was one of relief. Having said that, he also mentions that he is able to sense Sukuna’s strength increasing.

Our nii-chan refers to Yuji as “a demon god” despite the fact that he is now engaged in combat with the curses in Tokyo.

Candidate Yuji
However, that might be a prejudiced perspective because Choso just has an excessive amount of affection for his brothers. On the other hand, it is not a lie that Yuji is getting better and better at making use of the energy that is cursed.

In addition to this, he is also employing his physical strength in order to supplement the utilization of cursed energy within him. What else could one possibly expect from Gojo’s student?

It was his assertion that Yuji is one of those individuals who has the potential to one day exceed Gojo himself. As he has done up to this point, Yuji will, of course, continue to develop with each passing instant.

Yuji’s strength is not only remarkable for a human being; rather, it surpasses a typical human level of strength. Jujutsu Kaisen had made it a priority to demonstrate Yuji’s abilities to us at an early stage.

We are left wondering about Yuji’s strength as a result of this and the parting words that his grandfather said to him. Additionally, it should be mentioned that Kenjaku was Yuji’s mother.

Speculating on the reasons behind Itadori’s strength is the result of all of this. It goes without saying that the fandom has its own theories. As a result, the following are our perspectives on the potential factors that may be responsible for Yuji’s strength:

That is a typical example of a shounen manga cliché.

When it comes to the Cursed Womb: Death Painting project, Yuji is the epitome of perfection.

In the same way as Toji and Maki do, our protagonist comes equipped with Heavenly Restriction.

There are ties between the Itadori family and the art of jujutsu.

Yuji’s superhuman power was undoubtedly the result of some sort of deception.

We are at least holding out hope that it does. xD That he is able to exert control over Sukuna may partly be due to his amazing physique.

Undoubtedly, he is the ideal vessel for the terrifying curse to be placed upon.

However, according to the evidence provided by Gojo and Choso, Yuji will continue to develop in the years to come.

The question is, what are your thoughts on these hypotheses? In addition, have you given some of them some thought?

On the other hand, do you disagree with some of them? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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