Who are the Pillars in Fire Force?

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In the series Fire Force, the Evangelist and her companions in their white attire were introduced, bringing the term “pillar” to light for the first time.

From that point onwards, the central focus of Fire Force has revolved around the pillars or hashiras in some way.

In the second season, the Evangelists and the Fire Force company are engaged in a friendly competition to locate the pillars.

In order to give you a brief answer;

Individuals who possess the Adolla Burst are commonly known as pillars. These individuals are believed to be descendants of the Sun God’s bloodline.

There exists another realm, less familiar than Adolla, from which the Adolla Burst originates. This flame is pure and untainted.

Who are the pillars?

In the world of Fire Force, there exist pyrokinetics called Pillars or Hashiras who possess the incredible ability to harness either the Adolla Burst or the Flames of Destruction.

pillars Who are the Pillars in Fire Force?

These pillars possess the remarkable capability to establish a connection with the Evangelist through the Adolla Link. This connection, known as the “Evangelist’s grace,” grants them unparalleled powers.

Haumea affectionately referred to the individuals who were granted the grace as Fourth Generation pyrokinetics. While Sho Kusakabe is under the Evangelist’s influence, he gains the ability to manipulate time, slowing it down. Meanwhile, Shinra Kusakabe possesses the remarkable ability to move faster than the speed of light.

Out of the eight pillars that make up Fire Force, a total of five (almost six) have been unveiled in the anime. There are a grand total of eight pillars in the game.

Here is a list that were introduced in the Fire Force anime:

  • Amaterasu, also known as Hitohashira-me, is the initial deity.
  • “Hauea” is the second pillar, known for its welcoming nature and extensive history.
  • The Sho Kusakabe holds a significant position as the third pillar.
  • Shinra Kusakabe, also known as the fourth pillar, is joined by Inca Kasugatani, who holds the title of the fifth pillar.
  • Nataku holds the esteemed position of being the sixth pillar.

Son Shinra Kusakabe and Company 8 have made a friendly and enduring discovery.

They have learned that the Evangelist and her White Cloaks are in search of the pillars, with the intention of recreating the Great Catastrophe that took place 250 years ago.

This information is provided by Company 8, which has a reputation for being approachable and thorough.

Company 8 of the Fire Force has joined the conflict, embarking on a mission to quickly secure all the pillars before the White Cloaks can intervene.

The Evangelist and her followers have been using a specialized parasite developed by the Haijima companies to determine if individuals possess pyrokinetic skills and the Adolla Burst.

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In the Chinese Peninsula arc of Fire Force, a significant amount of information about the pillars and their role in the impending catastrophe was revealed.

A task force made up of the Fire group, including Shinra, Victor Licht, and members from Companies 2 and 4, stumbles upon a remarkable structure in the Chinese peninsula that rivals Amaterasu.

The peninsula is devoid of any human presence.

The power plant was powered by an Adolla Burst and was known as the Tabernacle.

It is revealed that the pillars are intended to be sacrificed by the Evangelist, leading to the occurrence of the Great Catastrophe.

The information is provided in this context.

The crew discovers eight white fletched arrows shaped like keys within the core of the power plant.

It seemed like there was an arrow sticking out from the middle of the Tabernacle.

In ancient Japanese culture, if a white fletched arrow is seen sticking out of the roof of a home, it signifies that the person residing in that house has been chosen as a “Human Pillar,” a role that involves sacrifice (Fire Force chapter 120).

Thus, every one of those arrows represented a pillar that would eventually be sacrificed to bring about the impending catastrophe.

The Amaterasu’s source of strength, believed to be an Adolla Burst, is actually a human pillar possessing the Adolla Burst.

This individual could potentially be seen as the initial offering.

The Evangelist conducted experiments on individuals to construct the Pillars, which were crucial for her grand scheme of the Great Catastrophe.

She was able to continue with her pursuits without any issues.

The pillars can be viewed as symbols of unity and strength, representing the collective efforts to overcome challenges.

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