Kanojo Chapter 187: What Happen Between Ruka & Kazuya?

How would you feel if your long-time love affair was with a different person? 

Would you be dissatisfied or angry? 

Do you feel betrayed or bitter? 

When there are so many feelings to be weighed, there’s a chance that one’s judgment could gradually become obscured.

If it’s the person you’re thinking of dating, the information that your lover is sleeping with someone else is heartbreaking, especially if you’ve known them for many years!

However, after having read Chapter 187 of the “Kanojo, Okarishimasu” manga series, this heartbreak went up a notch!

The determined Ruka Sarashina told her lover-in-crime, Chizuru Ichinose, that she had finally done it! 

It wasn’t just with any man, and not just with Kazuya Kinoshita, the man of whom Chizuru has been a fan for a long, lengthy time!

Without further delay, we’ll dive into the mind of Ruka. What’s happening with her feelings? 

What is the reason she has finally disclosed this crucial information to a gorgeous model like Chizuru? 

What is her plan for the near future?

Spoilers ahead! This page has spoilers for Kanojo.

Ruka bravely told Chizuru that she had finally started a sexual relationship with Kazuya, the man Chizuru has romantic feelings for.

However, the truth is that she didn’t do it with Kazuya once! She has never had sexual relations with Kazuya.

However, she has to pretend to have a romantic relationship with him up to this point since she’s in desperate need of it.

She is desperate for attention, love, and his power to treat her. What exactly can Kazuya be able to treat in Ruka, you may ask? 

The answer is that Ruka thinks she believes that Kazuya will be the one who can heal her heart condition while lavishing her with love.

If you consider the issue, Ruka is thinking strategically. Ruka can kill two birds with one shot. If she is successful in her plan by acquiring an intimate partner, that will ensure her heartbeats are at the speed of her heart (ensuring the longevity of her life and healthful living).

However, as the series develops, Ruka thinks less about her heart condition and more about protecting Kazuya. 

It’s a strange expression that aims to “secure” someone and those romantic feelings or even the relationship of a trial partner. 

But, “securing Kazuya” has been Ruka’s task throughout the last 180+ chapters!

About Rent-A-Girlfriend

rent a girlfriend Kanojo Chapter 187: What Happen Between Ruka & Kazuya?

Rent-A Girlfriend, also known in the form of Kanojo Okarishimasu, is a Japanese manga series written by and illustrated by Reiji Miyajima. 

The manga has been published by Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine since July 2017 and was collected into 15 volumes by June 2020.

The show has been licensed in North America by Kodansha Comics, which launched its first issue of the series in English in June of 2020. 

A TV series adaptation of an anime produced by TMS Entertainment premiered in July 2020 in the Animism block.

Kazuya Kinoshita is evicted by the woman he loves, Mami Nanami, after having been dating for around one month. 

He decides to make use of an online application to hire an ex-girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara, who is a gorgeous and attractive lady.

The story continues as their lives get more complicated and interspersed with one another. Then, some women from the business of girlfriends, as well as those dating, show interest in Kazuya.

What did Ruka Have to Say When She was Confronted by Chizuru?

kanojo Chizuru 1 Kanojo Chapter 187: What Happen Between Ruka & Kazuya?

Ruka confidently declared the big lie to her lover. She grabbed Chizuru’s keys to her apartment and walked into her bedroom. The incident scared the hell out of Chizuru for a moment, allowing an individual like Ruka into her home.

But, Ruka’s anger is rising since Chizuru accepted the invitation to Grandma Nagomi’s resort. (Basically, Grandma Nagomi had set Chizuru and Kazuya up to have a restful and romantic night at the hotel spa).

That’s the reason Ruka said that she had finally had sexual relations with Kazuya and “it hurts.” The eyes of many readers popped at the comment. 

What’s even more frightening is the moment when Ruka hands over an unopened and damp condom to Chizuru!

The nerve of this girl to blurt out a big lie like that to the main female cast of the series!

This is what many readers experience after going through Chapter 187. The feeling of hatred toward the fictional female characters can be so intense that some decide to get off the Ruka bandwagon right away.

What’s Happening with Ruka’s Fanbase?

kanojo ruka 1 Kanojo Chapter 187: What Happen Between Ruka & Kazuya?

After the shocking revelation, it is clear that there are only a handful of people who, in Ruka’s favor, are “Ruka stans” or “Ruka simps”. 

Ruka has finally reached her breaking point after revealing a broken condom box to her main romantic rival.

Even though Chizuru is denying her love for Kazuya, it was humiliating to listen to Ruka’s lies and to see the condom that was ripped from the pack.

The last trace of respect that I felt for Ruka throughout over 180 chapters disappeared. I’m sad since I’ve been a defender of Ruka ever since the heart condition was exposed in the first pages of this series. 

However, her actions in the new chapter made me angry.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who is experiencing these contradictory emotions. After hearing that statement by Ruka, I’m completely awestruck.

Is Ruka Sarashina Mami Nanami?

kanojo mami Ruka 1 Kanojo Chapter 187: What Happen Between Ruka & Kazuya?

If I could juxtapose Ruka with the unruly Mami Nanami, Mami appears to be a saint! Mami may have the most unsavory intentions regarding Kazuya and Chizuru’s romantic development, but she’s not as bad as Ruka.

Mami might have ulterior motives toward grandmother Nagomi (Kazuya’s mother), whom she’s employing to leak information about her grandson’s relationship with Chizuru. However, she isn’t hiding her true motives.

She also displayed her dominant appearance as she went up against Chizuru at a coffee shop regarding her double identity (“Chizuru Mizuhara” versus “Chizuru Ichinose”). 

Mami might be the catalyst to ignite Chizuru and Kazuya’s romance. However, at the very least, she hasn’t sunk to the level of Ruka.

Although Ruka is deemed by fans to be an imposing character because she is never willing to give up her passion for Kazuya, However, many fans see her as a pathetic female support cast because of her excessive behavior.

Is Kazuya Attracted to Ruka?

kanojo Ruka Kazuya 1 Kanojo Chapter 187: What Happen Between Ruka & Kazuya?

Kazuya doesn’t see Ruka as a long-term romantic interest, even though she is constantly pursuing the man. He is only interested in Chizuru—the gorgeous actor who fell over.

The truth is, Kazuya almost considered Ruka as his lover (but only after he observed Mami fighting Chizuru in the karaoke bar).

Kazuya’s brother Ruka sexually attacks Kazuya in private (in his house) and in public (during Kazuya’s birthday bash at Kazuya’s birthday party at the Kinoshita Household).

Despite the flurry of kisses and hugs she constantly gets from him every time they meet, Kazuya doesn’t dare confront Ruka.

Since he can’t hug nor kiss Chizuru and Ruka, he is enthralled by their charming moves together, despite their uneasy relationship.

As he put her down in her bedroom because the restraints were no longer sufficient to keep him from touching her, she told her that she was getting insane because he’d held back. 

The only restraint on his being a complete jerk in love with Ruka is the image of a smiling Chizuru.

Kazuya’s mind might just be filled with an ideal romantic placeholder (or an in-between romantic partner) for Ruka. 

However, her swarms of kisses, hugs, and kisses have worked into his mind slowly. It’s so effective, Kazuya’s mind is almost broken, and his mind!

The romcom manga could feature the most sleazy and annoying characters. However, it’s because of characters like the ones mentioned above (whose emotions are so open and exposed) that readers were able to feel connected to and relate to the characters to a certain extent.

As I mentioned earlier, Ruka is hitting two birds with one stone in her quest to pursue Kazuya. In all this time, Ruka is convinced that Kazuya will treat her heart problem, which is why she sees Kazuya as a possible romantic partner.

One of the biggest obstacles is her tentative romantic connection with him.

Kazuya is not romantically attracted to Ruka, despite the fact that he desires her body in a certain amount, which is why he wishes to end her romantic relationship with her as soon as possible.

However, as strong and determined as she is, Ruka doesn’t give any concessions! 

Ruka isn’t looking at Kazuya as a temporary girlfriend anymore.

Rather, she wants him to see her as a woman (hence her out-of-control stalker behavior toward Kazuya).

What is the Reason Kazuya is the only option?

kanojo Kazuya 1 Kanojo Chapter 187: What Happen Between Ruka & Kazuya?

We’ve seen Ruka repeatedly sexually attack Kazuya in the show. She pushes him to the ground and keeps seducing him regularly.

She even orders him to text her multiple times a day so he can meet the number of text quota (a contractual term stated in the “Provisional Boyfriend/Girlfriend” agreement).

Many people are wondering, “Why can’t she just get over the hopeless romance of Kazuya? 

In the end, aren’t there others out there that can speed up her heartbeat up to the speed of 79 or 90 beats per minute? “

Well, she tried. She went to the Maple Girlfriend Rental Service, hoping that she would locate the right one to treat her heart condition even slightly.

But the guys she saw during the rental service were a) playing with her, b) not considering her as a girlfriend candidate, and c) not making her heart beat faster than 60 BPM.

Amid the mess she’s found herself in, it’s not surprising that Ruka is the only one who is a target for Kazuya. 

It’s difficult to find someone like him, even when the people around him view him as a fraud. It’s also difficult for her to find a different one that can raise her heartbeats to reach 79 BPM or even 90 BPM!

As irritating as she can be, the reason is understandable. Ruka always follows and tracks Kazuya’s every move. However, she’s been too aggressive when confronting Chizuru, regardless of whether she’s desperate.

What is the author’s plan to be able to redeem Ruka shortly? 

I’m not sure. I hope she finds a man who respects and loves her for her cheerful attitude, but not only because they’re being forced to treat Ruka for her heart problem. 

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