Will Tanjiro Turn Into A Demon?

A word of caution: the following article includes significant spoilers from the manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, as well as the character arc of Tanjiro.

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All of us believed that if we were to beat Muzan, that would be the end of it, hadn’t we? But the chapter 201, which revealed Tanjiro’s unfortunate end, disproved all of our assumptions and proved us incorrect!

Indeed, you did read that correctly.

To answer your question in a nutshell, Tanjiro transforms into a demon in chapter 201! This was something that possibly no one anticipated coming, and considering that Tanjiro was the most powerful demon, the likelihood of his going back looked quite low!

We are fortunate that our heroes were able to get the happy ending they deserved; however, at what cost?

With the completion of its final chapters, Demon Slayer once again shown to us that it takes the utmost satisfaction in its themes centering on the comprehension of human emotions.

In the beginning instance, why did Muzan’s decision to transform Tanjiro into a demon occur? Would a more sinister sequel have been a better use of this opportunity? Keep reading to find out more!

For what reason did Muzan transform Tanjiro into a demon?

Tanjiros Scar Change Will Tanjiro Turn Into A Demon?

Throughout the entirety of Demon Slayer, the idea that ideas serve as a potent weapon in their own right is consistently communicated. In the latter moments of his life, Muzan comes to the realization that this phenomenon also applies to him.

Now when she is on the verge of passing away, Muzan acknowledges that sentiments are unending and unending. He admitted that the emotions of those he had slain had at long last had the opportunity to work their way through him. The significance of the concept of how strong sentiments are was brought into more focus by this.

As a result, Muzan came to the conclusion that it would be beneficial for him to demonstrate this for himself.

After coming to the conclusion that his own sentiments for his aspirations would be sufficient to overpower those of a Tanjiro who was on the verge of death, Muzan begins the process of transferring his blood. Through the use of symbols, he imparts his will onto the little youngster.

It was Muzan’s desire for Tanjiro to continue working toward his own self-serving objective of destroying the Demon Slayer Corps. (Consuming that he were to make it through this peculiar blood transfusion).

The purpose of Muzan’s blood donation to Tanjiro is to transform him into a demon so that he can continue his wicked ministry.

In terms of becoming the future leader of demons, often known as the “King of Demons,” Tanjiro was the ideal choice to take on this role.

The first thing that he did was share blood with Nezuko, which made it possible for him to stand in the sun. Second, he honed his Sun Breathing skills in the same way as Yoriichi did, which would result in his becoming even more strong.

If Tanjiro were a demon, then he would be the most powerful demon that has ever existed in the history of the world.

Tanjiro still believed to be a demon?

Is Tanjiro A Demon In Kimetsu No Yaiba 03 Will Tanjiro Turn Into A Demon?

One other thing that serves as a reminder of the power of human interactions is the scene in which Tanjiro is attempting to return to having human characteristics. After becoming a demon, Tanjiro lost control of his body.

He went so far as to assault Nezuko, and the mere act of tasting her blood sparked his want to consume more of it. When Inosuke thinks back on the pledges he made with Tanjiro and Zenitsu, he remembers how the three of them had promised to always look out for each other.

Despite the fact that Tanjiro is now the most powerful demon, the majority of the attempts to kill him were unsuccessful.

Even the ruby red nichirin swords were unable to defeat him even when they were used.

Using the last bottle of wisteria poison that was available, Kanao was eventually successful in stabbing the demon Tanjiro.

From this point forward, it appears like Tanjiro is on the verge of passing away, and Muzan is doing all in his power to get him to acknowledge that he is a demon.

We can demonstrate how shallow Muzan’s grasp of feelings was by looking at this one instance.

As he reprimands Tanjiro, he is attempting to convey to him that people who have passed away would not be pleased with his coming back even after they have passed away.

As an additional point of interest, he continues to declare that he is the inheritor of his will, which is a pitiful attempt to use “feelings” to assist in still maintaining power.

Despite the fact that they are already deceased, Tanjiro remembers that his fellow soldiers would never wish for anybody to suffer as much as they did.

Muzan is informed by Tanjiro that none of his deceased brothers and sisters would be upset if he were to go back to human form.

The delight of being a human being comes from sharing your highs and lows with the people you care about. This is the lesson that we learn from this experience: the sentiments that bond people together are powerful and are the consequence of many sacrifices making.

Tanjiro gradually regains consciousness as he recalls both the anguish and the happiness that he had. He admits that even the happiness that he experienced in the past was sufficient for him to turn back.

When it was all said and done, Tanjiro, who had been comatose, opened his eyes once more, but this time they were human! In light of this, Tanjiro was successful in defeating Muzan and regaining his human existence.

Through the force of their love and faith, everyone is able to bring Tanjiro back to his human state.

Suddenly, Tanjiro regains his humanity.

Is this a missed opportunity?

Despite the fact that Tanjiro’s transformation into a demon was intended to further further develop a theme for the last time and add more excitement after the finale, his time spent as a demon Tanjiro was rather brief.

Tanjiro’s three-chapter demon-hood appeared odd, maybe as a result of the fact that the protagonist of their manga had made the transition into the non-human adversary species on several occasions.

As a result of this, it was a stunning demonstration of love and bravery, which further demonstrated how much the characters love one other in the last scene.

In addition, it acts as a lesson for the readers, which is that putting value on the people you care about and the wonderful memories you have may help you triumph against the most formidable adversaries.

The self-centered and ruminative behaviors of demons, which stood in stark contrast to those of humans and were the fatal defect of the former, are brought to light by this.

If there had been a sequel to Demon Slayer, it would have been incredible to watch Tanjiro fighting his demons (please laugh), and possibly even becoming an opponent in the story.

I still believe that Demon Slayer might have been a foundation for more Demon Slayer content that would have further explored the functional human interactions as opposed to the lonely behavior of the majority of demons.

This is despite the fact that Demon Slayer concluded with an exceptionally successful run before it was cancelled.

Shouldn’t you have anticipated more from the demon tanjiro?

Do you believe that the tale came to a satisfactory conclusion?

Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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