Who Does Shinra End Up With in Fire Force?

Shinra, who is the main character, gets along well with other people, especially women. There is also a lot of fanservice that has already given fans a head start on making their ships.

But Okubo, who made Fire Force, doesn’t seem to put much emphasis on romance in his works.

In Soul Eater, for example, there was only one pair of minor characters, and even then, it wasn’t really romantic. The main characters were not “in love” with anyone.

Back to Fire Force, Shinra likes a lot of women and gets along well with them, but the question is Who Does Shinra End Up With?

Fans still ship him with every character they can think of and hope that their OTP will come true.

Who Will Shinra End Up With?

Shinra gets along well with the other women in the story, but he is most interested in Tamaki and always blushes when he is near her.

He even said he wanted to try her food, and their friendship has grown stronger as the show has gone on. Shinra probably won’t end up dating anyone, but Tamaki is still the most likely choice.

In Fire Force, Shinra will end up with Tamaki, and it’s only a matter of time before they understand how they feel.

Tamaki already likes Shinra, but because of her tsundere attitude, Shinra doesn’t know it. Shinra always gets caught in the “lucky lecher,” which is a running joke on the show and makes fans ship these two even more.

Shinra and Tamaki are the most famous couple, but there are a lot of other pairings that fans would also like to see happen.

Shinra x Maki

Who Does Shinra End Up With

Since the first show, Maki has been the best girl, and many people would like to see her end up with Shinra. But this is something that will not happen at all.

Since Shinra joined the company, Maki has been like an older sister to her and a fellow soldier.

Shinra finds her pretty, but they have no love feelings for each other at all. On top of that, Maki is more likely to end up with Hinawa than with Shinra.

Shinra x Iris

Fire Force Iris Who Does Shinra End Up With in Fire Force?

Along with Shinra x Tamaki, Shinra x Iris is one of the most famous couples. Shinra feels like he needs to protect her because they are close. Also, he often blushes when talking to Iris, which shows that he finds her beautiful.

Many people like this couple because of the things above, but it looks like this ship might not sail. This is because of two key things. The first is that she is a nun.

The second reason is that she hasn’t had any important scenes recently, and Shinra has had more memorable times with other characters.

Shinra x Hibana

Fire Force Hibana Who Does Shinra End Up With in Fire Force?

Hibana was at first a bad guy, but her mood couldn’t have changed any faster.

She started to like Shinra right away, and her heart-eyes are getting more and more obvious. Shinra has shown some interest in her as well, but it seems like it’s not very deep.

Even though Hibana and Shinra look cute together, it seems more like a joke than something to take seriously.

As I said before, Shinra isn’t going to end up with anyone in the end. There’s nothing wrong with talking about ships, but despite all the “indicators” given in Fire Force, romance will never be the main focus.

We might see a friendship develop between two minor characters, but it won’t be between Shinra and anyone else.

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