Why is Stain Back in MHA? Will He Kill All The Might?

Stain’s return to the scene couldn’t be better timed! 

Anywhere he goes, he observes how both fake and real heroes aren’t doing enough to reduce the immense harm caused by the Paranormal Liberation Front (PLF) unleashed upon the world!

However, let’s be honest. 

What makes this twisted man giddy is the fact that the hero community is in chaos. 

The aftereffects of the war passed the heroes through a sieve, to Stain’s utter satisfaction. 

The second reason is that the true heroes are in retirement! 

It’s shocking but, in the same way, in line with expectations.

About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga created and drawn by Kohei Horikoshi.

The serialization has been published as a part of the Weekly Shonen Jump since July of 2014, and its chapters have also been published in 31 tankobon volumes since June 2021.

The story tells the story of the adventures of a quirkless youngster, Izuku Midoriya, and how he’s surrounded by the most heroic hero of all time. 

Midoriya is a child who has been awestruck by heroes and their achievements since the moment he was born.

They came into the world without a quirk.

On one of the most important days, Midoriya gets to meet All Might, the greatest hero of all time, and realizes that he is quirkless too. 

With his unwavering determination and unwavering determination to be a hero, Midoriya succeeds in impressing All Might. 

He is selected to be the successor to his power as One to All.

Since Stain is now relevant to the show, let’s look into his present motives while he is in the shadows in MHA’s broken communities!

SPOILERS Ahead! This page includes spoilers for My Hero Academia.

Why is Stain Back in My Hero Academia?

Deku And Stain 2 1 Why is Stain Back in MHA? Will He Kill All The Might?

The stain could assist Deku, the true hero, to move forward towards his goals. He will stop the rampaging Tartarus escapees so that the young hero can concentrate on pursuing All for One and hunting Tomura Shigaraki!

We all know that Stain is well-known for his role as “The Hero Killer.” The man kills fake superheroes since Stain is disgusted with the idea that they’re just fulfilling their quotas to help the lives of a few.

Deku is under-utilized due to his role in saving the lives of a multitude of civilians, both left and right. Deku is going over “Plus Ultra”; he surpasses the expectations of Stain, and he’s shaping or improving the definition Stain has given of “a true hero”.

Being able to see the boy like this might influence Stain to become a Deku ally within the shadows. 

The stain will let Izuku realize his dreams since Izuku, the All Might fanboy, is in the process of becoming a “real hero,” but Stain will allow the kid to achieve this goal in secret.

He doesn’t wish for the 9 for all users to follow his goals if it involves being a bit affected by a snob like Stain. 

A “Blood Curdle” Quirk user would like to observe the actions and choices that a true hero in training like Deku will make in difficult situations yet with the least amount of influence from outside factors like his.

Are Stain’s Ideologies Bearing Fruit?

Stain 1 Why is Stain Back in MHA? Will He Kill All The Might?

Many of the so-called heroes or wannabe heroes aren’t doing their part to protect citizens. In Stain’s view, such people are frauds.

They’re just doing their best, even though they are being rewarded handsomely with benefits and everything else.

The random hero that Ochaco Uraraka heard declaring, “This is all too much to handle. I’m looking for another job. This is an illustration of a fake superhero (see chapter 296). If Stain had been aware of the remarks made by this guy,

He would be thrilled since his original plans to eradicate the many fake heroes are taking shape.

Without lifting a finger, Stain’s ideas are proving fruitful because All for One, Tomura Shigaraki, and a host of Tartarus Escapees (like Muscular, Lady Nagant, and Dictator) are performing the dirty work for Stain! 

They act as deterrents, so fake heroes will gradually disappear and they will be dissuaded from returning to their duties in a shambles hero-society.

Stain Revel Hero Society Falling Apart

Deku And Stain 1 1 Why is Stain Back in MHA? Will He Kill All The Might?

Stain is enjoying the hero community’s falling apart and breaking up! It’s no surprise to him that both real and fake heroes have hung up their hats and are seeking new jobs.

It’s been reported by fans numerous times since the conclusion of the War Arc; therefore, we’re assuming Stain was aware of the heroes’ quitting their jobs and returning home to their families.

After the war’s end and the aftermath of the war, heroes from all over Japan are tested. Some who are more courageous are performing their heroic responsibilities while they clear debris from buildings and wreckage to help save lives.

Some heroes with weak faith will believe that the devastation is just too much for them. They’ll soon quit their heroic duties and seek regular jobs to make ends meet.

There was no doubt that a lot of fictional heroes had followed in their footsteps and decided to withdraw from their roles as heroes. 

Even Death Arms (who is dubbed by Endeavor as a “true hero” or a “good hero” because he exposed PLF’s Slidin Go’s spying responsibilities) has decided to end his career because the sound of one boo is far more powerful than 10 cheers for saving someone.

Will Stain Kill All Might?

Allmight 1 Why is Stain Back in MHA? Will He Kill All The Might?

The stain might not be able to kill All Might if he learns that the former No. 1 hero is breeding by following a “true hero” (Deku). 

To Stain, the definition of a “true hero” is someone who adheres to their noble convictions and is adamant about their cause regardless of their limp noodle looks (All Might, for instance).

Being able to see all the weak and weak might be unsettling for Stain initially. 

However, given that he’s been following All Might along with Deku, he might have concluded that both have what he believes to be a “true hero” would embody.

On the contrary, Stain may be offended by the stifling personality of All Might. If the significance of Stain’s decision to leave All Might for good is greater, Stain might snuff out All Might right then and there.

It is the same regardless of whether All Might pleads with Stain to live (saying that he has plenty to tell him). 

If Stain kills All Might, he will have the courage to take down his former number one hero after admiring the man for all of his life.

What Does Stain think about All Might, the Former No. 1 hero?

All Might Stain My hero academia 1 Why is Stain Back in MHA? Will He Kill All The Might?

The stain sets All Might apart from the so-called heroes in the MHA verse. This is because he saw his Pro Hero go out of his way to help countless citizens numerous times during the day in his glory times. 

All Might is as much a shining pillar to an anti-hero/anti-villain like Stain as he is to the average Joe.

The Tartarus escapee could still view the great All Might as a true hero even after hearing one of the previous No. 1’s heartbreaking conversations with the 9, The One For All of Us.

It’s because he learned about the bond between father and son between them. This is why Stain might even be able to guess that All Might is raising and developing the new Symbol of Peace (Deku)!

Remember that Stain removes people whom he believes can be described as “not real heroes” or “counterfeit heroes” in this over-saturated hero culture. 

In reality, Stain is a hypocrite since we also see him carry off a “good hero” by incapacitating Tensei Ida (older brother of Tenya Ida) when he was on a mission at Hosu City!

So, he may have returned to the show so that it is possible to slowly rid the world of the remaining phonies and “good heroes” one by one (so only true heroes like Deku and All Might can thrive in the world)!

With Stain loose and equipped with a prized samurai weapon (which was recovered from an undiscovered location inside his crumbling wooden home), who knows what he’ll do with it? Maybe, though, the sword could be used to defend the former No. 1 hero!

How Stain Can Stop Deku in his Pursuit of All for One and Shigaraki?

Deku and Stain 1 Why is Stain Back in MHA? Will He Kill All The Might?

However, Stain can be a hindrance to Deku when it comes to his role in the Villain Hunt Arc. 

The stain could race alongside Deku when he hunts All to One as well as Tomura Shigaraki, and then negotiate in conjunction with the League of Villains to ensure that disasters and catastrophes don’t diminish.

The plans of Stain will not only continue to deter false heroes from appearing and reappearing, but this genius plan of his alliance in the League of Villains will push (if not forcibly) true heroes (including those from overseas) to move to Japan to unleash their power to the fullest extent against the arch-nemesis of Deku!

Stain aims to protect and improve the lives of the real heroes (who currently are the “dregs” of a sham-filled and over-saturated hero community). 

However, this will also result in Stain’s continuing to challenge the weak-willed villains because they lack basic beliefs (in the same manner as Stain initially defied Tomura Shigaraki).

There are many doubts about Stain since he’s in the middle. He could allow Deku to continue on his own as a deterrent to fake heroes reappearing.

However, he could also use his League of Villains to maintain an insufferable society with little to no fake heroes. 

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