Everything You Need To Know: One for All

If we’re discussing the most powerful quirk in existence, then the word One For All is the one that comes to mind first. 

All Might has demonstrated the strength of his abilities by the power given to him. 

It’s also quite destructive in nature, and it is in direct contrast to All For One. 

There’s something sinister in the power.

Today I’m going to reveal the mysteries surrounding OFA. 

The article reveals every important detail that contains OFA.

What is the “One for All”?

The main power system in My Hero Academia is the system of Quirks.

It is the superhuman ability unique to an individual.

This means that one individual can have only and only one ability.

The One for All is a special type of quirk that can be transferred from one user to another.

It is one of the Seven Great Mysteries of the series.

How did it Come into being?

The One for All was formed by the fusion of two separate quirks, a power stockpiling quirk that collects and stores power over a period of time and a transference quirk that allows the quirk to be transferred from one person to another.

Thus, the two major things about the One for All is:

  • It can stockpile power over time in your body
  • It can be transferred from one person to another
AFO giving quirk to his brother Everything You Need To Know: One for All

A man long ago had a quirk, All for One, that allowed him to steal other people’s quirks and transfer them to others.

He transferred this quirk to his younger brother, Yoichi who had no quirk of his own, that allowed him to stockpile power over the years.

It was later realized that Yoichi already had a quirk that allowed him to transfer powers from one person to another.

Since every individual can have only one quirk, the two quirks merged together to form the One for All, which gave superhuman abilities to the individual possessing it but can also be transferred from one person to another.

How can it be transferred?

Transference of the quirk is actually quite simple.

The quirk can be transferred by sharing DNA.

The recipient must ingest the giver’s DNA like a strand of hair or blood.

The only other condition is that the giver must freely, of his own volition, pass the quirk.

This quirk cannot be stolen by any means.

So, a villain can blackmail or torture or manipulate the giver into passing it on to them or someone else, but it cannot be forcibly taken from the giver.

What Exactly Does the One for All do?

One for All is essentially a huge boost.

It raises your current stats by channeling the stored power to increase that specific ability.

One for All has the ability to consume the wielder’s existing quirk within itself to gain power.

Thus, as it is passed on from user to user, it accumulates power from that quirk.

ofa a crystaline network of power 2 Everything You Need To Know: One for All

By far, the quirks that One for All has assimilated are:

Transference Quirk: This allows the user to transfer this quirk of his own free will to another person. Originally, Yoichi Shigaraki’s quirk, this is one of the founding quirks of the One for All. Yoichi having a strong sense of justice opposed his brother for his evil wrongdoings but lost, as the quirk hadn’t stockpiled enough power.

Fa Jin: This quirk collects and stores kinetic energy. The user can then use it as a blast of speed or strength. This quirk originally belonged to the third wielder.

Danger Sense: Originally, Hikage Shinomori’s quirk, this one allows the detection of treats nearby, almost like Spidey Sense. Hikage chose a unique and completely sensible route for the quirk. He trained himself and stockpiled more and more power in the quirk to make it stronger. He tried to bridge the gap between the power levels of All for One and One for All. However, this created an enormous strain on his body and he died at the age of 40 of ‘old age’ passing on the quirk to Daigoro.

Black whip: Quirk of the fifth user Daigoro, as the name suggests, it creates black whips of energy. These can be used to increase mobility or to hold up things like saving cars from getting destroyed.

Smokescreen: Create a thick smoke cloud to affect visibility. This was the given quirk of the sixth user, En.

Float: Allows users to float in the air. Nana Shimura, the original holder of the quirk took on All for One in a fight. She was regarded as one of the greatest heroes and often looked p to by Pro heroes of now like Gran Torino and All Might. Before her battle with All for One, she passed on the quirk to Yagi Toshinori, who we better know as All Might, who became the first quirkless user of the One for All.

Unknown quirk: It is canon that All Might was the first quirkless teenager to obtain the One for All. Thus, the second user had a quirk that is temporarily unknown.

It also allows the user temporary access to quirks of the past wielders as we see with Izuku Midoriya using Black Whip which was originally the 5th user’s quirk.

Why Can’t it be Taken Forcibly?

The reason One for All cannot be taken forcibly is that the consciousness of its previous holders resides within the quirk in a sort of separate realm.

This consciousness and willpower stop the quirk from being transferred without the current user’s will.

Theoretically, it is possible to forcibly steal the quirk if one is able to collectively overcome the willpower and consciousness of all the users of the quirk until now.

Yoichi speculates that this is the reason Tomura Shiagaraki was raised to have such a massive rage and hatred.

What’s the Catch?

Perfect question.

Although One for All comes with super amazing benefits and great abilities, it has a price. The price is your body and lifespan.

Being able to even just use the One for All required intense and backbreaking training. It causes an immense strain on the body of the user with the sheer amount of power it provides.

Once one’s body is unable to handle the stress of the quirk, the time for which one can keep it active reduces. These are called the ‘residual embers’.

All Might was only able to retain his form for about 3 hours after his fight with All for One. Later, as his health started deteriorating, he was only able to do so for a few seconds.

If the user already has a quirk and the One for All provides a boost to this quirk, this directly takes away the lifespan of the user.

The visual manifestation of this quirk is different for everyone. In All Might, it gives him a highly bulky, muscular body with a charismatic appearance.

For Midoriya, it is more of a glow in the part where he is focusing the quirk on. It also gives him a sort of green lightning effect while using Full Cowl.

The User of this quirk is definitely going to be targeted by All for One since it is one of the most legendary and powerful quirks out there.

Any ways to Overcome that?

It can be used continuously if one can find a way to circumvent the body damage like Midoriya did by pairing up with Eri.

Eri’s rewind quirk instantly and continuously reversed the strain on the body by the quirk.

The Last Hope For A Better World:

deku last wielder of ofa 1 Everything You Need To Know: One for All

The MHA world is comprised of a population with a high percentage of people who are born with peculiarities. In addition, the number of quirks will not slow down in the near future. 

There will be a time that everyone will be able to utilize tricks. If this happens prior to defeating AFO completely There’s a great likelihood that the world will be able to bend to the will of an evil person.

Furthermore, OFA is only compatible with those who were born in a state of being quirkless. Izuku Midoriya was one of them and it is the reason he is able to alter the quirk to suit. 

Additionally, it was stated to the user who first made the suggestion that it’s extremely probable that Deku will meet someone else who is quirkless and needs the same ability. 

It’s nearly impossible to find someone with the same characteristics. The encounter between AllMight as well as Deku was just a chance that won’t occur repeatedly. In the event that AFO isn’t defeated by AFO this time, then it’s over for heroes.

New Adventures Ahead:

My Hero Academia is unveiling new secrets, and opening up new opportunities for the advancement of the current storyline. 

In the most recent chapter, we finally saw what the characters look like of third and second OFA users. Horikoshi delivers amazing chapters that are back-to-back. 

The obligations and tasks Deku has been given are immense in their scope. However, he’s still trying to meet every one of them. I would like to believe That AllMight was right by choosing Deku as his successor.

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