What Does Deku Mean? & Why is Midoriya called Deku?

Midoriya always had the dream of being a superhero, having achieved One for All the chance to finally have the chance to fulfill the goal. But, he is unable to avoid his history.

The nickname is Deku, whose meaning holds him behind. What does this nickname actually mean? Do you think Deku learn to accept this and move to the next step?

The nickname of Midoriya”Deku,” is a nickname given by Bakugou when they were children. “Deku” is a different interpretation of his name, Chu Jiu, and Bakugou makes fun of him “Deku” could mean “one who is unable to achieve or accomplish something ‘.

About My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga written by Kohei H. Horikoshi. It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since July 2014, with its chapters also collected in two, four tankobon volumes by August 2019.

It is the story of a boy who has no quirks Izuku Midoriya, and how He backed the greatest Hero alive. Midoriya is a young man who has been watching heroes and their feats from the time his birth, was brought into the world with no characteristic.

In one of the most important days, Midoriya encounters the All Might, the greatest Hero ever, and finds out that he is uncharacteristically tame. 

With his steadfast attitude and unwavering determination to be a hero, Midoriya succeeds in impressing All Might. He is selected to be the successor to The power that is One to All.

He does this as the Midoriya was a solitary person at the time. Then, Ochako finds the name highly inspiring since “Deku” gives the impression of “I can do it.’.

What Does Deku Mean?

What Does Deku Mean

Since the beginning of this series, we’ve seen Bakugou make a call to Midoriya “Deku” on many occasions. In the context of a dysfunctional relationship that stems from their childhoods, Bakugou mockingly calls Midoriya “Deku”.

The reason he uses the name he does is due to the fact that in Japanese, the name of Midoriya Izuku is known in the form of Lu Gu Chu Jiu.

Lu (midori) Gu (ya) / Chu (izu) Jiu (ku)

However, it is true that the Kanji i.e that of Japanese characters have multiple readings. Because of the fact that Chu (Izu) and Jiu (Ku), the characters that compose the Midoriya’s name Midoriya are able to have different pronunciations.

The episode in question is when Bakugo realizes that his last name could be translated as “Deku”.

According to Bakugo, rather than Chu (Izu) Jiu (Ku), the pronunciation of Midoriya’s name is: Chu (De) Jiu (Ku)

Bakugou utilizes Deku to mean an abbreviation form of”dekunobou”. Dekunobou is “good for nothing”.

Does Midoriya like Being Named Deku?

Does Midoriya like Being Named Deku?

Even though Midoriya may not have been a fan of the name Deku in light of its derogatory meaning but, after Uraraka changed it to the meaning it deserves and he was a child, he came to enjoy it. It was even incorporated as his name for his superhero.

Bakugou refers to Midoriya to Deku which means somebody who is great for no reason. This was as Bakugou was a snob at the time and Midoriya was regarded as weaker.

As a sexist word, the name was not his favorite at first, but someone else known as Uraraka altered the meaning of the word, and it had a major effect on the meaning. This made him feel happy.

On a show, Uraraka stated to Midoriya that Deku emits a sense that says “I can do it.”

When “Deku” refers to someone who is incapable of doing anything, it can also be an abbreviation for the word dekiru it’s the Japanese word that can be used to describe the capacity to perform something.

By doing this, Uraraka uses the term Deku to the capacity to accomplish something. In another way, Deku means that Midoriya is able to perform whatever.

Who calls Midoriya Deku?

As part of a strained relationship that dates from their early days together, Bakugou mockingly calls Midoriya “Deku”. 

According to Bakugou, Deku means “good for nothing”. Bakugou, Deku means ‘good for nothing’ or ‘someone who is unable to do anything.

Because Midoriya was a slob in the past, he was down on and consequently was referred to as Deku. However, after Uraraka changed the meaning of the name to an entirely different significance, Midoriya has become a fan of the name.

Does Bakugou hate Midoriya?

deku bakugo 3 What Does Deku Mean? & Why is Midoriya called Deku?

Bakugou’s inferiority complex is the reason for his feelings for Midoriya. Ever since his youth the man was adored and loved by his classmates along with the educators who were around him particularly after he discovered his characteristic.

When Bakugou fell into a river, and Midoriya the quirkless nobody Midoriya –the no-nonsense quirk user was able to offer him – the gifted quirk user’s assistance but he snapped, and the difficult feelings grew. Bakugou took Deku’s acceptance as a mockery of his weakness.

Following this, he began to constantly attack and hurt Midoriya to prove that he was superior. However, the hate grows worse when Bakugou realizes that Deku somehow is able to enter UA through a pervasive secret that he thought Deku was hiding. It’s not going to get worse from that point on.

He watched Midoriya get stronger and more powerful. He observed him build a close bond to All Might – the hero Bakugou whom he idolized.

Bakugou is feeling like he needs to demonstrate to himself and the people in his vicinity that He is the only one who is stronger and more powerful over Deku and all others.

As Deku admires and hopes to outdo Bakugou’sstrength, Bakugou is scared of Deku’s determination and the way it will impact his own. 

The feelings he has towards Midoriya can be described as mixed with jealousy and insecurity. It’s not a sign of hatred from the looks of it.

Is it true that Midoriya and Bakugou rivals?

Deku Bakugo Rivalry Header 1 What Does Deku Mean? & Why is Midoriya called Deku?

Following the much-needed rematch between Midoriya with Bakugo both received a lot off their chests. Although the fight was intense, and both were able to speak their minds, they reached a new stage in their battle since they knew what each was coming from.

Bakugo was frustrated with the reality that Midoriya, someone who he thought was apathetic had become powerful, and had even an intimate relationship With All Might who he idolized.

For Midoriya, he became unhappy because Bakugo did not like him as that he was a complete jerk. All he wanted was to be able to attain the level of power and victory he had always seen within Bakugo. 

But the fight between them saw both fightings with full force with the final outcome being Bakugo taking the victory at the final battle.

Bakugo victory put Bakugo on a literal and metaphorical level against Midoriya, as they both lost and won in a battle. 

In the course of this fight, their rivalry transformed into something more wholesome since the two were capable of challenging each other.

Respect. The respect they displayed each one after their contest indicated that their rivalry has moved to the more civilized phase which means that the two are at liberty to follow their respective routes instead of constantly chasing each other.

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