all might japanese or american

Is All Might American?

One of the few shonen programs or comics, My Hero Academia has repeatedly shown us that it is here to stay.

And its distinctive and colorful ensemble of characters is one of the reasons it has become such a favorite with readers and watchers.

Since its debut, My Hero Academia has featured a tonne of iconic heroes and antagonists. But out of all of them, All Might, the peace emblem, is the one that most sticks out.

The epitome of what it takes to be a hero is All Might. He is powerful, captivating, and moral. His genesis tale, however, has remained a mystery since his creation.

But when the one-shot All Might: Rising was published in 2018, everything changed. This chapter gave readers information on All Might’s age and origins.

So, let’s investigate!

When was All Might born?

all might american

All Might has been 49 years old as of the most recent My Hero Academia chapter. But how can we know this if the manga never made mention of it?

Well, it’s simple to figure out! You see, All Might went to U.A. High School at the same time as his competitor Endeavor.

All Might was in his third year when he first encountered Endeavor, and the latter was only in his first.

We may infer from this that the two are three years apart in age.

We were able to determine All Might’s age when Endeavor’s age of 46 was made known during the temporary license exam.

All Might: American or Japanese?

all might

All Might, whose true name is Toshinori Yagi, is Japanese even though he has an American-sounding voice and appearance.

His physical attributes more accurately reflect his passion for America. When he was 19 years old, this passion for the West was formed.

Gran Torino sent All Might to America to train and get stronger, as shown in the prologue chapter “All Might: Rising.”

He provided him ample time to hone his abilities and build up his power while keeping him safe from the supervillain known as All For One.

All Might spent his study and crime-fighting years in the US, where he created the American-like image that we all know and like.

Okay, so why does All Might seem Caucasian and not Asian if he isn’t an American?

That’s because Khei Horikoshi, the manga’s writer, drew influence from American superhero comics. Just consider how similar Superman and All Might are to one another.

Both figures are ridiculously muscular, have enormous frames, and matching eye colors.

Why are the names of American cities and states used for All Might’s smash attacks?

It has been suggested that All Might created the power scale system he employs in battle while he was living in America.

The punch gets harder the greater the city or state he screams during the attack, and vice versa. It essentially gives him a technique to actively manage his strength.

For example, All Might’s punch used to defeat All For One is referred to as “United States of Smash,” implying that it is his most powerful attack.


If you ask me, All Might is a fascinating figure. Even though many anime characters over the years have tried to make themselves look like Americans, he does it better than anyone else.

So, kudos to Khei Horikoshi for creating such a compelling persona!