15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

These superhero anime are some of the very best that can be found.

People will always have a fascination with superheroes because these characters inspire them to envision doing tasks that are more significant than themselves.

Japanese anime writers have been attempting to explore the same genre for decades, crafting their versions of superhero shows such as My Hero Academia and others showing protagonists in fancy clothing with abilities strong enough to battle against evil creatures.

This trend has continued in recent years.

Over the years, a large number of superhero anime have been produced, the majority of which appear to be adaptations of narratives that have already been explored in Western comics, such as those published by Marvel and DC.

There are further anime that simply touch on the fundamental subjects of such stories, but they have infused whole new perspectives, similar to the ones that are on this list.

Here is a list of some of the Best Superhero Anime

15. R.O.D. The TV

15 Superhero Anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

If you’re a fan of books and superheroes, you’re going to love this awesome show!

It’s all about three sisters who have this amazing ability to manipulate paper.

It’s super quirky and loads of fun! If we were to imagine this as a D&D subclass, it might be called a Papermage or a Writing Warlock.

It’s really fascinating and enjoyable to witness the incredible abilities of Michelle, Maggie, and Anita as they manipulate what appears to be an ordinary item.

The plot of this awesome 26-episode series revolves around the exciting adventures of a group of bodyguards who are assigned to protect a highly esteemed Japanese writer.

Get ready for an incredible journey! The show’s name is an acronym that’s connected to the titles of the manga and light novels that inspired the series, namely “Read or Die” and “Read or Dream.”

That’s awesome! It’s a unique and great choice for a superhero anime.

14. Charlotte

14 Superhero Anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

The anime series Charlotte first premiered in July 2015.

It tells the story of a world where a comet named Charlotte appears every 75 years.

This comet leaves behind cosmic dust that gives children superpowers once they reach puberty.

Pretty cool, right? The main character of the series is Yuu Otosaka, who discovers he has a special power to control other people’s bodies for a short time.

As the story progresses, it is revealed that he can also take on the abilities of those he possesses.

Nao Tomori, a classmate at the Hoshinoumi Academy, a school for children with superpowers, is the one who discovers Yuu’s incredible abilities.

In the series, Yuu finds himself joining the academy and becoming a member.

Alongside other members, he works together to assist children in mastering their abilities.

13. Zetman

13 Superhero Anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

Unlike most superhero anime that heavily rely on comedy, Zetman offers a refreshing and gritty take on the superhero genre.

It presents a serious portrayal of superhuman abilities, which sets it apart from other shows in the genre.

The anime is all about the exciting battle between ZET and Alphas, two awesome superheroes who are working together to protect the world from a group of evil monsters called Players.

These monsters were created through some mean experiments, but our heroes are here to save the day!

The series is a must-watch! It has an amazing setting that will captivate you.

You’ll be hooked as you witness ZET’s incredible beastly transformation to fight crime.

And let’s not forget about Alphas, who relies on advanced technology to enhance his superhero persona.

It’s all so exciting!

12. Samurai Flamenco

12 Superhero Anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

The 22 episodes of Samurai Flamenco have an intriguing twist!

When the story starts, we find out that superheroes and their powers don’t exist.

We can see that Masayoshi Hazama, who dreams of becoming a superhero, is sweet.

However, it seems like his dream is just a fantasy.

However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the male model put on a costume and become a crime-fighting hero in his spare time, all while still looking fabulous for the cameras.

So, imagine this: when the story takes a fantastic turn and some pretty wild creatures show up, do you think a real superhero would have what it takes to take them on?

11. Punch Line

11 Superhero Anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

Punch Line is a super cool and exciting superhero anime series that brings a fresh and unique twist to the genre.

One of the best things about this anime is its incredibly innovative storytelling!

The series starts with a funny premise! Our main character, Yuta Iridatsu, suddenly gets the ability to astral project and has a unique condition.

If he accidentally sees a girl’s underwear twice in a row, something catastrophic happens.

It’s an intriguing setup! Yuta Iridatsu’s transformation from a passive and unassuming protagonist into a powerful hero is such an entertaining character arc!

It adds to the superhero aspect of the anime and makes it one of the best in the genre.

10. Marvel Future Avengers

10 Superhero Anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

Hey there! This anime is a super cool collaboration between Madhouse and Disney Japan.

It’s a total blast to watch, especially because the visuals are amazing.

Plus, just like other awesome superheroes, they even had their comic book before hitting the big screen. So much fun!

The thrilling television show Marvel Future Avengers follows the exploits of three awesome teenagers who Hydra raised and trained to use their extraordinary abilities.

They find themselves caught in a thrilling battle against the Avengers. After their exciting first mission, though, they begin to question the story they’ve been told.

Luckily, one of them can reach out to Tony Stark and ask for his assistance.

The first season’s plotline revolves around the protagonists teaming up with the Avengers to break free from Hydra’s clutches and thwart their evil plan.

9. Mob Psycho 100

9 Superhero anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

I think Mob Psycho 100 is a cool show that offers a unique perspective on the life of a superhero.

It reminds us that even though they have powers, they’re still just like us, with their struggles and emotions.

The series is all about this awesome kid named Shigeo Kageyama, or Mob for short.

He’s a bit socially awkward, but he’s got this amazing secret power—he’s a psychic! Join Mob as he navigates through life, dealing with his personal and social challenges.

It’s going to be a wild ride! Mob chooses to ignore his abilities because he simply wants to live a normal life.

He works alongside a self-proclaimed psychic named Reigen Arataka, who relies on Mob’s abilities to support his business.

However, Mob’s emotions can be quite chaotic, especially when he’s feeling distressed.

In these moments, he can be quite explosive, which often leads to both comedic and dramatic moments in the show.

8. Powerpuff Girls Z

8 Superhero anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

Powerpuff Girls Z is more like a remake than a reboot because it doesn’t include many of the major plot points from the original show.

Powerpuff Girls Z has a unique twist where the main characters are not portrayed as sisters and have different personalities and powers compared to the original Cartoon Network version.

What’s great about both shows is that they revolve around superheroes.

While the older show had a more satirical tone, this new one takes the mission of fighting crime and saving the world more seriously.

The story is beautifully crafted with a magical girl aesthetic, where each hero possesses a unique power and wields a special weapon.

It captures the essence of hero anime as if it originated in Japan itself.

7. Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor

7 Superhero anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor is an animated series that was adapted from the amazing manga series Guyver.

While the manga spans over sixty volumes, the animated series focuses on ten of these volumes.

However, I must say that it is truly one of the most incredible mecha storylines ever written!

The not-so-nice Chronos Corporation created the Guyver, an incredibly potent suit, which is the main subject of the narrative.

A passion for cutting-edge technologies, particularly genetic testing, has helped this organization grow into a well-known corporate powerhouse.

Eventually, the suit ends up in the hands of the young and courageous Sho Fukamachi.

This incredible turn of events empowers him to safeguard not only himself but also the women he deeply cares for from the creators of Guyver.

6. Tiger and Bunny

6 Superhero anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

Tiger & Bunny is not your typical mecha, superhero anime, or science fiction show.

It brings a fresh and unique twist to the buddy-cop genre. The setting is a super cool futuristic version of New York City, where superheroes are awesome and sponsored by corporate entities to showcase their ads and perform heroic acts.

The story is all about Tiger, a seasoned veteran, and Bunny, a newbie.

Despite their differences, they become an unlikely duo because they both possess the same awesome superhero power.

Bunny, also known as Barnaby, is a character with a deeper side than he initially shows.

The show becomes more serious as it delves into the investigation of his parents’ tragic murder.

5. Sailor Moon

5 Superhero anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

These amazing soldiers are famous for their incredible footwear!

And did you know that their leader, Sailor Moon, was intentionally designed with eye-catching red boots as a nod to Superman?

How cool is that? Sailor Moon was not just a defining series for the beautiful girl genre, but it also introduced us to an amazing team of all-female superheroes.

It was a serialized animated drama, which was still quite rare in North American cartoons at the time.

Sailor Moon is incredibly popular and has a huge merchandising and media empire.

Even after many years since the original show aired, it continues to make money and remains one of the world’s favorite anime superheroes.

If you’re a new fan, you’re in for a treat with the Sailor Moon Crystal remakes!

They stay true to the manga and offer a fresh take on the beloved original series.

The storyline is unique and captivating. Get ready to dive into the magical world of Sailor Moon!

4. Heroman

4 Superhero anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

Heroman is a super cool collaboration between Japanese studios and Marvel Comics, with the amazing comic book writer Stan Lee lending his creative genius to the plot.

Located on the beautiful West Coast of the United States, this amazing anime revolves around the incredible adventures of a young boy named Joey Jones.

One fateful day, Joey stumbles upon a broken toy robot that changes his life forever.

Unfortunately, a lightning bolt strikes this robot as Joey is attempting to fix it.

When a surge of electricity hits it, something amazing happens! It turns into a super cool giant robot called Heroman.

And guess what? Heroman has this awesome power to attract metals with incredible force! How cool is that?

Heroman becomes humanity’s amazing savior when an alien force called Skrugg decides to attack our beloved Earth!

3. Astro Boy

3 Superhero anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

AstroBoy is such a cool vintage classic! Many fans say it was the first anime they ever saw on local television.

Not only did it bring back the superhero genre, but it also created the unique aesthetic that we now know as “anime.”

Sure! The cartoon you’re referring to is a classic that aired on Japanese television in the 1960s.

The version that most North American viewers are familiar with is the second series, which is a colorful remake of the original.

AstroBoy is a fantastic anime that appeals to fans all over the world! It combines exciting genres like science fiction and young adult fiction, making it a universally loved superhero series.

The face of the main character is as iconic as other figures like Mickey Mouse or the golden arches of MacDonald’s.

2. My Hero Academia

2 Superhero anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

In a world filled with people who have amazing superpowers called quirks, My Hero Academia tells the captivating story of Izuku Midoriya, a boy who unfortunately doesn’t have any powers.

Izuku has a wonderful dream of becoming a superhero one day, and he imagines that everyone has superpowers.

His dream comes true when Japan’s number one hero, All Might, gives him the incredible opportunity to become the successor of his legendary quirk, One For All.

After that, he gets to go to U.A. High School, an amazing academy where students train to become incredible heroes.

1. One Punch Man

1 Superhero anime 15 Best Superhero Anime of All Time

Saitama, the awesome main character of the superhero anime One-Punch Man, is widely regarded as the most powerful superhero of all time!

That’s the idea behind this show, which uses satire to tell the story of a friendly superhero who is feeling a bit bored in a world filled with heroes.

Even though it playfully teases the genre, it still contains plenty of uplifting messages and draws inspiration from familiar plotlines often found in superhero stories.

All Saitama wants is a worthy opponent, which is quite a challenge when he can defeat anyone with just one punch.

One of the reasons why this fairly recent entry is considered one of the best superhero anime in the history of the genre is because of its clever satire.

Final Words

It’s hard to miss the fact that the superhero genre has become incredibly popular in recent times.

The prevalence of superhero movies and exclusive streaming service content has resulted in a saturation of capes and costumes on both the big and small screens.

However, it’s worth noting that anime has been producing some incredibly cool and creative entries in the superhero genre, even though live-action films tend to receive more love and attention.

We would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts in the comment section below!

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