The Only 8 Bunny/Rabbit Type Pokémon

Pokemon is an acronym for Pocket Monsters.

It was created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori, and is a media franchise. 

It’s a fantasy franchise that takes place in a world where people live with Pokemon who can take on different sizes and shapes. It began as a series of video games for the Game Boy console.

But it quickly expanded to other media. While video games and anime (along with the associated films) are the most well-known brands, the franchise has also expanded to live-action movies such as Pokemon Detective Pikachu

As you may have guessed, today’s article will be about Pokemon. We will give you the complete list of all Bunny Pokemon on the Pokedex. This is a shortlist, so make sure you check out each Pokemon!

There are eight Rabbit Pokemon as of February 2021. However, only five are officially classified as such while the rest look more like rabbits. 

They include Azumarill and Buneary, Lopunny and Bunnelby as well as Diggersby, Scorbunny. Raboot is the Cinderace.

This ultimate list of Rabbit Pokemon will show you all the Rabbit Pokemon according to the official classification.

It also includes all the Pokemon that look similar to rabbits, even though they are not classified. We have eight of these Pokemon in Total. Here’s the basic information.

What is a Rabbit Pokemon?

The Pokemon types are not like other types. They are determined based on the predominant biological characteristics. This is quite arbitrary if you consider all the PokeDex entries. 

Charizard, for example, which is clearly a dragon, has been classified as a Flame Pokemon (whatever that means), while Horsea who looks like a seahorse is categorized as a Dragon Pokemon, even though it’s biology is not the same as that of a dragon. 

We must state, however, that although the PokeDex does recognize “Rabbit Pokemon” and one “Water-Rabbit Pokemon”, this classification has not been consistently applied. 

Our list will include all Pokemon that have been categorized as “Rabbit Pokemon” as well as any other Pokemon that are not categorized by the PokeDex.

All Rabbit Pokemon in this franchise

We are now able to present our complete guide to the eight Rabbit Pokemon in the franchise as of Generation VIII. These are the details:

1. Azumarill

Azumarill Bunny Pokemon

Azumarill, a dual-type Water/Fairy-type Pokemon, was introduced in Generation II. It was originally a Water-type Pokemon.

However, when the Fairy type was added, the initial label was changed. 

It is #184 in PokeDex. Azumarill, the highest evolution form Azurill, evolved from Marill at level 18.

2. Buneary

427 Buneary 1 The Only 8 Bunny/Rabbit Type Pokémon

Buneary, a Normal-type Pokemon, was first introduced in Generation IV. It is located at #427 in PokeDex. 

Buneary was introduced as the first pure Rabbit Pokemon to the franchise. 

Buneary can evolve into Lopunny if it is leveled up and has a strong friendship with its trainer.

3. Lopunny


Lupunny, a Normal-type Pokemon, was introduced in Generation IV as an evolution of Buneary. It is located at #428 in PokeDex. 

Lopunny, the only evolution of Buneary evolves when leveled with enough friendship. 

Lopunny has a Mega form that can be unlocked by Lopunnite.

4. Bunnelby


Bunnelby, a Normal-type Pokemon, was first introduced in Generation VI. It occupies #659 on the PokeDex. 

Bunnelby looks like a rabbit but it is not a Digging Pokemon. Bunnelby can attain one evolution, Diggersby at level 20.

5. Diggersby


Diggersby, a dual Normal/Ground-type Pokemon, was first introduced in Generation VI. 

Diggersby is a Digging Pokemon that uses its long ears to dig.

It is therefore not considered a Rabbit Pokemon. Diggersby evolves into its only evolution Bunnely, at level 20.

6. Scorbunny


Scorbunny, a Fire-type Pokemon, debuted in Generation VIII as a starter Pokemon for Fire-types. It is #813 on the PokeDex. 

Because of its appearance, it is classified as a Rabbit Pokemon. 

Scorbunny, like all starters, has two more evolutions: Raboot (at Level 16) and Cinderace (3 at Level 35).

7. Raboot


Raboot is a Fire-type of Pokemon, which made its debut in Generation VIII. It is #814 on the PokeDex. This Rabbit Pokemon is the first evolution of Scorbunny.

It is one of three Generation VIII starter Pokemon. At level 16, Scorbunny becomes Raboot, and Raboot turns into Cinderace at level 35.

8. Cinderace

Cinderace 1 The Only 8 Bunny/Rabbit Type Pokémon

Cinderace, a Fire-type Pokemon, was introduced in Generation VIII. It is #815 on the PokeDex. 

Cinderace, the Fire-type starter Pokemon of Generation VIII, is the final evolution form for Scorbunny. 

At level 16, Scorbunny becomes Raboot, and Raboot transforms into Cinderace at level 35. 

Cinderace also comes in Gigantamax form, which was introduced shortly after its debut.

Stats on Rabbit Pokemon

We will give you a quick overview of the stats and characteristics for each Rabbit Pokemon in this franchise before we close the list.

PokemonHPAttackDefenseSp. Atk.Sp. Def.SpeedTotal

That’s all for this time. We hope that you enjoyed reading about Rabbit Pokemon and that you learned as much as possible about them.

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