Pokemon: 8 Best Charizard Moveset

Charizard remains a beloved choice among fans and continues to be a formidable starter Pokemon.

It not only survived Pokemon Sword & Shield’s severance from the National Dex but truly flourished, becoming Champion Leon’s beloved companion.

This Pokemon holds a special place in the hearts of millions.

We have put together a fantastic collection of Charizard movesets that you can bring along not only for the main game, but also for the competitive scene.

While there are no guarantees of winning competitively, you’ll definitely have a solid foundation to start with.

And when it comes to playing through the main story (or “campaign” as it’s often called), these are more than sufficient.

Here are Some of The Best Charizard Moveset

8. Ancient Power, Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Solar Beam

Charizard Moveset 7 Pokemon: 8 Best Charizard Moveset

This Charizard moveset is also referred to as the full type-coverage.

When it comes to dealing with powerful attacks like Hyper Beam, Fly can be a valuable defensive move, thanks to its physical damage nature.

Dragon Pulse is a more potent alternative to Dragon Fang.

Throughout the game, Flamethrower functions as a reliable Fire-type move with significant damage.

On the other hand, Rock Slide sacrifices some of Ancient Power’s precision for a slightly more powerful but less accurate attack that has a chance to make your opponent flinch.

7. Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Toxic, Roost

Charizard Moveset earth Pokemon: 8 Best Charizard Moveset

We could name this one Blastizard, although that might be a bit of a stretch. However, it is clear that a Charizard with a strong Special Attack stat is crucial for this Charizard moveset.

Fire Blast and Focus Blast have the potential to cause significant damage when used strategically with the right IVs and EVs.

While these considerations may not be necessary for single-player campaigns, they become crucial when playing online.

Toxic is a powerful move that inflicts continuous damage, while Roost helps Charizard stay airborne.

These techniques are not commonly seen in the current meta, allowing you to surprise your opponents and employ a strategic approach.

6. Flamethrower, Air Slash, Flare Blitz, Dragon Breath

Charizard Moveset 8 Pokemon: 8 Best Charizard Moveset

This dual-fire Charizard moveset is perfect for players who want to maximize damage by utilizing STAB and Charizard’s impressive Special Attack stat.

All Charizard moveset use the special attack status and have decent coverage.

Flamethrower is a reliable Fire move that will help you get the job done, while Flare Blitz is a powerful option when you need some extra firepower.

Air Slash and Dragon Breath provide excellent coverage.

5. Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Fly, Rock Slide

Charizard Moveset 3 Pokemon: 8 Best Charizard Moveset

This Charizard moveset is also referred to as the full type-coverage. Fly is a great defensive move that can help you avoid taking heavy damage from powerful moves like Hyper Beam.

It relies on physical damage rather than Special Attack, making it a valuable option in battle. Dragon Pulse is a more potent alternative to Dragon Fang.

Throughout this time, Flamethrower has functioned as a typical Fire-type move with high damage.

Meanwhile, Rock Slide sacrifices Ancient Power’s precision for a slightly stronger but less accurate move that has the potential to make your opponent flinch.

4. Blast Burn, Substitute, Fly, Solar Beam

Charizard Moveset 5 Pokemon: 8 Best Charizard Moveset

The main strategic basis of this Charizard moveset is substitution.

It may require sacrificing a significant portion of your health, but in dire situations like facing a formidable opponent with a major type disadvantage, this move allows you to absorb the incoming attack while you prepare to unleash a powerful Solar Beam.

In addition, this can be used with Fly to provide two turns of protection in case your Substitute is broken in a single turn.

This is a Charizard moveset designed to prioritize your strongest attacks, allowing you to confidently strike your opponent without concern for potential retaliation.

3. Dynamax Charizard (Blast Burn, Solar Beam, Dragon Pulse, Hurricane)

Charizard Moveset Pokemon: 8 Best Charizard Moveset

Let’s discuss Sword & Shield’s most significant feature – Dynamax and Gigantamax. If your Charizard is able to perform one action but not the other, this moveset is incredibly effective.

If it’s capable of Gigantamaxing as well, this Charizard moveset will still be incredibly effective. It may need some adjustments to accommodate the G-Max variations, but it will still work wonders.

To achieve optimal results with this Dynamax set, it is crucial to have a Charizard with the Hidden Ability called Solar Power.

Under bright sunlight, Charizard’s Special Attack stat increases while sacrificing a portion of its HP.

When your Pokémon reaches Dynamax or Gigantamax level, a small decrease in HP shouldn’t significantly impact your strategy.

Let’s embrace the power of the sun, summon Charizard, and witness the awe-inspiring might of a formidable special sweeper with incredible coverage.

2. Flare Blitz, Earthquake, Dragon Dance, Thunder Punch

Charizard moveset 2 Pokemon: 8 Best Charizard Moveset

This one is our favorite. Maybe it’s not perfect for every possible situation – that’s where other options come in – but overall, this is a fantastic choice to revisit for years to come.

If you find yourself relying too heavily on Flare Blitz and want to mix things up, you might want to consider swapping out Dragon Dance for Roost. Roost can provide a nice alternative and help balance out the recoil damage from Flare Blitz.

However, it’s highly recommended to keep Dragon Dance because it significantly enhances Charizard’s Attack stat, transforming Flare Blitz into a devastating inferno. It’s clear that Earthquake and Thunder Punch are included for coverage, but what makes these two moves stand out?

Earthquake is a powerful Charizard moveset that can deal significant damage to many types commonly seen in the metagame.

Thunder Punch, on the other hand, serves as Charizard’s solution to a situation where an opponent like Blastoise appears and assumes ideal circumstances. Disprove it.

1. Dragon Tera Charizard (Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Hurricane, Solar Beam)

Charizard Moveset 1 Pokemon: 8 Best Charizard Moveset

If we’re still considering the Gen 8 mainline games, it might be worth discussing Tera Types, which are set to be a major game-changer in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the upcoming Gen 9 titles.

For quite some time, fans have had a friendly desire to imagine a Dragon-type Charizard, and Game Freak made that dream a reality.

This Charizard, much like any skilled Charizard, excels at inflicting significant damage in a precise and calculated manner.

Dragon Pulse is ready to enhance the exciting Tera-based typing. If you’re interested in EV training, it’s worth noting that Charizard has been equipped with a powerful set of Special-based attacks.

To maximize its potential, consider investing in its already-impressive Special Attack stat.

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