15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Pokémon is an anime that has won over the hearts of anime fans of all ages. In the last 30 years, Pokémon has built a name that is hard to beat by any other anime in the same genre.

Aside from that, the focus has been on Pokémon games and Pokémon Trading Card Games.

So, the addition of Shining Pokémon and Shining Fates Cards mixed up Pokémon Trading Card Games.

The most important things about these shiny Pokémon cards were that they were simple, but also very pretty and sometimes hard to find.

Well, who knew that one day they would be worth a lot of money?

Today, I’ll make a list of the most important Shining Fates Cards.

15. Cinderace

Shining Fates Cards

If you like fiery starters, you’ve probably already raised at least Cinderace in Sword & Shield. If you like the TCG the same way you like the video games, you’ll want to kick some fireballs with a few of these friends.

Cinderace V and Cinderace VMAX are, unsurprisingly, the best examples, but you can surely find room in a deck for a Shiny Vault version of Cinderace.

You could even go all out and buy a few of each to make the best Scorbunny deck ever. Shiny Vault Cinderace is cheap, and so are all of his friends with superpowers.

14. Koffing

Koffing 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Do you love Weezing very, very much?

We have a great deal for you.

For just $7 per card and one Dark Energy connection, you can rush to get those Weezings out before your opponent can do anything.

Put that Weezing on top of this Shining Vault Koffing, which is more expensive, and start poisoning.

13. Decidueye

Decidueye 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Decidueye from Shining Fates is pretty cool. Its power can stop enemies from getting V and VMAX while you launch a counterattack.

However, since it came out before VSTAR, you can’t use it to get VSTAR. Its move is one of those sneaky ways to go after Pokemon that are sitting on the bench, which is cool.

Obviously, 20 damage isn’t much, but how often have you played against someone who sends seriously weakened powerhouses to the bench for a much-needed break?

Decidueye picks violence (again).

12. Drizzile

SWSH1 EN 57 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Rarely does the middle form of a Pokemon with three stages have a card worth more than the last stage.

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, Drizzile is the middle form of Sobble. In the Shining Fates set of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, Drizzile is the case.

The card sells for about $4.60 right now, but its highest price was almost $20 when the Inteleon Engine was a popular meta strategy.

11. Shiny Eternatus V

SWSH45 EN SV121 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Eternatus V costs about $4.60 right now, which is a pretty big drop from the $12 it was worth a while ago.

As far as looks go, the whole card is mostly yellow and black, with some white and silver.

The card is reflective, which makes the golden colors stand out and makes it a nice thing to have.

10. Shiny Inteleon

226 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Fans loved Sobble because it was a Water-type starter Pokemon, but its end form, Inteleon, is only good for certain things.

It looks a little strange, and it’s a running joke that it looks like a cross between Rango and Randall from Monsters, Inc.

Inteleon’s shiny form is very bright and gives the mistaken Pokemon a touch of pink.

A gold version of this card from Shining Fates is being sold for about $5.25, which is about what a pack of Shining Fates costs right now.

9. Shiny Grimmsnarl VMAX

GrimmsnarlVMAX 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Grimmsnarl quickly gained a lot of fans in the Galar region because he looked like a cool yeti. It was first seen in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and even after all these years, it still finds ways to look cooler than ever.

Shining Fates’ shiny Grimmsnarl VMAX card shows the yeti’s cool new form, which makes it look like the Indomitable Snowman.

At $5.50, the card has some worth to collectors, but it’s still cheap enough for fans to buy if they want the beautiful full-art card.

8. Shiny Ditto VMAX

SWSH45 EN 51 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Shiny Ditto V, which was stated earlier on the list, isn’t the only Ditto card on the list of Shining Fates’ most valuable cards.

As with most VMAX cards, most of the full art space on Ditto VMAX is taken up by the now blue science experiment gone wrong.

Collectors can usually get the card for about $5.50, which isn’t too much for those who like to collect.

Still, if price isn’t a problem, most people like the look of the Ditto V card better than the Ditto VMAX.

7. Shiny Ditto V

ditto vmax rare shiny sv119 shining fates 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

The Normal-type Pokemon Ditto isn’t the best at fight, but it’s a great help to trainers because it’s so good at breeding.

Shining Fates has two different shiny Ditto cards. The one that looks the worst is worth more.

Even though Ditto V only has an average worth of $3, the card’s design shows how cute the shiny form of Ditto is.

It isn’t stretched out the same way Ditto VMAX is, which makes Ditto look funny in ways it shouldn’t.

6. Shiny Galarian Rapidash

SWSH1 82 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Next on the list is the living Pokemon version of the My Little Pony series, which has always been very famous.

The Kanto version of Rapidash was fierce and calm, but the Galarian version added a touch of magic and mystery, with a hint of cotton candy.

Its Shining Fates card shows off its shiny form, which is made up of colorful greens and yellows.

For now, at least, people who like Rapidash have joined the $5.50 club.

5. Skyla

SWSH2 EN 166 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Pokemon fans who like the show because it reminds them of their childhood might not know who Skyla is.

She is the Flying-type Gym Leader from Mistralton City, and she appears in both Pokemon Black & White and Black & White 2.

In Shining Fates, she got a full-art trainer card with some amazing artwork of the trainer who can fly. This card is one of the best in the series.

When you look at the Shining Fates card’s list price, it costs around $8.40, but you can find one that has been played a little bit for closer to $5.

4. Shiny Eternatus VMAX

s l1600 1 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Eternatus VMAX is an interesting card because it’s worth about $15, but the art on the card is at best unimpressive.

Black and yellow always look good together, but unlike the shiny Eternatus V card, this one seems to be one of the most frustrating in Shining Fates as a whole.

Eternatus is a legendary Poison and Dragon-type Pokémon. Its VMAX form is so hard to understand that when it’s zoomed in on and put through a two-color filter, the whole card looks like a mixer of shapes.

3. Shiny Lapras VMAX

SWSH45 EN SV111 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

As a Pokemon from Kanto, Lapras has had an interesting life. When the games first came out in the ’90s, it wasn’t one of the most popular creatures, but in the years since, it has gained a strong cult following.

Over the years, the beautiful Water-type and Ice-type sea creature has won the hearts of many fans.

It has a card in Shining Fates that shows its VMAX form and turns it into a live cruise ship.

The card in question is called Lapras VMAX, and it will cost about $3.30 on average for someone to buy it.

2. Shiny Suicune

89606 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon are a part of the brand that adds to the property’s value. These animals are usually mysterious or old, and they have a lot of power.

In Pokemon Silver & Gold, Suicune is one of the three legendary dogs from the Johto area.

Its shiny card, which is part of the Shining Fates set, is worth about $11 or so right now.

Suicune’s mane is no longer a rich violet purple color when it is in its shiny form. Instead, it is a powdery blue color.

1. Shiny Charizard VMAX

63570f87f77a8065e560923b pokemon shining fates charizard 15 Valuable Shining Fates Cards in Pokemon

The most pricey and sought-after card in the Pokemon Shining Fates expansion set is a Charizard card, which shouldn’t be a surprise.

People are looking for the Charizard VMAX card from the new set. It shows a shiny Charizard in all its black-scaled beauty.

Right now, the card sells for $181 or more, based on how good it is and how well it is centered.

As fans try to get their hands on the popular Fire-type starter Pokemon Charizard, the price of many sets goes through the roof.

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