21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Legendaries, by their very nature, are uncommon.

But have you ever wondered what’s more unusual? Pokémon with a shiny appearance.

If it wasn’t unusual enough, what’s even more unusual? Legendary heroes with glistening armor.

It’s impossible to know if your chances of discovering a shiny legendary Pokémon are better or worse than random chance. Resetting in the hope that you’ll obtain your one in 8,192 chance is your only option.

A shiny version of some legendaries is simply not conceivable, even with such pitiful chances.

The fact that those Pokémon are certainly out of our reach, but I still believe it would be nice to see which of the shining legendaries is best.

The following Pokémon are my personal favorites when it comes to shining legendary status.

To be clear, I’m not including Mythical Pokémon or Ultra Beasts in my calculation.

21. Mew

Mew Journeys 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

As basic as Mew’s shining form may be compared to that of some of its fellow Pokémon, it has an undeniable beauty about it.

The Pokemon’s appearance is dramatically altered by the addition of a blue color, however, its innocent and carefree spirit is well preserved.

It’s hard to argue that shiny Mew’s new look is better than the Pokemon’s old form because of the unattractive green patch on its underbelly.

Although the pink look works, it isn’t quite as startling as the palette flipped version of the look.

20. Ho-oh

1200px Ho Oh M20 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

The phoenix is what Ho-oh is supposed to be.

To depict a rainbow, its colorful wings have been painted in different hues.

In spite of my admiration for the rainbow symbolism, Ho-shine oh’s better depicts the notion of a phoenix.

Its beak and tail feathers are all an ashy grey, and its wings are more orange and red than red and green.

In other words, Ho-oh was physically resurrected from the fires of death.

Ho-glossy oh’s form better conveys the essence of the character than the other designs.

19. Latios

latios 256x256 1 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Latios have always been my favorite of the two Latis, although I’ve always liked them both.

As soon as I saw it, I was reminded of Tom Cruise in Top Gun because of its jet-like appearance and furious squint of determination.

But I won’t go into detail about that now.

Changing the hue of Latios’ shine is an excellent illustration of how a simple color switch can provide stunning results.

Latios’ customary deep blue color has been replaced by stunning turquoise. This not only fulfills its requirement for speed, but it also sets it apart from the others.

How many different kinds of turquoise Pokémon can you think of?

Those shiny Latios are stunning. I think it’s worth the effort, even if it takes a bit longer to locate than some other options.

18. Solgaleo

Nebby Solgaleo 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

I’m not a liar; gleaming Solgaleo is a hoot.

By brightening everything red, the lion-mech has lost all of its wonderful details.

Because of the sweltering heat of the sun, I would normally argue that this was supposed to depict.

But Lunala, who represents the moon, was also subjected to the same treatment.

Regardless, shiny Solgaleo is a Pokémon that will stick in your mind for a long time to come.

17. Cresselia

pokemon go cresselia header 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

To an outsider, Cresselia has always appeared entirely alien.

Its crescent-shaped head and the rings around it have long evoked a heavenly vibe.

That has been made more apparent by its dazzling appearance.

In order to resemble a creature from outer space, Shiny Cresselia’s blue skis and pink rings have been modified to a dark purple and bright blue correspondingly.

Almost as if there was a whole other solar system in a single Pokémon, this shiny Cresselia! Neil Degrasse Tyson would adore this, in my opinion.

16. Yveltal

Yveltal 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

To describe Yveltal, one must begin with the word “evil.”

And what could be more sinister than the combination of crimson and black?

Red and white, that’s what.

There’s no hiding from Shiny Yveltal anymore. He or she has a message for you.

In addition to sucking your life power, it’s going to feed on your anxiety.

When the gleaming Yveltal is in sight, all hope is lost. There’s no hope…

That’s becoming really dingy! Back to chatting about stupid video game characters.

15. Entei

Entei 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

My favorite mythical beast is Entei.

In comparison to Raikou and Suicune, it has always had a more regal appearance. In addition, the third Pokémon film made me weep.

To top it all off, the gleaming surface is a stunning finishing touch.

All of Entei’s fur has been darkened, even her crimson mask, which is now black. A small amount of Entei’s fury may be lost, but the Volcano Pokemon appears to be a lot more intelligent.

This isn’t a volcano that will explode in your face at any moment. No, shiny Entei is a dormant volcano with furious flames lurking on the inside.

14. Regirock

pokemon go regirock header 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

The legendary giants are another outstanding category of legendary Pokémon.

I first found Regice and Registeel fascinating, but Regirock screamed “boring” to me.

It appeared to be composed of styrofoam and paper mâché, despite the fact that it was intended to be a rock.

Regirock’s shine, on the other hand, brought about a sea shift.

Dark brown with orange accents dominates the glossy shape rather than tan/white with red spots and shoulders.

As a result, Regirock appears to be an ancient Pokémon that was produced over a long period of time due to tectonic pressure.

Regirock used to resemble a science fair project from the sixth grade. It now resembles an extinct giant.

13. Lunala

Lunala anime 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Lunala’s red hue was initially criticized in my Solgaleo section since it didn’t make sense.

That’s when it dawned on me, as I wrote this.

Moone Pokémon, with an additional “e” for whatever reason, Lunala is the Moone Pokémon.

There are several varieties of moons, after all!

It’s a blood moon, a blue moon, and the harvest moon all in one year.

The red moon is Shiny Lunala. Why does it appear to be red and eerie?

I couldn’t help myself; it had to go on this list since it made me so happy. Dawn Wings Necrozma, I’m sorry.

12. Reshiram

Reshiram anime 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Reshiram, unlike many of the other Pokémon on this list, isn’t here because of its new color.

It’s hard to overstate how powerful Reshiram’s small modifications are.

Reshiram has been given a whiter sheen, making it ideal for Pokémon Black and White.

Second, gold rings are placed around the neck and tail of the shining Reshiram.

This is a wonderful tiny touch that elevates the design to an almost heavenly level of beauty. It’s almost too good to be true; this sheen is positively divine.

11. Spectrier

Spectrier 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

I’m a big fan of how Spectrier was created.

This is an excellent method to demonstrate your Ghost-type status, especially if you don’t have any legs to go along with it.

Then again, for some reason, I’m much more attracted to its gleam!

Everything stays the same except for a slight marooning of the purples.

In addition to retaining a phantom-like appearance, the redder hue goes well with Spectrier’s blistering pace.

In addition, how many maroon Pokémon are there in the world?

10. Rayquaza

Rayquaza 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

I’ve previously stated that black and red or gold are a great match, and I stand by that statement.

So why not combine them all into one?

Because the red and gold are hardly noticeable, Shiny Rayquaza pulls this off nicely.

Colors like as red and gold bring emphasis to the fins and mouth, respectively.

Rayquaza’s green body ordinarily hides these design details, but the depth of the black truly makes them stand out.

Rayquaza has a great appearance, to begin with.

Rayquaza’s Shiny Rayquaza is really stunning.

9. Galarian Zapdos

21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

I was initially intrigued by the Galarian Zapdos when the fabled birds of Galaria were revealed.

So, I mean, we’ve got a really cool-looking road runner that doesn’t have the multiple heads gimmick.

The only way it could be any better is if the colors remained true to the original Zapdos.

As a result, its sparkling appearance was just what we wanted.

Bright yellow and orange replace the red-brown feathers and black legs of the gleaming Galarian Zapdos

Not only does this better represent Galarian Zapdos’ speed and strength than the previous color scheme, but also pays respect to one of my all-time favorite legendaries.

8. Primal Kyogre

Primal Kyogre 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Shiny Primal Kyogre, with its dark hue and dazzling accents, wonderfully captures the unfathomable depths of the ocean.

It genuinely demonstrated its power and ancient origins, as well as the ages of knowledge that hide in the depths of the ocean.

However, did you notice something I overlooked?

Those nails are just disgusting!

For whatever reason, they’re vivid purple.

I, on the other hand, adore it. I think it should be on this list.

7. Zygarde (All Forms)

Primal Kyogre 1 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Because they all have the same impact and work, I included all of Zygarde’s variants in this article.

While the vivid green has been toned down a bit, the black is now completely white.

It’s as though the standard Zygarde forms represent the original Xbox, while the glossy variants represent the Xbox 360.

All agree that they’re a tremendous improvement over the original.

6. The Tapus

25 07 2017 where to get tapu koko tapu lele tapu bulu and tapu fini pokemon sun moon 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Like Zygarde, I’ll include all Tapus here.

My understanding is that there are a lot of different kinds of Pokémon out there. In any case, I’m OK with including them as their shiny motif is identical:

All of their primary colors have been entirely blacked out.

Changing them all to black makes them appear even older because they’re supposed to resemble ancient heads on a totem pole.

As though a fire had destroyed them and they had been saved for a museum.

Not only that, but bright colors on black are usually a winning combination!

5. Kyogre

kyogre 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

When I talked about the purple nails of Primal Kyogre, you may recall.

Kyogre, on the other hand, has a complete body covered in vibrant purple.

Is it brighter with the red accents? No.

Is this a better representation of what Kyogre stands for? Not the answer you’re looking for?

Do I, on the other hand, enjoy the color purple? Yes!!

Shiny Kyogre has no rational explanation for my attraction to it.

Design-wise, it’s a lot of fun and sticks out right away.

4. Galarian Articuno

pokemon 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Galarian Articuno’s shine is a homage to the original Articuno’s ice blue and white color scheme, like Galarian Zapdos before it.

Because Galarian Articuno’s demeanor is dramatically transformed by this shiny, it’s my favorite color combination.

The “Cruel Pokémon” moniker applies to Galarian Articuno. And I’m not a fan of it either.

However, its original purple and black hue lend credence to this, particularly the mask-like eyes.

In contrast, if the black is turned to white, the effect is far more positive. It isn’t always nice, but it does have an open mind.

Galarian Articuno is now even more appealing to me because of this.

In this day and age, the Psychic-type Articuno is no longer considered harsh. It’s the kind of monarch I’ve always wished for.

3. Galarian Moltres

Galarian Moltres 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

Not only does Shiny Galarian Moltres look fantastic, but it looks better than every other Moltres form on this list.

One of the original Moltres appeared to be on fire.

Galarian Moltres resembles a more seductive variant of Yveltal in appearance and demeanor.

So what is it about this shiny Galarian Moltres? It appears just like a Pokemon that when it flaps its wings the night sky glows crimson.

It’s dangerous, unpredictable, and impossible to control. Flame-like in every way. And I’m blown away by it, too!

2. Primal Groudon

groudon primal 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

If I were to pick a favorite shiny Pokémon, Primal Groudon may be the one.

The dark color of Primal Groudon wonderfully emphasizes the magma beneath its skin, as well as highlighting what it stands for.

In addition, it has a very frightening appearance.

This volcanic giant suddenly appears from beyond the walls of Sootopolis, and it’s a sight to see. It’s like something out of the anime Attack on Titan.

My personal favorite shining Groudon design is Primal Groudon.

One more legendary Pokémon’s shiny brilliantly captures the essence of what it is all about.

1. Giratina – Altered Form

giratina altered forme vs origin forme pokemon bdsp 21 Shiny Legendary Pokémon

A large number of legendary Pokémon appear to be dangerous or terrifying.

Only one shiny Pokémon, Giratina, has the potential to be actually frightening to me:

With its damaged wings and scarlet and yellow colors, Giratina already has a spooky aspect.

But its gleaming appearance is quite unnerving.

Sky blue, silver and soft orange cover the majority of its body, making the color pallet completely irrational.

With its black wings, it appears as if it belongs in a realm called the Distortion World.

Unlike any other Pokémon, Shiny Giratina is utterly Lovecraftian in appearance.

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