Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every Gym Leader

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym leader welcomed players to a brand new open-world Pokemon experience, allowing them to embark on their own unique journey and forge their own path.

Although these changes were well-received, a majority of players opted for the tried-and-true method of obtaining all eight badges from the gym leaders in the region.

In contrast to the previous games, leaders could be challenged in any order, allowing players more freedom in their gameplay. The only restrictions were accessibility and level cap.

Just like in any Pokemon game, these leaders have their own quirks and personalities – some more outlandish than others.

Scarlet and Violet aimed to create gym leaders who felt like real individuals, each with their own unique careers and aspirations, rather than mere predictable bosses encountered at the end of a puzzle.

Here Are The Best Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Gym Leader

8. Katy: The Bug-Type Gym Leader of Cortondo

8 Gym Leader Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every Gym Leader

When it comes to Pokemon gyms, it’s always exciting to have a new leader who brings something fresh and captivating to the table. That being said, it’s understandable that one of the initial gym leaders may come off as a bit plain in comparison.

Katy, the leader of the Cortondo Gym, has a unique combination of being a Bug-type trainer and a skilled baker. This makes her an intriguing and multi-talented individual.

It might surprise you, but a baking gym leader from the Paldea region doesn’t rely on fairy types like Fidough or Slurpluff.

Her Pokemon team consists of lower-level creatures, including a Teddiursa that evolves into a Bug-type, potentially increasing its vulnerability.

The concept of Katy may have held promise, but her character doesn’t quite align with the atmosphere of this gym.

7. Tulip: The Psychic-Type Gym Leader of Alfornada

7 Gym Leader Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every Gym Leader

Tulip, one of the gym leaders in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, may not be the most awe-inspiring, but she definitely has her own unique strengths.

The gym leader of Alfornada is widely known for their exceptional Psychic abilities, making them one of the most formidable opponents in the game.

She is also an influential model, runs her own cosmetics empire, and is always focused on her appearance.

This type of characterization in a gym leader is quite recognizable to Pokemon enthusiasts. Wallace, Fantina, and Nessa from the previous generation all had similarities with Tulip. She has a familiar presence, reminiscent of a character we’ve encountered before.

However, what truly elevates her status is the sight of her ad posters displayed in various towns across Paldea, giving her an undeniable celebrity aura.

6. Kofu: The Water-Type Gym Leader of Cascarrafa

6 Gym Leader Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every Gym Leader

Kofu of Cascarrafa was definitely a gym leader who left a lasting impression. He is a gym leader specializing in water-type Pokémon and also works as a sushi chef on the side.

The challenge he presents brings a touch of amusement to his character, as it boils down to simply returning his forgotten wallet. He has an endearing and relatable personality, but fans can’t help but crave a stronger Pokemon lineup from him.

Despite his stylish outfit, trendy hair, and interesting occupation, Kofu surprises everyone by choosing Crabominable as his ace Pokemon instead of the new sushi chef Pokemon Dondozo.

Dondozo is an ideal Pokemon for Kofu, and it’s a fresh and one-of-a-kind choice. It’s disappointing that Paldea’s offerings weren’t properly showcased. Although it may be disappointing, Kofu compensates for it with his charming and lively personality.

5. Grusha: The Ice-Type Gym Leader of Glaseado

5 Gym Leader Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every Gym Leader

Among the Ice-type gym leaders in the Pokemon series, Grusha stands out as an exceptional one. It’s quite remarkable that a snowboarding Ice-type gym leader has finally arrived, and the Glaseado Gym certainly delivers on that front.

Grusha’s backstory sets him apart from the other gym leaders in Scarlet and Violet, as he is the only one who solely focuses on being a gym leader.

Behind his seemingly cold exterior, his character reveals a surprising depth, stemming from an unexplained accident that shattered his dream.

His team is quite formidable, with Altaria as his ace Pokemon. However, it’s his Cetitan that truly shines and can pose a challenge for unprepared players. Despite the abundance of ice puns and superficial conversations, Grusha appears quite interesting.

4. Brassius: The Grass-Type Gym Leader of Artazon

4 Gym Leader Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every Gym Leader

The Grass-type gym leader Brassius is absolutely amazing. The Artazon Gym leader has a distinct design that sets him apart from other Grass-type users.

His puns can even be quite entertaining at times. He perfectly embodies the vibe of an art teacher who loves shopping at Whole Foods, which is quite fitting for a Grass-type gym leader.

The thorn whip attached to his belt is a stylish addition that showcases the designer’s creativity. His team consists of the charming Smoliv, a delightful Normal/Grass-type, and a long-awaited redemption for Sudowoodo.

Regrettably, the Gym Challenge he participated in was riddled with bothersome visual glitches that were hard for fans to overlook. However, despite being one of the lowest-level gym leaders, Brassius certainly makes a lasting impression.

3. Iono: The Electric-Type Gym Leader of Levincia

3 Gym Leader Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every Gym Leader

The Levincia Gym has a distinct and vibrant atmosphere. Although Iono is not the first influencer gym leader in the Pokemon series, she stands out as the most relatable and down-to-earth.

She incorporates various creative elements into her gym challenge, aiming to attract a larger audience to her live streams. The supportive comments from her fans and donors give her the feeling of being a caricature of contemporary Pokemon streamers.

In addition to her accurate characterization, she has an excellent team that includes a Wattrel immune to Ground attacks and a Bellibolt with impressive bulk.

Her initial reveal on social media was met with a range of emotions from fans, but she’s a streamer who knows how to navigate controversy and deserves credit for it.

2. Ryme: The Ghost-Type Gym Leader of Montenevera

2 Gym Leader Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every Gym Leader

Ryme, the Ghost-type gym leader of Montenevera, is truly captivating. Their unique rapping style adds an extra layer of excitement to the gym battles in Paldea.

This character has so many endearing qualities that fans can’t help but fall in love with them. The gym stage is adorned with charming dancing Greavard, and she engages in a rap battle with you prior to her match.

She playfully teases the challenger who lost just before your battle.

The design she has is truly one-of-a-kind, with a hairstyle that is reminiscent of a skeleton. Her ace Pokemon Toxtricity is a fantastic choice for her character and provides a formidable challenge, even if you’re at a similar skill level.

Ryme stands out as the most entertaining Ghost-type gym leader we’ve ever had, adding a unique flair to the position.

1. Larry: The Normal-Type Gym Leader of Medali

1 Gym Leader Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Every Gym Leader

Among all the gym leaders in Paldea, there was a standout leader who was incredibly enjoyable and had such a captivating storyline that he was chosen to return for the Elite Four.

Introducing the gym leader of Medali, Larry, the expert in Normal-type Pokémon. Throughout the past eight generations, there have been numerous gym leaders specializing in Normal-type Pokémon.

GameFreak has consistently put in effort to make these gym leaders captivating, despite the inherent simplicity of the Normal typing. Larry, on the other hand, fully embraces it.

He’s an exhausted office worker who simply wants to savor his meal, embodying the archetype of the Japanese Salaryman.

He willingly takes on any assignment, so it’s only natural that we witness his return as the Flying-type trainer in the Elite Four. His lackluster performance stands out in the vibrant world around him.

He is widely regarded as the top gym leader in Paldea and is often considered one of the best in the entire series. It’s interesting how Larry has a way of turning the ordinary into something captivating.

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