What Does Ace’s Tattoo Mean in One Piece?

In this article, we’ll explain what Ace’s tattoo from One Piece means, and what it stands for. We hope you will stay with us until the conclusion.

It was revealed that in One Piece, that Ace’s tattoo was essentially his name. The”S” crossed out in the middle was an allusion to Sabo Ace’s brother who was sworn to him from his childhood and was thought to be to be dead.

The intricate anime One Piece is centered around an unnamed young man Monkey D. Luffy who is an aspiring pirate

The storyline of the show follows Luffy as he embarks on many adventures, in which he encounters enemies and friends on his travels through the East Blue Sea to find the treasure. 

The actual treasure is what is known as the “One Piece” which would permit Luffy to claim himself to be the”King of the Pirates.

It’s One Piece anime that was based on The One Piece manga, was extremely well-received with ratings following the initial show only falling below Pokemon. 

It soon became popular due to its engaging storyline, as well as its unique and modern design. It was ranked among the most popular anime series according to weekly scores in Japan.

The show’s main focus is many bizarre and bizarre characters and scenes like Luffy’s elastic body when he eats fruit. 

In addition to the ever-growing list of characters Luffy will encounter on his travels the show introduces one very special to him – Ace Luffy’s adopted brother who appears in the show.

Ace is an interesting character with an intriguing background and plots His tattoos are an expression of his past and his journey as well as what is most important to Ace.

What do Ace’s Tattoos Signify?

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Ace had been taken in by Monkey D. Garp before his birth on the wishes of Roger. He was once the Captain of the Spade Pirates and was the 2 2nd Division commander for the Whitebeard Pirates. 

Although he wasn’t the main character and was not able to see the final portion of the series, Ace played a crucial part in the development of the storyline of the show.

The tattoos he has adorned are mysterious, and there’s been some speculation from his people who follow the tattoos. 

But, it’s a given that the tattoos that he received when he was alive were an expression of the things he held the dearest in his life.

Ace was tattooed with his Whitebeard emblem on his lower back. The tattoo is the purple bones that create an outline of a skull that is purple and an emerald mustache. 

It was a period in the story of his existence that played an enormous influence on his personality as the majority of his time and energy for Whitebeard and the Whitebeard Pirates. 

Ace often spoke of the Whitebeard emblem as his greatest pleasure and joy.

It’s quite plausible and there is proof to prove how proud Ace was to wear the symbol. 

Ace had an open-fronted shirt as a regular element of his style until he was tattooed and then Ace never wore any clothes for the upper part of his body other than when required be a part of the weather.

The second and most striking tattoo was that of “ASCE”, which had the letter ‘Scut out by an “X”. 

This tattoo would be the most controversial and intriguing subject in the world of symbolism. 

The first time it was viewed as a joke like a tattoo artist had written his name incorrectly and the intention was to show support for his cool and relaxed persona.

It was later declared it was in essence his name. The”S” that was crossed out was a reference to Sabo, believed to be dead.

A character who was to become a big brother after Ace’s demise. This was confirmed by the cover of a “what if depicting Ace wearing a tattoo calling his name ACE, and Luffy, Luffy, and Sabo stood in a very close relationship, alive and well as adults.

The connection was further confirmed by other glimpses that showed the cross-out “S” in the show. 

This is evident in an email Sabo sent to his brother following the time of his departure, and also in Sabo’s Jolly Roger. 

It was definitely a beautiful story created by Ichiro Oda. It also gave some interesting insights into the history behind the fan’s perception of what was then believed as Ace.

What does “ASCE” actually mean?

The tattoo, which was vertically readable and located on his bicep was the subject of a lot of speculation by the viewers. 

They believed the tattoo contained cryptic information that could be able to affect the storyline that the TV show follows.

The Letter “A”

Ace’s tattoo is the easiest one to understand. It’s, naturally it is a reference to his personal name. Portgas D. Ace. 

The word “ace” is also a reference to the “Ace of Spades,” being one of the famous poker cards. Ace’s name has a fascinating history.

It is revealed in the middle of the story in the middle of the series that Ace was actually Gol D. Roger’s son. 

It is true that Ace really is the child of a king of pirates. This makes him an important persona in One Piece. 

Roger decided to go by the name Ace to ensure that his future baby was male. 

It’s not clear what the name might be had it was actually a girl but it does reveal a lot about Roger as it is later discovered it was his sword’s nickname Ace.

His sword, Ace, is one of the 12 Supreme Grade Meito. This means that the weapon is one of the most powerful 12 blades of One Piece. 

The sword was used by Roger during some of the most important moments in the plot. The exact location of the sword remains not known, however, the power of the weapon remained throughout the life of Portgas D. Ace.

The Letter “S

The meaning behind this particular letter of tattoo could be the most gruesome of hidden significances. 

Because Ace is the son of Pirate King Gold Roger, his existence was considered to be a crime. 

Luffy’s father, Monkey D. Garp had Ace under his security (at Roger’s demand) as well as raised him just like his grandson.

For a long time, Ace was lonely However, of course, everything that begins ends, and his loneliness was over when Ace met Luffy as well as Sabo. 

They would later be their brothers and his preferred family.

Sabo was a child born into the nobility. He believed that the actions of nobles as unjust and eventually left his family behind and lived as a wanderer in the Gray Terminal in the Goa Kingdom. 

Sabo quickly made friends along with Ace and Luffy and they shared many of their adventures and hopes with one another. 

Sabo had also aspirations of becoming a pirate, but unfortunately, after some extremely sad and horrific events, Sabo is trapped by an explosive. The body of his remains was never discovered.

Ace and Luffy, who believe Sabo is dead experience their first major loss of a beloved one, which alters their view on life for the better. 

The S is an honor to his fallen body. This is why the tattoo has been removed. 

This is all discovered a long, long time after the debut of Ace. Eiichiro Oda is a master at foreshadowing. He is a master of the long game. extremely efficiently.

The letter “C”

The letter has a profound meaning, however, it’s far more touching in comparison to the S letter. 

As you can see that when Ace was on his own as a young man his self-esteem was low. 

Being the child of the Pirate King meant that he had to hide from the world. Ace, the young Ace was a victim of not living a normal life.

Then came Luffy who would eventually be his brother later on in life. It’s funny because the first time Ace came across Luffy and Luffy did not like Luffy even a bit. 

Luffy was a young Luffy seeking one of his friends, did not stop and continued to follow Ace everywhere.

Due to the fact that Ace had a higher age than Luffy and ended up playing with the kid often, Ace nicknamed Luffy “Crybaby.”

Luffy would take this nickname to heart and always strive to show his courage to other people. He would put him in very risky situations.

In the middle of the day, Ace let his guard down and let Luffy be a part of his life and the most beautiful relationship began. 

So, Ace remembers his little crying brother by tattooing the letter C inside his tattoo.

The letter “E”:

The final letter in Ace’s tattoo comes from something that happened later in Ace’s lifetime. 

After the death of Sabo, Ace decided to become stronger and able to sail the oceans and became a renowned pirate. 

Ace eventually left the Goa Kingdom the Goa Kingdom and started a life of adventure. Ace was able to form his own team, The Ace Pirates.

Unfortunately, though Ace could grow very strong and beat many of the dangers of the ocean there’s always a stronger person around. 

Ace attempted but failed to capture his head off of Whitebeard who was among the Emperors of Sea among the best pirates.

Whitebeard whose real name was Edward Newgate, was, actually one of the greatest adversaries in the battle for Gold Roger. 

Ace thought that if he were able to beat the famous rival of his father Whitebeard, he would increase his own fame tenfold. But, Ace wasn’t prepared and lost easily to Whitebeard.

To Ace’s delight to his delight, to his delight, the Emperor of the Sea was not enraged by Ace’s attempt to destroy his life.

Instead, he seemed to be amused. He even gave Ace the chance to join his crew. Ace took it, and as time passed Ace began to fall in love with Whitebeard like he was his father in real life.

Ace’s affection for Whitebeard was so strong that he inked the Whitebeard’s Jolly Roger on his back which became another of his most well-known characteristics of Ace. 

Ace decided to add the letter E within his arm tattoo to the memory of the man who was his father persona.

The theory, though substantiated by circumstantial evidence rather than official declarations, is intriguing at the very least. 

It makes sense with regard to the general storyline of the show, the creation of brotherly bonds, and the significance of the role of Whitebeard throughout the series.

The ‘X’ symbol is also a symbol of the bond between characters. It was a result of an experience that the team had they came across a villain who could appear to be of other people. 

In order for the group to recognize each other accurately and not mistakenly identify each other as the same adversary, they all identified themselves by an “X”. 

This could add more meaning to the word ‘S’ crossed out using an ‘X’. could be a reference to friendship as well as reverence for Sabo’s supposed demise.

The tattoo itself is a reference to different details of the television show that were only discovered and linked to Ace’s passing. 

It’s likely that these facts were not only random and linked the seemingly straightforward set of tattoos with a more complex narrative of friendship.

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