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Movement and Animation.

That’s all you need for a good anime, right?

Don’t forget the one piece that more often than not makes or breaks your experience of an anime, the Opening.

Going strong at 23, One Piece has had some beautiful openings.

Unfurl your sails and let’s set out on this journey of finding the best One Piece opening!

15. Believe

The second opening of One Piece if often disliked due to it directly being placed after the first opening, We Are.

This opening, however, encapsulates One Piece perfectly. Dragon’s monologue about inherited will, fate of an era and dreams of people give it a true One Piece-esque feel.

Stunning visuals and beautiful scenes set the stage for the future and the upbeat music focusing on the fun adventures of the straw hats and introducing the silhouettes of characters helps this opening set stage for the many more that are to come.

14. Kaze wo Sagashite

Going into the darker parts of One Piece now, this opening opens the Impel Down Arc for us giving us small snippets of Impel Down including Magellan, Hannyabal and all Luffy’s enemies and allies and the Paramount War from Sengoku, the Admirals, the Shichibukai as well as Whitebeard and Ace.

The slice-of-life light-hearted music and visuals of the Straw hats are a stark juxtaposition to the dark parts going on in the series, which plays beautifully into the themes of the series.

All in all, this opening does provide a reminder to what Luffy has left behind and what he is doing now.

13. Bon Voyage

The fourth opening captures the Straw Hats perfectly.

It serves as a reminder that the show despite everything is a journey and adventure that the Straw Hats are on.

It shows us everything the Straw Hats hold dear to them, the places that they come from and people they’ve come to respect.

It shows their humble beginnings and how far they’ve come together slowly adding more and more nakama to their small troupe.

The song and it’s lyrics perfectly capture the essence of the need to constantly move forward and become better while still remembering your roots.

12. Jungle P

This opening serves many purposes in one.

It creates a light mood for the new adventures for the Straw Hats, introduced Thriller Bark and Brook and shows the Straw Hats’ reactions into the series with a beautiful almost Halloween themed,

The rap segment perfectly demonstrates the Sunny’s docking systems and Coup de Burst along with the dawn that the Straw Hats are looking to go to.

The true themes of One Piece, it’s total madness of the skeleton with an afro and it’s optimistic romanticism are shown beautifully in this opening.

11. Share The World

Going towards the Sabaody Archipelago, this opening focuses on the Straw Hats and the Super nova.

It showcases Luffy’s time with his nakama, characters on Sabaody and then his meeting with Boa Hancock.

It shows him learning about Ace’s execution and rushing in to Impel Down to save him.

The music starts out slow but takes a turn to a more ‘rock’ turn soon.

It shows the struggles of the Straw Hats against the pacifista on Sabaody.

It shows them as a team and how they’re always ready to protect each other.

Shots of the Supernovas, celestial dragons and also the marine admirals summoned to protect them alongside Luffy’s saviours makes this opening a spectacle to look out for.

10. Fight Together


This one is a right in the feels opening.

It shows memories of Ace, Sabo and Luffy when they were kids.

It focuses on Luffy dealing with the loss of his brother remembering all the times that they spent together and the coming to the realization that he needs to move forward and that he has his nakama with him.

It delivers on-point one-shot flashes of the straw hats joining Luffy.

The sombre and consistent music with on-point lyrics takes this opening to a very high emotional level in the audiences mind.

It is a reminder to Luffy and all of us that we fight together.

9. Wake Up!

This upbeat opening celebrates the 15th anniversary of One Piece and starts off with a bang with the aesthetic of Straw Hats as in stereotypical rich pirate attire.

It shows a small section of the Straw Hats fighting the marines and the Monster Trio fighting the admirals, Luffy vs Akainu, Zoro vs Fujitora and Sanji vs Kizaru.

It also shows Blackbeard and his band in all his glory.

This opening also has shots from Dressrosa arc, shows Doflamingo in all his creepiness and also tells us that there’s so much to look forward to in the grand adventure for the One Piece.

8.  Hikari E

Another pre-timeskip upbeat opening!

It briefly touches upon all the characteristics and abilities of the Straw Hats.

It encourages the Straw Hats to go on their journey and continue searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.

It also shows some calm and peaceful moments of the crew while also has them dealing with the crazy weather of the Grand Line.

This opening however was a giant spoiler for the anime only watchers since it showed Nico Robin blissfully on the Merry helping the Straw Hats which didn’t happen until after the completion of the Alabasta arc.

7. Hard Knock Days

Hard Knock Days shows that there’s going to be difficulties, but we can overcome them.

It shows the dangers that they are going to have to face from here on out and still urges that they will be fine.

The fast tempo of the music perfectly captures the rush of the Straw Hats to get into the New World.

This opening not only has shots of upcoming antagonists but also shows the allies that they have formed until now.

It also shows us the inherited will of Ace and Sabo.

6. Over The Top

Straw Hats in their Wano disguises + Great animation + Wano aesthetic + fresh music = One perfect opening for the opening of arc.

Wano is often said to be one of the best arcs in One Piece and the opening doesn’t fall short.

All the relevant allies and enemies shown in their own right with their abilities, but what majorly sells this opening are the ansolutely sunning visuals of Luffy vs Kaido.

Kaido sprawling in his dragon form and Luffy using Ryuo to try and land a punch in.

Set on the rocky island of Onigashima, the dark skies and purply lightning setting up the showdown perfectly, takes this opening to just another level.

5. Dreamin’ On


The most recent 23rd opening of the series.

This opening focuses on the series after the crew reunites in Wano.

Hyping up fights on Onigashima, setting up characters, abilities and face-offs to look forward to.

It focuses on the Nine Scabbards and the Supernova Captains trio being Luffy, Law and Kidd.

The fact that relying on your friends for help is okay is a major aspect of this opening.

This opening also highlights short snippets from each individual episodes that is going to follow it, along with important arc character.

It focuses on the will to still dream on even if you encounter obstacles.

4. Kokoro no Chizu

One of the most catchy openings of the series that gives glimpses into the Water 7 arc, Robin’s betrayal and the Straw Hats adventures in the beautiful fountain city.

It shows how piece by piece, we can all trust each other and become a team just like by collecting piece by piece you can make an entire map.

It highlights what the Straw Hats are as a crew and how they deal with inner conflicts.

It also introduces the abilities of a lot of antagonists and side characters as the Straw Hats travel from the Davy Back fight to the Shipbuilding island.

This opening tells you that the Straw Hats are one, no matter what.

3. We Go!

Giving hope after the dark times of the timeskip, We Go!

Brings the Straw Hats back with a bang, each of them getting an individual focused shot by the same singer as the first opening!

It shows how far we’ve come and how much more there is to go.

It focuses on the happiness of the Straw Hats being together again after 2 years and shows us the bright future that waits for them.

The cheerful and positive music sets the mod and energy for the upcoming arcs.

2. Hope

This opening shows Sanji’s dilemma of facing his past, his job as a crew mate and his wish to just to the Straw Hats.

This opening introduces antagonists and potential allies and shows the lengths Luffy is willing to go to for his nakama.

It shows the standoff between Luffy and Sanji and their tearjerking conflict.

The melancholic song perfectly captures Luffy’s feelings of just wanting Sanji back as his nakama.

Sanji’s memories showcased in light while his time at Whole Cake being portrayed in dark showing us where he should and wants to be.

1. We are! (1999)

The first iconic opening of this gigantic fun and new adventure for 23 years and more.

We Are! Is fun. We Are! Is nostalgic!

We Are! Is an absolute bombshell of an opening!

Whether it about Gold Roger or introducing the fighting styles of the characters, this opening has it all.

Sea kings, villains and heroes, all of it bound in the youthful music, this opening is not just an opening, it’s an evergreen experience.

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