Dressrosa Arc of the One Piece New World!

One Piece’s Dressrosa is an island that the Straw Hats visit when they enter the New World.

It is full of unique characters, tragic pasts, and surprising adventures. 

Get ready to take on the One Piece New World adventure in Dressrosa by raising your pirate flag!

In the One Piece anime, you are in the Dressrosa Arc. 

The Straw Hats and their new friends, the Heart Pirates, are now ready for another adventure in Dressrosa, One Piece New World!

The Tragic Past of Dressrosa

The Tragic Past of Dressrosa

Dressrosa is currently ruled over by Don Quixote Doflamingo, who is also known as Shichibukai. 

His crew also lives on Dressrosa with him.

He has been Dressrosa’s ruler for 10 years. 

Vergo and Monet are the only members not stationed on Dressrosa.

Dressrosa was once a peaceful but poor country that was ruled by King Riku. 

Doflamingo, however, came to the palace of King Riku and declared Dressrosa his rightful property. 

Doflamingo used the String-String Devil Fruit to manage the movements of the king and forced him through the country to slash civilians.

This caused them to lose trust in King Riku. 

Doflamingo also managed Riku’s army, which was used to cause harm to civilians. 

Doflamingo was able to create chaos in the country and played the hero role by stopping King Riku’s army.

He also gained the trust and respect of the citizens. Doflamingo was crowned the new king after this incident.

Notable Characters in the Dressrosa Arc

Numerous characters have been added to the One Piece New World Dressrosa Arc.

Here are some notable characters:

The Colosseum Fighters

The Colosseum Fighters

Dressrosa from One Piece New World hosts a Colosseum, where fighters come from all over the globe to fight each other. 

The Straw Hats, Trafalgar Law, and Straw Hats are present on the island.

A Colosseum battle is currently in session, and Ace’s former Devil Fruit is the Flame-Flame Fruit. 

The Colosseum fighters, who are unique and important people in the arc, include Cavendish and Chinjao, as well as Bartolomeo and Hajrudin.

The Tontattas

The Tontattas

The Tontatta Tribe consists of dwarves that live under the Green Bit. 

Many Tontattas are slaves of the Donquixote Family and are forced to make artificial Devil Fruits called SMILE. 

Coincidentally, the Luffy and Law alliance arrive at Dressrosa in the One Piece New World.

The Tontattas are now preparing to fight the Donquixote family to regain freedom.

The Riku Family

The Riku Family

The Riku Family, an ex-royal family from Dressrosa, is made up of Viola, King Riku, and Kyros, who were both former princesses, as well as Viola, Viola, Viola, and Kyros’ daughter Rebecca. 

Viola was also a Donquixote family member.

The New Marine Admiral: Fujitora

The New Marine Admiral: Fujitora

Jinbei claims that the Marines are more brutal than ever.

The new Marine Admiral, Fujitora, makes his fatal appearance in Dressrosa. 

He is assigned to arrest the Luffy-Law alliance.

Trafalgar Law’s Tragic Past Revealed!

Trafalgar Law’s

Although not much is known about Trafalgar Law before the Dressrosa Arc, we do learn more about Law’s character and the meaning behind the name of his pirate crew in this arc.

Although it’s tragic, Law’s past is now more complex and revealing of his character.

If you’re new to One Piece, and this One Piece New World Dressrosa guide has piqued your interest in the series, be sure to check it out! 

This guide did not cover all the amazing elements of the Dressrosa Arc. 

To see the rest of the amazing elements, you can check out the anime series.

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