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Developed by VRChat, Inc., VRChat is a virtual reality and massive multiplayer online video game. Players can communicate with one another and create their own instanced worlds in this virtual world game.

The player must create a character at the beginning of the game by selecting a gender and giving it various traits and accessories.

Audio lip-sync, eye-tracking, blinking, and the full range of motion of the characters that players create are all supported.

While playing this game, the player can live a second life as a hero and do whatever he wants.

Additionally, in this game, you can change your appearance and make your ideal home. It gives its players the option to make new friends and hang out with them.

12. Forgotten Tales MMORPG Online

Games Like VRChat

DM Studio made the free role-playing game Forgotten Tales MMORPG Online. Tons of different maps, quests, items, and monsters are available in this role-playing game.

There is a huge heroic fantasy world in this game, and players can get lost in the endless forests or deserts. It gives players multiple lethal magic, weapons, and skills for defeating enemies.

By completing thrilling quests in this game, you can develop your skills. In addition, you must create or join a clan to be the top clan. Chatting and sharing stories with other players from around the world is possible.

11. Dragon Town

Dregun Town 12 Games Like VRChat

It’s game made Dragon Town, a free simulation and survival game. In this adventure game, you need to find a white dragon from the Middle Ages on a secret island.

There’s a green dragon island in this game with lovely views like mountains, pools, and lots of plants. The player must gather the colorful gems and diamonds on this island to decorate the head of their dragon master.

Dragon Town has fantastic and smooth game play controls, just like other free dragon games. All the time, you can join the game with your friends and ask them to play with you.

You can play this game even if you’re not online because it can be played without an internet connection.

10. Tower Unite

Tower Unite 12 Games Like VRChat

Paid MMO and action-adventure video game platform Tower Unite was made by Pixel Tail Games. The player can play several mini-games with their friends on this platform.

This platform has mini-games like Ball Race, Zombie Massacre, and Virus. A player must survive through five levels in the survival game The Virus.

The player in Zombie Massacre must survive monsters and zombies in this shooting game. The task of the player in Ball Race, a multi-player game, is to master orbs. About 1500 unique and interactive items can be found in all of this platform’s games.

9. Hero Town Online: 2D MMORPG

Hero Town Online 12 Games Like VRChat

Game Hero Town Online: 2D Superlink created MMORPG, a free role-playing game. The village where the bravest and strongest heroes of the world meet is at the center of this game.

To become the strongest warrior and beat the monster, it gives players weapons. Players will receive rewards for joining the leaderboard.

Besides that, you can make friends in this game and talk to them whenever you want. The newest and strongest gear is given to players to use against enemies.

As a reward for completing various tasks and activities, this game also gives its players “in-game currency.”

8. MapleStory M: Fantasy MMORPG

MapleStory M Fantasy MMORPG 12 Games Like VRChat

NEXON Company created the role playing video game MapleStory M: Fantasy MMORPG for free. Multiple player online role-playing games are available for this game at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Within this game, you can enter the world by making a fantastic character. You can experience various adventures and work through multiple puzzles in this game.

You can also explore the Maple world and fight monsters and enemies. Chat, trade things, and play games with people from all over the world that you make friends with. To defeat enemies, players can assemble a team of the best warriors in their warrior guilds.

7. Harvest Town

Harvest Town 12 Games Like VRChat

AVIDGamers made Harvest Town, a free role-playing and simulation mobile game. This RPG game has many RPG elements that make it feel like you’re living in a real rural area.

During this game, the player must construct a farmhouse by cutting down tree branches, decorating cottages, and getting rid of weeds. The player has to take in cute dogs and cats and take care of their ducks, sheep, chickens, horses, and cattle.

The treasure box can also be unlocked using a password if desired. The game is interactive, which means that players can talk to each other.

There are many other elements in Harvest Town, including a puzzle, in addition to the simulation game.

6. Alchemia Story: MMORPG

Alchemia Story MMORPG 12 Games Like VRChat

Asobimo, Inc. made the free role-playing video game Alchemia Story: MMORPG. The player in this game battles with a partner named YOME in battles.

The YOME will help the player in tough battles and show them the way to their goal. The body type, height, length, and eye color can all be changed by players to create the character they want.

In this game, the player can change their character using a variety of tools. The game also lets players make friends online and chat with them whenever they want.

A mode called “solo” is in Alchemia Story for people who want to play the game by themselves.

5. Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind 12 Games Like VRChat

NEOCRAFT LIMITED created the free video game Tales of Wind, which is a role play. The player in this game must play the role of an unnamed character who must complete all side quests.

Create your characters and give them multiple outfits to make them look different. The player can follow the narratives of all the characters they create.

It has multiple creative game modes, such as a quiz, racing, and shooting. This game offers its player multiple ways to confuse them, but the player must choose the right one. The player can also create guilds in this game to help them defeat enemies.

4. Second Life

Second Life website 2 12 Games Like VRChat

Second Life is a free massive multiplayer online (MMO) and virtual world video game made by Linden Research Corp. The player can live a second life in this game that is different from his real life. The player will be a robot, a car, a person, an animal, and a vampire in that second life.

The player must create a 3D character before entering the world of this virtual game. You can create a 3D character by choosing any body type, face, and clothes that look good on you.

This game also lets you talk and interact with other players. As a reward for completing various tasks and activities, this game also gives its players “in-game currency.”

Second Life lets players build and decorate their worlds, just like other role-playing games. Massive multiplayer online and virtual world simulation game called Second Life is fun for people who like virtual games.

Get involved in your second life, change how you look, accessorize with cool clothes, and impress everyone in the game. Millions of other players from all over the world live in the virtual world.

3. Pony Town: Social MMORPG

pony town 73728 4 12 Games Like VRChat

Pony Town Team made the free role-playing game Pony Town: Social MMORPG. In this game, players can create unique characters like ponies with unicorn horns and other strange animals.

By customizing it with different clothes and accessories, you can make your creation amazing. Players can play the role of their created characters after creating and customizing them.

This game also lets players make friends and talk about their day and the game. Players can create their world on a private island.

In this game, you can also make your house and the area around it look nice. By creating characters and decorating the house, you can use this game to express your creativity.

2. The Sims

the sims 2 24717 1 12 Games Like VRChat

Maxis made The Sims, a great life simulation game that was released by Electronic Arts. The Sim City simulation game is a fantastic representation of the daily life of virtual residents.

The player can build or buy homes, or if he or she wants, they can have them renovated and decorated using all the resources available.

Each virtual family that starts the game with 20,000 Simoleons (Sim City Currency) has money to spend. Simileons can be used to buy a house, a business, and other things for the family. They can start living there and decorate it however they want.

The family is free to buy anything they want, and there are almost 150 options for renovating the house. Sims (people who live in Sim City) can do what the player tells them to do with objects and other online players.

Along with their Free Will and a lot of other things that we can do in real life, The Sims’ citizens also have free access to the game.

This incredibly interesting simulation has vivid 2D and 3D graphics, an open world environment, a user-created storyline, and a lot of eye-catching game characteristics.

The Sims has sold over 100 million copies around the world thanks to its availability on multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Mac OS, Xbox, and GameCube.

1. Line Play

line play 31785 1 12 Games Like VRChat

For Android and iOS, Line Corporation created and released Line Play, a Massively Multi Player Online, Virtual World, and Fantasy-Based Simulation.

There are a lot of characters, and the game lets you create your virtual avatar based on your style and modify various costumes to fit you.

You can show off your fashion sense using your style as hundreds of new items are added to the game every week. In addition to having a unique room and garden, each character in the game has a personality.

You can interact with thousands of peoples from around the world and use thousands of decorations and items to make the room beautiful.

There are hundreds of mini-games, and you can make new friends, meet new peoples, and go to each other’s houses to have fun.

Using gems earned by completing quests, you can unlock special content in the game. Talk to other players, become famous, get endless items, raising your pet, socialize, share, and more are some of the main features of Line Play. Playing and enjoying Line Play is the best Virtual World Simulation.

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