Hogwarts Legacy: How to solve Ghost of Our Love

Even though the Ghost of Our Love treasure map is the first loot-seeking puzzle that you come across in Hogwarts Legacy, this does not mean that it is an easy challenge to complete.

You may have determined that the map needs you to travel to the Forbidden Forest; nevertheless, once you are there, you will have difficulty determining the next step.

A spell is where you will get the answers, as you would anticipate from a game that is built around magic.

It could be helpful to know how to get a broom so that you can move more quickly if you are just beginning your exploration of the Highlands around Hogwarts.

Additionally, it might be helpful to know how to accomplish the Treasure Vaults and Merlin Trials that you discover scattered around the landscape.

In any case, the following is a guide that will assist you in solving the Hogwarts Legacy Ghost of Our Love treasure map so that you may finish the task and obtain some stuff.

Using Floating Candles to Solve the Map with Instructions in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy Hogwarts Legacy: How to solve Ghost of Our Love

The map may be found at the very top of the Owlery when you are completing the Ravenclaw task in Hogwarts Legacy.

Following your visit to Lower Hogsfield to see Natty and your successful completion of the first Merlin Trial with Nora Treadwell, you will be able to unlock one of the four tasks listed below, depending on the house you are a member of:

The tasks are all somewhat different from one another, but they all lead to the same destination: seeing the ghost of Richard Jackdaw and starting the Jackdaw’s Rest quest, which takes you to his grave in the Forbidden Forest.

Overall, the quests are all quite similar in Hogwarts Legacy.

During each of these tasks, you will also come across a treasure map that is referred to as the “Map with Floating Candles.”

If you can get this treasure map, the Ghost of Our Love quest will begin.

It is not possible to obtain a compass for this task; nonetheless, the answer to the map will not require you to deviate from your path by a significant amount.

You should instantly change the time of day to night in the map menu after you have fast-traveled to the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame that is located there in Hogwarts Legacy.

The mission is made more interesting by the presence of a love letter that can be found on the side of a tiny bridge that is located behind you.

The letter describes how two students were sneaking into the Forbidden Forest to have a romantic meal.

To call forth any enchanted candles that are floating in the air, you will now need to apply the Lumos spell to the location where the letter was.

After capturing the attention of the candles, you should proceed to follow them into the woodland.

There is a table for two, a large number of floating candles, and a chest that contains the treasure that was promised to you. You won’t have to walk very long before you locate all of these things.

The good news is that you are now rather near Jackdaw’s tomb, which means that you may immediately resume the primary quest that you need to complete.

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