30 Best GTA San Andreas Mods Of All Time

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GTA San Andreas

San Andreas mods can make this awesome game more fun its arguably the most famous grand theft auto game ever made.

Because GTA is really old, its natural for any gamer to look for mods to make this game more interesting especially with the countless new features that GTA IV & GTA V have.

So today I am going to create a list of best mods that I can find on the internet possible for GTA San Andreas fan like you to make and feel this game like a completely new game.

Top 30 GTA San Andreas Mods Of All Time

Be sure to make backup saves every time you install new mods as well, as some of them might not be entirely compatible with one another and it could corrupt your files.

Furthermore you’ll need to install CLEO if you want most of the mods on this list to work.

now let the list begin.

30. Tuning Mod

This is my current (Junior_Djjr) biggest project, something I started in 2012 and became the biggest cleo mod in the world. You can add literally any model to any vehicle!

Any object in the game; any weapon; you can download or create new pieces; you can even use parts from one car in another! It is possible to position the piece anywhere, being able to rotate, stretch, change size, invert, mirror and even deform!

With all practicality: undo commands, save / load position, different command modes, quick wheel changes and parts pre-adapted for functions and aids. There are even CTRL + C / CTRL + V commands.

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29. Skin Selector

Skin Selector is one of the most famous and oldest gta san andreas mods of Ryosuke839, known mainly for being able to install new skins and use them in place of CJ. Now, after years, LINK / 2012 has made a small change in the scripts so that you can also install skins using Mod Loader, simply pasting the skin’s .dff and .txd into the mod folder.

The reason I never posted a skateboard mod here on the blog before was that I didn’t know which one was the best. But now: the best skate mod for GTA SA that exists. Mod originally created by Linevariy and improved by Junior_Djjr and M. Osborn, now focused on a system more similar to what Rockstar planned: Being used as a weapon and vehicle at the same time!

Skin Selector

That is, you will control the skateboard like the bike, but with skateboard animations that even include some maneuvers using the basic controls of a game bike.

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28. HD Weapons

This Pack supersedes all weapons in Gta San Andreas on the weapon HD.

HD Weapons

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27. Teleport Mod

How to install:
Put the teleport.cs into your gta sa CLEO folder.

How to use:
Go to your pause menu and select map, put a red marker anywhere you want. Then press T+Y to teleport your destination

Teleport Mod

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26. New Effects V1

New high-quality effects: fire, water, light, etc.

New Effects V1

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25. Collection of Graphic Mods

Replaced by vegetation, water, moon, the roads, the effects of explosions and fire, sky, added fixed bug with textures and enb for weak computers … I think you’ll like it!

Collection of Graphic Mods

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24. Wheels Pack

Replaces all tuning wheels. Some are adapting to fashion IVF, namely, mud on the tires!
Some wheels are painted the second color!

I thank all those people who were converters originally wheels this is Matheus-340 and converter drives VOSSEN!

Wheels Pack

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23. Ghost Rider Mod

Hello Everyone, I’m bringing a gta san andreas mods ghost rider hope you like the mod brings the powers the bike (obviously xD) the information at the Notepad 🙂 If you want Watch the video to see a demonstration of powers.

Ghost Rider Mod

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22. The Best Sound Pack for GTA San Andreas

This gta san andreas mods adds new sounds all transport, sirens, shouts of passers-by, explosions, sound when loading games and much more!

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21. Holes from Bullets

In GTA San Andreas there are many unrealistic moments, one of them started to pay attention to players since the release of GTA IV. In the game there are holes from bullets! Shoot a lot, and no holes. But all known skripteru managed to do what many have tried to do, and he was able to improve the quality of fashion.

This gta san andreas mods for GTA SA adds holes from bullets. View texture holes depends on the material in which a shot, which means that the hole could be on the glass and on the car, and on the wall, etc.

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