How Many Devil Fruits Are There?

Devil Fruits are a great and foundational power system in One Piece before the introduction of Haki.

Each Devil fruit grants the user, a unique ability in exchange for their ability to swim.

We’ve seen many devil fruit users now that it has become a standard for even the henchmen to have Devil Fruits.

This makes you think how many Devil Fruits are exactly here?

Okay. To be able to determine how many devil fruits are there, we need to know a few things about Devil fruits.

Facts About Devil Friuts

Devil Fruits are unique in nature. This means that there is only one devil fruit and/or user of a certain ability at any given point in time.

Once, the user of this ability has died, it returns the ability and a new Devil Fruit is born containing the ability of the user is born.

This is shown with the cycle of Ace who had the Flare- Flare Fruit. Upon his passing, Doflamingo was able to get his hands on the new Flare-Flare Fruit again. Sabo gained his abilities by consuming this new fruit.

There is an encyclopedia in One Piece that lists all the fruits and their abilities along with images. Sanji and Blackbeard are two characters that have read it.

A single user cannot consume more than one Devil Fruit. Or else it will lead to the two independent devils inside the fruits to fight.

This will result in the person exploding from the inside. However, this information must be taken with a grain of salt since the source is Jyabura who is not a very reliable or trustworthy source of information.

The existence of Blackbeard has proven that not only can he have two Devil Fruits in the same body but can also transfer powers from one dead user to another.

A prime example of this is what he did to Absalom to get his Suke-Suke fruit or Clear-Clear fruit which makes the user invisible.

Blackbeard killed him and transferred his ability to Shiryu, his second-in-command. This, however, does not make an impact on the number of Devil Fruits to exist which is the primary concern at the moment.

Anyone can consume Devil Fruits from people to animals. Dr.Vegapunk has also figured out a way from inanimate objects and things to consume devil fruits and get their abilities.

Thus, users like Funkfreed, which is a sword that was ‘fed’ the Elephant type Zoan fruit, and the pitching machine that was ‘fed’ a Dog type Zoan fruit have come into existence.

There are different types of Devil Fruits that give its user different abilities.

Paramecia Type Devil Fruits: Paramecia type devil fruits are one of the most common kinds of devil fruit and give the consumer a certain ability.

Like turning people into toys, making bubbles from their bodies, the ability to swim wherever they want, or manipulating people’s memory. These fruits DO NOT make changes to the entire body structure of the consumer itself.

There is also a special kind of paramecia fruit that changes the body structure of the consumer giving it a certain enhancement.

These are called Special Paramecia-type fruits. Like Luffy’s and Katakuri’s fruit. These provide their bodies with the enhancement of elasticity and properties of mochi.

There are 82 canon paramecia-type fruits. There are another 37 which are non-canon and 3 are mentioned in an SBS.

This is a Total of 122 Paramecia Type Devil Fruits in the Series Until Now.

How Many Devil Fruits Are There

Zoan Type Devil Fruits: These fruits provide an animal-based power to the consumer, like being able to turn into an animal of their choice like a giraffe or a wolf.

They have their three forms, human, animal form, and hybrid for which they can use to fight. There are different kinds of Zoan Devil Fruits.

Regular Zoan Fruits: These convert you into regular animals or birds that we see in everyday life.

Users: Chopper, Kaku, Jyabura, etc

Ancient Zoan Fruits: This allows the user to transform into an ancient animal that is now extinct like the Mammoth or other dinosaurs.

Users: X. Drake, Queen, King, Jack, etc.

Mythical Zoan Fruits: Mythical Zoan Fruits allow the user to turn and get the abilities of a mythical creature like a Dagon or a Phoenix.

Users: Kaido, Marco, Shogun Orochi etc

Artificial Zoan Fruits: These are artificial devil fruits created by humans. Smile fruits have a 1 in 10 success rate. These were being manufactured by Caesar Clown in his laboratory on Punk Hazard.  

They give the user a permanent hybrid form. Kaido’s crew has over 500 smile users which means that at least 5000 Smile Fruits were manufactured.

We also have to consider that Dr. Vegapunk had made a perfect artificial devil fruit that gave Momonosuke his ability to have a human form, a dragon form, and most likely a hybrid form.

Users: Babanuki (Elephant Smile fruit), Batman (Bat Smile Fruit), Speed (Horse Smile Fruit), etc.

There are 44 canons of natural Zoan Devil Fruits, 5000 Smile Fruits, 1 Dr. Vegapunk’s fruit and 7 non-canon Devil Fruits.

This is 5,052 Zoan Devil Fruits.

Logia Type Devil Fruits: These are the rarest type and most powerful types of devil fruit to exist. These fruits give the user elemental powers and make the user untouchable without Haki.

These change the fundamental structure of the user to make them completely one with the element. They become the very element they consumed.

The user can control if they want the elemental structure or not. A great example of this is what Ace did while sacrificing himself for Luffy.

In order to protect Luffy and stop Akainu, he retained his bodily structure instead of his usual flame structure.

Users: Portgas. D Ace/Sabo, God Enel, Smoker, Monet, Kizaru, etc.

There are 11 canon Logia-type Devil Fruits with an additional 3 being non-canon.

This gives us 14 more fruits.

So, adding all of the fruits together gives us 5192 Devil fruits in all that exist in One Piece.

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