One Piece: What happened to Sabo at Reverie? Is he Dead?

When the leaders of the Revolutionary Army and the Admirals met at the Reverie, it was clear that something big was going to happen.

And something huge did happen.

We still don’t know exactly what happened, but we know that the Revolutionary Army was involved, especially their Chief of Staff Sabo.

Morgan’s newspaper had this story on the front page.

The fact that the writers didn’t have much time and that the World Government told them not to publish the news shows that it was something very important.

Even worse, the Morgans said that someone had died at the Reverie, and everyone close to Sabo had a bad reaction to what had been written.

Fans have been wondering what happened to Sabo since they don’t know much about it.

Did Sabo die at Reverie?

From how everyone reacted to Morgan’s newspaper in chapter 956, it’s clear that Sabo has been hurt.

But we think Sabo is still alive. It wouldn’t make much sense to bring a character back just to kill him off again so soon.

He was probably taken by the Marines and sentenced to death, like Ace. This would then set up a storyline that is similar to Marineford.

At Sacred Marijoa, just like with Whitebeard, it would be the Revolutionary Army that would come to save him (Mariejois).

People who care about Sabo are heartbroken when they hear that he is going to be killed, especially Dadan and Makino.

This is because the last time something similar happened, not even the crew of the strongest man alive could save the person who was going to be executed.

But Dragon and Emporio Ivankov don’t react the same way that Dadan and Makino do.

They look more shocked than sad, which shows that Sabo did something strange at the Reverie.

Dragon may have said that they need to find out the truth first because of this.

The World Government also tried to hide the fact that someone had died at Reverie. If that is true, then it makes no sense that Sabo is dead.

Because the World Government would not try to hide the fact that Sabo died.

So, we can be sure that the victim at Reverie was not the person we thought it was.

What did Sabo do at Reverie?

reverie 1 One Piece: What happened to Sabo at Reverie? Is he Dead?

In One Piece chapter 925, we find out the truth about what Sabo did at the Reverie.

He and the other captains of the Revolutionary Army had broken into Sacred Marijoa (Mary Geoise) to get Kuma out. After Vegapunk was done experimenting on Kuma, the Celestial Dragons kept him as a slave.

The captains then fought with Fujitora and Ryokugyu, who were in charge of the Navy.

Ivankov and Dragon may have been surprised because they didn’t think the captains would fight with the Admirals.

The mission was supposed to be done in secret, but Sabo seems to have gotten carried away and gotten involved with the Admirals.

When Sabo last fought Fujitora, Koala told him he was being too risky. Getting into a fight with an admiral would make the whole Navy angry.

Since Dragon had not yet gathered most of his troops, this would put the Revolutionary army in a bad position.

Well, since he met Luffy in Dressrosa and ate the Flame Flame fruit, Sabo has found a “fiery side” to himself.

Even though we don’t know all the facts, we can guess that Sabo might have lost to the admirals because of how careless he was.

He might have lost his temper after seeing Kuma being beaten and attacked without thinking.

Well, there’s no way the captains of the Revolutionary Army can beat two Admirals of the Navy now, is there?

Is Sabo a murderer?

Sabo is also possibly being blamed for a murder that didn’t happen at the Reverie. This could have been the reason why he got into a fight with Fujitora and Ryokugyu.

There are also ideas about how Sabo could have gotten away from the Marines. This would make him a killer on the loose.

If the death in question is that of Cobra (a well-liked king? ), it would explain why everyone is shocked and saddened by the headline of Morgan’s news in One Piece chapter 956.

Morgan did say that the best news is about big deaths. This means that the person who died was an important person.

This fits Cobra’s status since he is the king of Alabasta and played a big part in destroying the Shichibukai (warlords of the sea) building.

So, if people read the headline and are still worried about Sabo, it means that he was either framed for the murder and then caught or that he was framed for the murder and then caught.

Or Sabo got away and is now a fugitive that the marines are looking for.

How things could play out in the future?

one piece 956 el inesperado destino de sabo One Piece: What happened to Sabo at Reverie? Is he Dead?

If Sabo is caught, the Revolutionary army will do everything they can to save their Chief of Staff.

And if things do go this way, there is a small chance that they could get Sabo back and get away to Wano.

It’s also possible that Sabo ran away from the Admirals and went to Wano, where he met Luffy. Wano needs to be set free.

The already tense situation in the country would get worse if the Revolutionary army came to Wano.

If the Navy also shows up, this could turn into a four-way battle royale.

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