Does Asta Become Wizard King in Black Clover?

Young Yuno and Asta made a connection over their dream to become the new Wizard King.

Despite the struggles and trials and tribulations, the story is always entertaining the possibility of someone becoming the Wizard King has a symbolic significance – their progress. 

The battle with the elves led to tears and we were confronted with a decision – following Julius was killed, who will be to be the new Wizard King?

Yuno and Asta might have climbed the top of the mountain with their talents and determination, but it’s clear they’re still not ready to become”the” Wizard King. Let’s examine the potential contenders for Wizard King, as the story suggests!

About Black Clover

Black Clover is a Japanese manga created and drawn by Yuki Tabata. It’s been serialized by Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since February 16, 2015, and was published in 22 volumes of tankobon.

The story revolves around Asta the young boy born with no magical powers, which is undiscovered in the world that he lives. Along with his fellow mages from the Black Bulls, Asta plans to be the next Wizard King.

Quick Answer

It was discovered that Julius is actually alive, however, he isn’t fully functional because of his resurrection. 

According to the tale, five captains are Wizard King-worthy which means that one is expected to be”the 29th” Wizard King. Fuegoleon, Nozel, Yami, Mereoleona and William.

Who will be the future Wizard King?

Julius Returns

The thought of the end of the life of Julius Novachrono devastated the fans and the characters alike. The absence for a short time from the 27th Wizard King sparked the long-running debate of “Who will become the next Wizard King?” returned to the table.

In the final moments, the arc shows an older Julius coming out of the forest. Julius declares that he saved 13 years by putting a forehead cross and was able to trigger his magical time travel

So, he’s not really dying, in this way in the beginning. However, this doesn’t negate the importance of discussing who will take over the reins of Wizard King the next time around.

29th Wizard King Contenders

Officially, there isn’t any announcement, however, fans have a few contenders in their minds. Fuegoleon, Nozel, Yami, William and Mereoleona. 

The majority of betting bets on Fuegoleon especially following his power boost from his Salamander. But there are some who could be open to the choice of the other players too.

This is a result of the reemergence in the form of First Wizard King Lemiel and his conversation with Asta. 

Lemiel acknowledges his gratitude for seeing his ideals continue to live on throughout Asta as well as Yuno. 

Lemiel says he was delighted to meet his ancestors and to be part of safeguarding the future.

These ideals are cited as a factor when choosing which will become the next Wizard King. This shows that isn’t only the power that’s a crucial factor, but also leadership charisma, and the affection for the Kingdom and the people.

Yuno as well as Asta could be contenders, however, they could be contenders for the thirty-third Wizard King because their capabilities and capacity to run the kingdom are not at their full potential.

The only requirement to be”the” Wizard King of the Kingdom is merit, to be recognized as the most powerful mage of the Kingdom. In this article, I’ll discuss the reason to select the above-mentioned as potential contenders.

Fuegoleon Vermillion

Fuegoleon Vermillion 768x432 1 Does Asta Become Wizard King in Black Clover?

Fuegoleon Vermillion is close to becoming his 29th Wizard King. Fuegoleon Vermillion is the perfect candidate for the position of his successor as the Wizard King. Fuegoleon’s charismatic nature is a leader capable of leading.

He has proven himself capable of assessing situations swiftly and distributing orders like in the royal capital’s incursion.

Fuegoleon is known as fair and does not pay attention to the status of a person’s social standing in the evaluation of an individual. 

He prefers to judge people based on their worth, which is demonstrated when he stands up for Asta against the oppression of House Silva.

His actions are motivated by the pursuit of justice and he has a firm attitude. While he is a nobleman, he has enough self-confidence to be angry at any rudeness or disrespect. He is a decent and honest leader, with Wizard Level powers.

Nozel Silva

Nozel Silva 768x432 1 Does Asta Become Wizard King in Black Clover?

Nozel Silva is an eminent nobleman from the house of Silva and is the captain of the Silver Eagle. 

In contrast to Fuegoleon, Nozel is quite an arrogant person who believes himself to be superior. In terms of ability, Nozel is an excellent candidate for the title of Wizard King.

It is somewhat jarring to have a snobby and unforgiving King in the post. However, Nozel does take his position and his status very seriously.

He is critical that he is not in his House when Fuegoleon has been injured and is extremely considerate of his fellows. The candidacy of Nozel is definitely worthy of note.

Yami Sukehiro

Yami Sukehiro 768x432 1 Does Asta Become Wizard King in Black Clover?

Yami Sukehiro won’t be the new Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom due to a variety of reasons. The first reason is that the current emperor, Julius Novachrono is still alive. Second, Yami isn’t interested in a position of power at all.

Yami is an international born in Hino Country and the captain of the notorious Most Strong Black Bull Members. The team is a mirror of his persona: recklessness and inconsiderate conduct.

Asta may be a hothead and unruly however, he’s a gentleman at heart. Asta was among the first person to recognize the merits of Asta. 

Even with his quirks, the mage is a skilled and respected mage in the Kingdom. Although his actions are not well-defined, Yami is still a skilled and knowledgeable combatant.

Yami is not a sexist character and helps people develop within their own world with his “tough love”. It’s not the typical Wizard King but he’s popular and even loved by Julius himself.

William Vangeance

William Vangeance 768x432 1 Does Asta Become Wizard King in Black Clover?

William Vangeance is the first captain of the Golden Dawn Squad. He was a part of the body of the head of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Patolli. But the two men split up following the time Asta forced them to leave and then freed the two.

He has a strong bond of respect and admiration for Julius. William is well-liked and respected by his fellow men. 

Vangeance is a keen and cautious person with an amicable manner. Even though his part in the elves’ arc could affect his credibility, it’s unlikely to do so.

Mereoleona Vermillion

Mereoleona Vermillion 768x432 1 Does Asta Become Wizard King in Black Clover?

Mereoleona is the name of a noblewoman belonging to the House Vermillion and is also the Captain of the Crimson Lion – one of the best knight Squads. 

In terms of her power, Mereoleona is also worth taking into consideration for her title as a Wizard King (or Queen in her case).

However, it’s doubtful she’d be willing to accept the post as she is not a fan of being in the Royal Capital and spends most of her time in the countryside. She’s an excellent candidate in the event that her abilities as a leader are called into consideration.

However, she’s much more worthy of being a tough leader or commander rather than an Emperor who’s patient.

Is Asta be to be Wizard King?

Asta is set to become Asta will be the new Wizard King. i.e that is, either 30th or 31st Magic King of the Clover Kingdom.

Fuegoleon Vermillion is the best candidate to be the 29th Wizard King and will be succeeded by Asta.

Asta neither has the capacity nor the expertise to be the Wizard King at present.

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