Anime Elves

28 Best Anime Elves Characters of All Time

Anime Elves are very versatile characters.

Right from the beautiful elven love interest to a warrior that will cut your limbs off without hesitation.

And drag you back to their lair to torture information out of you, from benevolent heroes who only and only want peace and harmony to a morally-grey tainted soul that only wants to be loved by someone.

Well, here’s to all the noteworthy anime elves that might know and should know about. 

So, Here are our picks of most beautiful anime elves characters of all times.

28. Myucel Foaran From Outbreak Company

06 myucel foaran outbreak company anime

So, elves are pretty cool, right?

But what if I told you that Outbreak Company has a half-elf with two tails who has served in the military for two years and also works as a maid?

So much for Myucel Foaran.

She lives in a place where not being pure-blooded is seen as a bad thing, which is sad. So that she always had to hide her elf ears.

And that’s what makes Shinichi a good guy for her.

Since he’s not from her world and is an otaku, he doesn’t think it’s strange that she’s a half-elf with long, pointy ears. On the contrary, he likes them, and he’s right about that.

Myucel is an amazing person who picks up the Japanese language quickly and does her work quickly, especially if it’s for Shinichi.

27. Shera Greenwood From How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

08 shera greenwood how not to summon a demon lord

At this point, it’s safe to say that a blonde female elf is likely to end up in a fantasy story with a lot of ecchi and harem.

But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. And it just shows how interesting elves are on their own.

The pointy ears and magic and shooting skills make them stand out, and all of these things are true of Shera Greenwood, who has blonde hair.

Yes, she has a lot to offer.

Shera is again a young female elf, but she is more than just a stereotypical blonde girl.

Shera was a princess, but she had to leave her country because her brother Keera was mean to her.

So she’s getting over a terrible event, and a feeling of being alone keeps creeping up on her.

So, she called upon Diablo. Together with Rem, Diablo pulls her out of her dark past.

And Shera is a very interesting person:

Even though her brother hurt Keera, Shera doesn’t hate or want to get back at him. She even feels sad that Keera died.

26. Celcia “Elizabeth” Marieclaire From Those Who Hunt Elves

09 celcia marieclaire those who hunt elves anime

This list wouldn’t be complete without the elf who is the host of the show “Those Who Hunt Elves.”

Celcia was the reason to watch the show.

She was having a normal life in her fantasy world when three people showed up and ruined her day.

She uses her magic to try to send them back to Earth, but things don’t go as planned.

Now, they have to go looking for female elves and actually strip them to find pieces of the spell that are tattooed on their bodies.

I love how old Celcia looks, even though the anime is from 1996.

She isn’t the only elf girl in anime with long, golden hair, but she looks the most grown up. Except when she turns into a dog and then, get this, a panda to make things even funnier.

25. Pwyll From Tears to Tiara

11 pwyll tears to tiara anime

Most shows like Tears to Tiara don’t have as many elf characters with real speech as Tears to Tiara does, but Pwyll is the one I remember the most.

For one thing, two of the main players are directly related to him. Riannon and Arthur, to be exact.

Throughout the series, you’ll see how other people act when they find out they’re related to the famous king of the elves who fought alongside Arawn against the army of Heaven.

Second, some people think that Pwyll came back to life as Arthur. So maybe that’s why the second one looks so much like him.

And finally, even though most of his screen time was in EP 22 through Arthur’s flashbacks, that was enough to show his strength, charisma, and willingness to change if it meant saving his people.

There are three things that every good boss must have.

24. Victoria Samanark From Restaurant to Another World

12 victoria samanark restaurant to another world

Victoria Samanark was a pleasant surprise in Silver Link’s slice-of-life isekai, which was already a surprise. This show has a special place in my heart because it was on while I ate my boring, lonely meals back then.

And in ainime, I haven’t seen anyone like Victoria yet.

She is a shy half-elf princess who has spent her whole life learning magic.

Maybe it was never really a choice to begin with. Victoria wasn’t a pure-blooded human like her parents and brother, who were also in the royal line. She knew that if she took the throne, their people would be upset.

So, her only real choice was to work on her magic, which turned out to be a great choice for both her and the audience.

The beautiful Victoria met Altorius through magic. He took her to the Nekoya restaurant, where she fell in love with pudding so much that she made a way to keep it cool when she took it home.

23. Fiel Nirvalen From No Game No Life

16 fiel nirvalen no game no life anime

I still feel bad that I missed seeing the movie in theaters when it finally came to my country. Based on what the series did, I’m sure it would have been cool to see its original style on a big screen.

Fiel Nilvalen stands out from other elves because No Game No Life has a bright, unique look, as if it went through all kinds of crazy photo effects.

She looks like a standard anime elf, but there’s nothing wrong with that if it’s done well.

Despite being 52 years old, Fiel Nirvalen looks like a young girl.

In fact, I’d be happy if she was my friend in a dream world where I was sent. Maybe it’s because of her big, kind blue eyes, her cute smile, and, of course, her long, golden hair.

But what I love most about her is that she is kind to Chlammy Zell, the human slave that her elf family owns.

Even though it’s a big risk, she decided not to treat her differently because of her race. Instead, she treated her with respect and as a game partner, not as a slave.

22. Mare Bello Fiore From Overlord

18 mare bello fiore overlord anime screenshot

Yes, you did read this correctly:

I picked Mare Bello Fiore over his twin sister Aura Bella Fiora, and it’s probably because Bukubukuchagama made him look like a trap.

This cute little dark elf has beautiful eyes that are different colors on each side and ears that are long for his body size. He looks shy and worried.

Mare Bello Fiore would rather lie around and read books than talk to people, but he and his sister are both good 6th Floor Guardians.

Lastly, I love all the little things that went into making his character. From his golden bangs and green cape to his white skirt and gloves.

21. Zel From Interspecies Reviewers

19 zel interspecies reviewers anime

Interspecies Reviewers is one of the most divisive anime shows of the past few years, which is kind of poetic.

But the show can’t really be stopped:

It’s out there already.

Everyone knows what Zel, Kanchal, and Stunk did and what the different sucubi creatures did to them.

You don’t have to watch the whole show to understand why Zel is still in my mind.

Just watch EP 01 to see how funny it is that Zel is attracted to an old human woman (she seems to be in her 50s) who has a lot of power.

20. Juana From Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Juana From Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

You probably didn’t expect to see this kind of elf here, but that’s what makes Juana even more interesting.

Here is a curvy, blue-haired half-elf woman with huge plates around her shoulders and waist, as if she were ready to take on a robot unit by herself.

People would probably laugh at the idea that she is an elf if it weren’t for her sharp ears and the fact that she is the queen of Tres Espaa, which includes humans, elves, and half-elves.

But that’s the strange world of science fiction in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere:

It gave fans a detail-oriented queen who is also vice president of the student council.

She seems unapproachable, but she is sometimes silly and always very attractive (thanks, Rie Tanaka, for giving her a voice).

19. Lyrule From CHOYOYU!: High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!

Lyrule From CHOYOYU!

Even though CHOYOYU came out not too long ago, I don’t blame anyone for forgetting about it. If it stuck in someone’s mind, it was because of things like the bad story and how it was told.

But there is one good thing about it that stands out:

Lyrule is a cute elf and the secondary character in The Legend of Zelda. Her name is just one letter away from being the same as the name of the game’s kingdom.

High schoolers and minor characters often made me mad, but Lyrule always made me happy.

Her hair wasn’t a bright neon green or a dark shade of green. Instead, it was a softer, lighter shade of green that fit her kind nature.

Then you see her big blue eyes, the slight blush on her face, her smile, and her fanservice shots, and you feel like CHOYOYU could be saved from itself, but it can’t.

18. High Elf Archer (Yousei Yunde) From Goblin Slayer

High Elf Archer (Yousei Yunde) From Goblin Slayer

Don’t try and pick a fight with her or piss her off! Please! It’s for you own good! She is a 2000 year old elf that will make you  regret everything you said.

And be careful when she drinks alcohol. You know how certain people become a mine field when they have a drink.

She’s a TNT field when she drinks.

It’s not all that there is to her though. She has her own ideas about what an adventure should be like. She prefers to remain optimistic and retain her innocence.

17. Urza From Tsuyokute New Saga

Urza From Tsuyokute New Saga

3 parts Spirit magic + 5 parts honestly + 1 part Tsundere = Urza.

She also doesn’t like anyone who plays dirty.

All of her personality is mostly capturing because she never wavers from this one cornerstone of her character.

16. Eina Tulle From DanMachi

05 eina tulle is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon

With all the elves being such violent or super smart or super human, here’s someone who you can relate to on a much more.

She is serious, calm and composed. She does her job with a passion and genuinely just doesn’t want anyone to die.

She is often flirted with, and why wouldn’t she be?

Elf’s got emerald eyes, cocoa hair with pointy ears, she’s a receptionist and cares about most people. Everything about this woman just screams perfect.

15. Tiffania Westwood From Zero no Tsukaima

Tiffania Westwood From Zero no Tsukaima

Tiffania starts off as a rather naïve character who doesn’t really understand anything about others.

She barely can tell if people are prying on her with their perverted intentions or even barely notices people’s inner tendencies.

However, over the course of the series, she becomes so well adept at reading other people that she can sense their motives, problems and sufferings, becomes in tune with ‘Tsun-Tsun’ tendencies of characters but also doesn’t take advantage of them.

14. Echidna From Queen’s Blade

13 echidna queens blade anime

A dark-skinned barely dressed badass freelance mercenary wild elf.

What else do you need to know about this very incredibly hard to miss character. She stands out so much with her perverted and sadistic demeanor.

She is one of those characters that has the strength to wreck havoc on the entire world but doesn’t do it because she’s lazy.

One can very easily gloss over the heart of gold that she has, buried deep inside her outer shell of her negative, cruel and rude behaviour caused by 500 years of battle experience.

A slight sense of personal space and establishing boundaries, a little more clothing and this character will be the perfect elf warrior you’ll ever come across.

13. Schnee Raizar From The New Gate

Schnee Raizar From The New Gate

Cool, calm and collected…unless it’s about someone she cares about. If you put even a finger to hurt even a hair of anyone who she holds dear be prepared to face the wrath of hell that she is going to unleash on you!

This, however, isn’t the most central and noticeable thing about her character. Her trademark trait actually is her strict adherence to neutrality.

She doesn’t help people because she wants to protect them, but because it’s what she is supposed to do. Her neutrality has often manifested as strictness in her training.

Her wide range of skillset such a Blade Breaker, Mind’s eyes, Wide heal and so many more give her an impressive femme fatale profile.

12. Aura Bella Fiora From Overload

Aura Bella Fiora From Overload 1

She is tiny, okay?

So, instead of stabbing you in the face with a dagger, Aura will stab you in the heart with her blunt remarks.

She is extremely loyal and has a sense of duty. She often bosses her brother around but eventually throwing in commands like “Take care of yourself, in case we get separated.”.

Her cheerful and tomboyish personality melds nicely into her combat skills basically taming animals and specialising in gorilla combat.

It’s quite the surprise that a character like her has a fear of insects and insect-like features including antennae and appendages.

11. Deedlit From Record of Lodoss War

Deedlit From Record of Lodoss War 1

Would you rather live a short and peaceful life or an eternal life where you’re constantly the target of a wizard who wants to capture and use you as a sacrifice for a ritual?

Deedlit didn’t exactly have a choice. She’s a high elf. So, she was automatically blessed with the second option.

Though with the long life that she has had, it comes with plus sides too.

She is often the one with most knowledge, being able to anticipate potential dangers and warns her comrades about it.

Her attacks are very high speed, accurate and she can often strong enemies like her dark elf counterparts.

She does have a little tendency to be haughty and cocky though.

That’s okay, right?

Since she’s going to live forever.

 10. Annette From Elf wo Karu Mono-tachi

Annette From Elf wo Karu Mono-tachi

I can’t believe she betrayed her own race to join exactly those who are harming her comrades without even a bit of hesitation. She also opened a portal to bring in more earthly material…

Until you know that she was acting as a spy in the enemy organization all on her own and she tried to use a powerful spell and destroy them from the inside but the portal didn’t work properly and backfired on accident instead.

This Priestly elf though was quick to realize her own misjudgment and mend her ways quickly, giving her a quick adaptability.

9. Marielle From The Log Horizon

Marielle From The Log Horizon

Marielle can winkle sadness out of anyone. Her cheerful energetic and happy personality shined like sunshine upon everyone who recieves the blessing of her smile.

She also does definitely get pouty if something happens, has a tendency to whine and throw tantrums. She is a slacker and also a bit…

How should I put this… Careless or rather open about her body directly asking people if they want to touch her chest or something.

Despite all of this, she is a variables leader and has a great concern for others.

She caring, gentle and helpful towards others while also being a little too inquisitive where it usually points to prying, troublesome with all of her meddling into others matters and winkle jumps to the wrong conclusions.

A perfect balance of strengths and flaws.

An experienced elf with a childlike happy personality, isn’t that just the thing that you need in life?

8. Marie (Mariabelle) From Welcome To Japan, Ms. Elf!

Marie (Mariabelle) From Welcome To Japan, Ms. Elf!

That girl that you’ve always dreamt about, met her in your dreams and talked to her.

Well, she’s an elf…

And he’s here now…

In Japan…

By your bed…

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Well, Mariabelle, who goes by the nickname, Marie has almost always hate humans for their ways and never left her elf forest at all… Except this time.

She is now determined to experience all that is to modern Japanese life and culture.

She is a spirit sorcereress adventurer who comes equipped with everything required for adventuring.

Incantation of various magic spells, memorization of all the famous spots, precision in all the activities that she undertakes, insight for people and trouble,

Fortify mind which we also sometimes like to call encouragement and most importantly cooking!

7. Kokoro Natsume From Princess Connect! Re:Dive

Kokoro Natsume From Princess Connect! Re:Dive

An elf devoted to serving her Master for her entire life! Kokkoro has waited since she was a child so that she could assist her Master who would finally arrive.

She is definitely the picture of a nature elf in your mind. Light green clothes, loyal and kind, used the honorific ‘-sama’ for everyone and tends to animals, plants and meditates for fun.

Don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating her combat skills. She wields a lance like a part of her body. You wouldn’t even realize when you were defeated once she does get serious in a fight.

 6. Fil Nilvalen From No Game, No Life

Fil Nilvalen From No Game, No Life

You’re stereotypical dumb soft-spoken character that always needs to be saved…

Except that she’s very cunning…

And intelligent…

And doesn’t need to be saved.

This elf is actually much more than anything that would seem on the surface. She is calm, composed, in control of her emotions most of the times, greatly affectionate but also equally hateful.

Despite having her pride as an elf, she is ready to sacrifice it for the people she loves. Even being such an affectionate person.

She doesn’t mind being sadistic towards anyone she claims to hate cheerfully asking them to blow themselves up and licking her shoes and apologizing and force characters into being her chairs.

5. Puck From Berserk

17 puck berserk anime screenshot

Puck is a whimsical and lighthearted presence that stands out in the dark and unforgiving world he lives in.

As such, he is a complete contrast in character to his traveling partner Guts, who in-turn, is brooding, cynical and reclusive.

Not one to take people’s behavior at face value, Puck prefers to find the inherent good in those he meets rather than dismiss them for what he initially sees.

As such, Puck displays a great deal of patience when dealing with less-than-reputable characters, most notably his early traveling days with Guts, in which he was subject to Gut’s consistent verbal (and sometimes physical) abuse.

Puck does eventually come to find that they do possess some manner of morality and a reason for their brash actions.

4. Yousei Hime Ren From Elf Princess Rane

Yousei Hime Ren From Elf Princess Rane

You’re an elf…

And a fairy…

And a princess…

And you have powers…

But you are Tinkerbell sized. So, it’s not uncommon for you to get bullied by regular sized humans.

The hinderance of this anime that is sure to crack you within seconds is understanding the humour. This anime is heavily based on Japanese dialect based humour, slightly perverted gags and in general has a more punny humour.

The series is sure to keep you giggling throughout if you can catch the jokes.

This is a frenzy of comedy, action and the mid 90’ anime flair that surely nobody wants to miss!

3. Ruu From Elf 17

Ruu From Elf 17

Straight out of the 80’ with a headband, superhuman strength and the ability of fly, Ruu easily acrobats into the third spot on this list.

Her strong sense of justice, free-spirited behaviour and likeability makes her the perfect partner to go on an adventure with.

Though she seems like just a strong simpleton, Ruu is much more than that. She is forgiving and intelligent and knows exactly where to strike to get her opponents to their knees.

 2. Licht From Black Clover

14 licht black clover anime

Licht has been through so much despite being such a harmonious and non-violent character, it’s extremely unfair.

Licht is the kind of character who only wants to live a simple cottage life with his family and friends, tending to his plants, reading his books, sword fighting with his friends, testing and honing his magical skills and not bother anyone.

Happy smiles and laughs turned to laboured breaths and blood baths, despite all of which, Licht continued to fight for what he believed in, alongside his friends. 

No matter what anyone else believed, Licht didn’t mindlessly blame anyone for his fate. He stayed calm and sacrificed himself for everyone else.

1. Emilia From Re:Zero

Emilia From Re:Zero

Emilia, a half-elf, candidate to become King of Lugnica and the supposed daughter of the Witch of Envy, rose to her current popularity for a reason.

Emilia is sweet, never turns her back on people that need her, is trusting, strong and courageous. A usually pious, calm and soft-spoken character who can pick her voice up when required.

Emilia is very likeable due to her overall personality, her ice based magic powers, abilities to communicate with spirits, her heartfelt connections with other characters and the determination to sacrifice for them make Emilia the one to definitely take a place in your heart.

Not to mention the beautiful silver hair, pointy ears and her incredibly cute giggle.