18 Lovable Horimiya Characters of All Time

The story isn’t particularly memorable at the moment. So what’s the best thing about Horimiya? 

The characters I must admit that the characters in this anime seem more authentic than what I’ve seen in many other rom-com. Horimiya is the most authentic and genuine Rom-Com I’ve ever watched. 

The interactions between the characters elevate the quality of this show to a whole new level. The interaction between the four characters, namely Hiro, Miyamura, Yoshikawa, and Ishikawa, can be so soothing. 

There’s a warmth in the anime which is all due to the character. It’s quite amazing that they can develop secondary characters so well in a show that focuses only on two main characters.

For me, Horimiya has everything I would want from an adaptation. 

Through its ups and downs, the anime has proven that it is a master of direction, with appealing characters, well-written scripts, and a decent story. 

It certainly became one of my absolute favorites. 

Because I don’t have a Horimiya chapter to look forward to every month, I’m looking forward to a new season 🙂

Let’s start with our list of 18 horimiya characters with fan-favorite status.

18. Reiko Terajima

Reiko Terajima

The description of her is “kind and patient, but firm.”

She is kind, but strict and caring towards her students as well as other teachers

She is also somewhat tolerant of her students, allowing Miyamura’s explanation about his ears being pierced without having to fight back. 

However, when she is dealing with Yasuda, her personality totally alters and she becomes antagonistic towards Yasuda. 

She is a single woman.

17. Makio Tanihara

Makio Tanihara

Tanihara is a foul-mouthed and crude man. He’s had a history of intimidating people, most notably Miyamura. 

In situations when the situation is not comfortable and he is withdrawn, he will become silent, preferring to think about his thoughts while letting others take the lead

He has a slight fear of women, largely because of the many girlfriends his female-oriented brother brought home, as well as his own experiences with women in the show. 

Apart from that, being a bit diligent, particularly when compared to his elder brother.

16. Motoko Iura

Motoko Iura

Self-described as a non-talkative and gloomy person, Motoko is the opposite of Shuu. 

She prefers to remain true to her own thoughts and has difficulty getting along with people. 

But, unlike Shuu, her personality extends to her school activities, even though she’s much more aggressive and violent toward her brother than the other students. 

She’s also quite clever, but she doesn’t have the confidence to apply the skills to their fullest.

She is 3 years older than Shuu, which makes her an elementary school 3rd-year student. 

Because she wants to attend East High School (a very high-end institution), Shuu helps her and helps her receive tutoring from Hori to prepare for the admission exam. 

But, Motoko does not get accepted and chooses to go to Katagiri instead.

15. Shin Yasuda

15. Shin Yasuda

He is a fan of teenagers. He doesn’t even try to conceal this. 

But he never does anything to any girl, but he is incredibly welcoming towards them and cold towards the males. 

He frequently demands that guys who have girls (mainly Miyamura and Sengoku) quit their relationships with them to take them off instead. 

When he’s only with male students, he sighs in resentment at the situation that he is the only one who does not have girls. 

He doesn’t remember any of his male students’ names, claiming that he doesn’t need to know irrelevant information.

The majority of the female students at Yasuda’s also like him and think he’s an awesome, young, beautiful teacher who is kind to students. 

Many of them want to visit Yasuda in the counseling room.

14. Yuriko Hori

Yuriko Hori

Yuriko is a kind and loving mother who can be very uninterested in cooking.

Within chapter 119.7, it is revealed in a flashback to their high school time that she has serious sides to her and is certainly not a one to be ignored because Kyousuke Hori remarks on the fact that “Even though she’s gentle as flowers… as well as the word “lily”, however, at that point, there are some thorns.”

13. Kouichi Shindou

Kouichi Shindou

Kouichi is shown to possess an extremely kind and positive personality. He is always smiling. He was also very well-liked in middle school.

At that time, Kouichi was a friend of Izumi Miyamura in junior high school. During that time, many other students slammed him. 

In the beginning, he was not a good memory keeper, and it took many attempts before he could get Miyamura’s name correct (this happened in one instance within the manga, and he had the correct name after the 18th chapter). 

Kouichi stood to defend Izumi after Makio Tanihara claimed that he was unlucky and shouldn’t be around Izumi because of his depressing personality and numerous punctures. 

He also lets Makio know that Izumi’s down-personality is because of how Makio’s circle of friends is treating Izumi. Kouichi thinks of Izumi as an extremely fascinating person and is close to him; they are best friends. 

Izumi believes that Kouichi is the one who has changed him to feel comfortable being himself in the presence of other people. 

Kouichi and Izumi are both going to two different high schools: Izumi will go to Katagiri High School and Kouichi will go to Yasaka High School due to his parents’ desire to achieve their goals.

12. Kakeru Sengoku

Kakeru Sengoku

Sengoku is a shy young man who is embarrassingly handsome. 

Every little thing can cause him to shiver in fear, in particular things that involve the fear of horror or insects. 

Sengoku is extremely smart and serious, usually ranked first in terms of grade at school (and the second-highest in physical education). 

He is a reader who has an amazing level of focus when he reads, to the point of completely ignoring all other distractions in the world around him.

He’s not usually very emotional in his expressions. 

The only exception is his anger or frustration, which he expresses every day in his position as president of the Student Council President. 

Although he may make threats and be angry at those who break the regulations, he doesn’t enjoy doing it.

11. Souta Hori

Souta Hori

Souta is a docile child who is close to his sisters and is highly devoted to Izumi Miyamura, whom he regards as an elder brother. 

When Souta first encounters Miyamura, Miyamura describes him as “level and slender” because of his ability to remember his address. in a position to remember his address.

As a young person, he can be quite explicit and does not feel ashamed to talk about topics Hori cannot discuss.

He’s happy when he sees Hori and Miyamura with rings on, believing they’re getting married. 

He’s also extremely sensitive, noting the fact that Hori and Miyamura feel a connection with one another but do not have feelings for each other until they do, and he decides to stay up late at school to allow them more time to be with each other. 

However, Hori and Miyamura mistake this for Souta getting into his rebellious stage in the early years of his life.

10. Sakura Kouno

Sakura Kouno

Sakura is an excellent, well-rounded, caring, and responsible individual. 

She is extremely hard-working and ensures she ensures that the Student Council does its work in addition to any follow-up work. 

She is also very conservative, as she is reluctant to acknowledge that she is in love with Tooru. However, she eventually confesses to her friend Remi that she has a person she enjoys. (Tooru)

Sakura is unsure of her self-esteem to the point that she shows envy of her close friend Remi, whom Sakura believes is cute and different from her. 

However, her insecurity is something she gradually gets over throughout the show and helps her build self-confidence and meet new acquaintances.

9. Syu Iura

Syu Iura

Syu is an outgoing and loud person. 

He is best friends with Ishikawa. 

Syu likes playing games with people and is usually the person who starts the activities or games played with the other members of the group. 

Everyone within the group finds Syu to be a nuisance. Syu is the human version of the green ball of energy.

As if destined to never have an affair, Syu spends a lot of his time muttering about the fact that he will never have a girlfriend. But, Syu doesn’t have his goals set on a particular woman, and it’s not a common occurrence. 

There is a suggestion that if Syu were to be quieter occasionally, there’d be more girls who’d be interested in him. 

However, as Syu states, “if you take away my enthusiasm, what would be left?…”, leaving others in the group to ask if his life is engaging and annoying.

8. Remi Ayasaki

Remi Ayasaki

Remi is typically portrayed as a childish woman who has a very sly persona, and who wears her feelings on her sleeves. 

She appears to depend on the help of others frequently. 

She’s also not very intelligent, and she is often compared with Izumi Miyamura over who is the smarter. 

She often speaks about herself in the third person.

7. Akane Yanagi

Akane Yanagi

Yanagi is a sweet and polite boy who doesn’t want to hurt anyone negatively. 

However, because of his reserved nature and polite manner of talking, the boy is often seen as unfriendly, and so he is keen to be more friendly to all. 

However, despite that, he intends to be friends with all people and he will make extraordinary efforts to stay at peace with his fellow citizens, particularly Kakeru Sengoku.

He’s very unfriendly in the mornings.

When you can see that he’s still up and half-asleep, his behavior is completely different. 

He can be brutal and rude, to the point that other characters wonder if the character has a unipolar personality.

6. Tooru Ishikawa

Tooru Ishikawa

Tooru appears to be an extremely jealous person, as is evident when he stared at Izumi Miyamura while he was talking about Kyouko Hori.

He is extremely explosive in his temper, as shown in chapter 12, where he finds himself fighting with Miyamura as Miyamura continues to ignore Ishikawa’s constant rambling on about his theories about whether or not Hori is in love with Miyamura. 

He also expresses regret over having lost his temper following the fight.

Then, he’s one of Miyamura’s closest buddies and accepts that Hori and Hori are now dating.

5. Honoka Sawada

Honoka Sawada

Sawada has an affectionate girl named Kyouko Hori. Because of her love for Hori, she can be annoyed when Hori is with Izumi Miyamura and decides to evict him. 

She sees Miyamura as a rival to her sibling. However, she also sees him as a figure of brotherhood. She was close to her brother, who passed away a few years ago. 

Also, she appears to suffer from mild androphobia, frequently freezing, running away, or hiding when confronted by males. Since she met Miyamura, she has hidden behind him whenever she was approached by a male. 

She is gradually becoming comfortable with Miyamura’s male acquaintances. 

Sawada can be scared easily, as a wooden floorboard started creaking during her sleep and she slept with Miyamura.

4. Kyousuke Hori

Kyousuke Hori

Based on Kyouko Hori, Kyousuke is an aggressive, selfish, and rude man who jokingly discusses serious issues and can take a break for long durations of time. 

He’s also a bit pricey in the sense that when requested by his family members to take a bite of Beluga Caviar or Sharks’ Fin Soup, he refused these items. 

He appears to be capable of changing moods quickly, such as when he was asleep before receiving a visit from Izumi Miyamura, and when he saw him, Kyousuke’s tired appearance changed to an optimistic one immediately.

3. Yuki Yoshikawa

Yuki Yoshikawa

Yuki is a typical bubbly and ditzy personality, which tends to create a fun and happy environment for those around her, although she isn’t always the most active, as is evident from her habit of sleeping in classes. 

It is easy for her to be around and make acquaintances fairly quickly, which is the case in her relationship with Izumi Miyamura.

But, Yuki often tries to cover up her feelings of sadness, especially before her friends—by claiming that she’s okay and doesn’t seem to care about the situation. 

According to Kyouko, the fact is that when Yuki does not want anyone to learn something, she will try to conceal it by covering her face with a smile.

She also states that it is noted that the longer she refuses to let something go, the more she avoids talking about the issue. 

Because she is reticent about her personal feelings and feelings, she doesn’t tell anyone what she feels or what she would like to do. Because of this, the things she is passionate about typically are not within her reach.

2. Kyouko Hori

Kyouko Hori

Kyouko is usually a lively and popular person who creates the perfect atmosphere for herself. 

She has been an ardent worker her whole life.

In fact, in the words of Izumi Miyamura, she has a score of over 90% on all of her tests. 

If she’s embarrassed or anxious, she’s likely to shift into a violent mood. 

This can be seen at the moment Kyousuke Hori inquires whether Miyamura is her lover, which results in her becoming red and throwing the hot ladle directly into his face.

If she is cleaning her ears, nail clipping, ear cleaning, or massaging her ears, she does it with a lot of force, which is why she is considered a threat at the hands of her parents, colleagues, and Miyamura. 

Miyamura has also stated in the chapter that a Q-tip appears to be a weapon that can cause an enormous amount of danger when Hori is using it.

1. Izumi Miyamura

Izumi Miyamura

At first, at high school, Izumi is a quiet, dark, and unsocial individual. The impression his peers have of Izumi is that he’s an otaku with excellent study skills, but a difficult person to maintain conversations with.

Izumi was a shy person who was unable to socialize with other people as a young person through junior high. This led to his being constantly ostracised and pounced upon by Makio Tanihara and his group of friends.

His peers viewed him as an uninterested and distant person.

This ostracism led Izumi to develop a negative attitude and would offer himself piercings using a safety pin when it seemed that school was giving the students a hard time.

At the time, there was a suggestion that he was also considering suicide.

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