15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Among martial arts anime, Baki is a classic. As seen by the ongoing manga series and ongoing anime adaptations.

Baki and its sequels have grabbed the hearts of fans all around the world despite their somewhat unusual style and story structure.

Fifteen Baki personalities will be featured on the list, and ranked accordingly.

The list will provide some background on the chosen powerful individuals so that you may infer why we have placed them where we have.

Who, then, are the most formidable Baki figures?

15. Doppo Orochi

Doppo Orochi 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Several Karateka considers Doppo Orochi the best. He leads the Shinshinkai, a Japanese dojo with over a million disciples, and is a super-fighter who can kill tigers with his bare hands.

He will also specify that the animal was close to two meters and fifty long, and two hundred and sixty kilos. Yūjirō scarred him.

On the arena sands, he will fight the Ogre again. Yūjirō will blind him after losing again. Gōki Shibukawa, a ju-jitsu master, will defeat him in the toughest underground arena competition. He will teach Baki a lot.

14. Gōki Shibukawa

baki da 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

He founded an aïki-jiu-jutsu school at 74, one-eyed. Despite his modest size, he reached the semi-finals of the basement arena event.

He’s also the only seated fighter. His advanced tactics mostly use the opponent’s power against him.

In the next move, Jack Hammer’s brute force defeats him with an attack without momentum (this way Jack manages to counter the Aiki, and Shibukawa is forced to use his own, force to throw Jack, which does not work due to the huge difference in muscle mass and weight).

In the new series, he meets Yanagi, who punctured his left eye years before.

13. Katsumi Orochi

baki as 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

He was Doppo’s adopted son, and he was known as “the ultimate karate weapon.” In the world of martial arts, he is known for his incredible body and his natural ability to do Karate.

Even so, his relatively weak mind keeps him from stepping out of the shadow of his father and making a name for himself in the world of martial arts.

During the Basement Tournament, his fight with Hanayama is harder than he thought, and he has to use the most powerful Karate moves to win.

But he can’t do anything against Retsu Kai’s powerful moves in the next round, and he will be humiliated by being knocked out with one hit.

12. Kaoru Hanayama

baki a 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

He leads the Yakuza and has a frightening grasp. He led a major Japanese clan at 15. He decided to challenge the world’s strongest man, Hanma Yūjirō.

Hanayama loses to the two Hanma for the first time when 13-year-old Baki confronts him (father and son).

Despite his martial arts inexperience, he defeated a Japanese Kempo specialist in the first round.

The first Baki/Yūjirō battle and the Underground Arena competition will follow.

11. Jack Hanma

baki b 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Jack is the firstborn son of Yūjirō Hanma and a Canadian soldier from the Vietnam War.

After Yūjirō raped his mother, Jack was born in prison. He simply wants revenge on his horrible father, even if it means consuming harmful chemicals.

Because of his massive jaw and teeth, he often bites in his deadly martial arts fusion.

Jack, like Baki, appears nonchalant, but he fights like a beast.

He respects and rivals his brother Baki. To reach the final, he defeats a Brazilian Ju-jutsu practitioner, a Kenpoka, a Russian wrestler (A. Galeyn), and Gōki Shibukawa. His younger sibling beats him mercilessly.

10. Kaiō Retsu

baki fd 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

He embodies 4,000 years of Chinese martial techniques. He fights a talented Russian wrestler in the underground tournament’s first round.

He finishes quickly. Mount Toba, a large wrestler who earlier faced Baki, faces him in the second round.

Retsu bursts Toba’s knee, forcing him to give up. Because Katsumi Orochi underestimated Chinese Kempo, he beats him in one blow in the third round.

Baki’s fury, which sounds like the “waking of Hanma” in the young hero, defeats Retsu in the semi-final.

9. Izō Motobe

baki df 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Like many others, budoka emeritus Yūjirō Hanma has many scores to settle. He approaches Baki in this manner to evaluate his potential.

The hero learns a hard lesson after repeated excursions to the mat without a response.

Izō met Yūjirō again and lost again, and in the Basement Tournament, he was defeated in the first round.

He will be a premium commentator and supporter for the rest of the tournament. He will annihilate Yanagi in NGB, extending his career.

In the Baki Dou series, he will prove his worth against Musashi Miyamoto after breaking the underground arena’s weapons ban.

8. Oliva Biscuit

baki d 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

He is a Cuban-American outlaw. He owns his library, storehouse, and flats in prison. He recovers too-free prisoners.

He is massive and muscular, which allows him to overcome his bad technique and take punches without flinching. He knew 18-year-old Yūjirō during the US-Hanma battle.

We’ll learn more about him in the second season, but Mr. Oliver won’t face a Hanma family member until the third. Sergio Oliva, a notable bodybuilder, inspired it.

7. Kaiō Kaku

baki g 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

This old man is the oldest and strongest of the active Kai. He is well over a hundred years old.

Because of this, he is one of the best fighters in the world. Even Baki’s father knows how good he is.

Even though he spends most of his time in a wheelchair, he is a very strong fighter who can hold his own against Yjir.

The best part of the second series was when he fought the Ogre. He shows up at the “Rai Tai” Tournament with his son Kaku Shunsuei and the powerful Long Shun Bun.

Both of them are terrible fighters.

6. Pickle

baki f 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

In the third series (Baki: Son of Ogre), this prehistoric figure was found during power station excavations in Colorado (United States). He was in a large salt ice layer with a Tyrannosaurus.

Plant doctors restored him, but Pickle destroyed everything in his way, including an experimental combat robot, to capture the American troops.

He could only fight in Japan when Strydum visited him. Pickle is the strongest character in the series.

After a Pickle-like combat, he ate Retsu Kaio’s right leg. He’s approaching Baki.

5. Yūichirō Hanma

ogre f 1 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Mitsunari Tokugawa says Yūichirō is the reverse of Yūjirō. He actively supports Baki in his father’s fight against Yūjirō’s rage, indicating that he is much nicer than him. Yūichirō seems serene and carefree.

Yūjirō is harsh on Baki because it reminds him of his father.

Yūichirō cruelly attacks and beats US soldiers during the Battle of Okinawa (for example, by twisting his neck and breaking bones).

Since they invaded his house, this is justified.

4. Nomi no Sukune II

ogre l 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Nomi no Sukune’s descendent is stocky and muscular with jet-black ponytail hair.

Sumo wrestlers need well-rounded bodies for strength and posture.

Baki Hanma feels his face is feminine for a tall, powerful man.

He wears white stripes around his waist and a rope-like belt to keep his pants up, like a sumo wrestler. Nomi met Baki wearing huge, casual clothes, a black hat, and sandals.

His personality is unknown. Nomi seems more simple-minded than Musashi Miyamoto. Even when fighting, he is meek and peaceful.

3. Musashi Miyamoto

ogre 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

Musashi’s straightforward. He acts like an ambitious martial artist seeking new and old fame.

Musashi is the most spiritually isolated fighter, even more than Pickle. Musashi, however, could not adjust to modern times.

In the manga’s fourth series, Musashi’s twisted mentality suggests that he only sympathizes with individuals he pities.

He doesn’t mind hurting or maiming those who challenge him.

2. Yūjirō Hanma

baki 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

He is known as “The Ogre” because his back muscles form an unpleasant expression when extended.

Yūjirō fights with bare fists but is skilled in ju-jitsu and Kenpō. At sixteen, he had mastered all martial arts.

As a teenager, he destroyed multiple Green Beret, SEAL, and DELTA FORCE groups. He killed Americans and Vietnamese to develop his combat skills on many battlefields, including Vietnam.

He will meet Oliva Biscuit here.

Most of Baki’s opponents and his kid want him. He is harsh and ruthless, living solely to defeat his enemies. Mohammed Ali, or Mohammad Alai in the manga, is the only person he respects.

1. Baki Hanma

Baki Hanma 15 Strongest Baki Characters Ranked

The story follows Yūjirō Hanma, the Ogre’s son. He lives to beat Yūjirō. He fights stronger opponents in the manga to catch up to his father.

At thirteen, he turns eighteen by the end of the novel.

He occasionally fights violently due to his Ogre genes. In the Underground Arena Tournament Final, the “Face of the Demon” will be behind him.

Baki Hanma, who is 1.67 m tall, exercises daily.

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