25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

In real life, the way you age, your strength decreases, and your knowledge increases. 

But, this isn’t the same in anime. 

A few of the most powerful and sexiest characters from anime are, in reality, old men.

They might not look as attractive as they used to be in their younger years, but the years have done wonders for their strength.

So who is among the coolest and strongest old men from In the history of anime?

Now is the time to discover that!

25. Yoshimura From Tokyo Ghoul

Yoshimura from Tokyo Ghoul

Many ghouls do not survive to the age of old.

This is the reason Yoshimura is considered to be a hero despite his advanced age. 

As the majority of his species were being hunted down and destroyed, he employed cleverness and expertise to survive. 

He forged a group of ghouls’ followers that were united under him. 

Not to mention that he’s downright cool.

24. Dot Pixis From Attack on Titan

Dot Pixis from Attack on Titan

At the bottom of the list, we have a character who was built based on exploration and truth. 

The Commander is the 70th Commander of the Garrison Troops mounted atop the walls, shielding them from Titans trying to take down the walls’ foundation. 

He is a patriot who believes in taking all the aspects of the issue to come up with a solution.

Nearly all of these strategies are awe-inspiring with complex details and causalities that would be suitable for an exceptional commander like his. 

Pixis is known for being a relaxed person who is friendly to all whom he meets. 

But his steely nerves and unstoppable desire to live and fight earn him admiration from all levels of the army, including the Chief of Staff himself. 

In addition, he has a reputation for his savage speeches.

23. Lordgenome From Gurren Lagann

Lordgenome 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Lordgenome is an abbreviation for Spiral King of Gurren Lagann and is one of the most powerful old men in anime. 

He was the creator of all the Beastmen that were charged with the task of making humans extinct on the planet. 

His most potent weapon is the use of his spiral power, which allows him to take on the opposition effortlessly. 

He can manipulate many forms of energy with the power of his Spiral Power, which allows him to make things out of nothing. 

Another variation on the spiral ability is the wrapping technique, which can be done using the Big Bang.

22. King Bradley from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

KingBradley1080p 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

King Bradley is one of the major enemies from Fullmetal Alchemist who almost seemed invincible at one time. 

King Bradley was a homunculus, who had the power to rule over the entire region of Amestris as King to ensure that everyone was under his control. 

Apart from having the ability to slay superhumanly, he had improved physiology, incredible agility, and lightning reaction. 

His most notable feature of his included the Ultimate Eye, which helped him to pinpoint his enemies’ movements and to launch counters based on those.

21. Charles zi Britannia From Code Geass

Charles code 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Charles Zi Britannia’s role is one of the fearsome leaders of the Holy Britannian Empire. 

Britannia believes only the strongest can survive and is ruled by this belief system. 

He is always putting his empire under stress and turmoil, and he aims to root out the ineffective and establish an empire where only the strongest can thrive.

20. Gakuganji From Jujutsu Kaisen

24 yoshinobu gakuganji jujutsu kaisen anime 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Gakuganji is the director of Kyoto Jujutsu High and another one of the most powerful older anime characters

Gakuganji’s wrinkled appearance can make anyone look younger, but he also possesses the most cursed energy.

He is also an expert Jujutsu sorcerer. He is a strict man who follows the instructions of his superiors word by word. 

His unique technique is the amplifying of his guitar’s sound waves through his body.

He can then unleash himself on the foe with full force.

19. Hiko Seijuro From Rurouni Kenshin

Hiko Seijuro 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Seijuro saved Kenshin from bandits and then took the boy as his own, educating his son to become a sword-fighter. 

He’s a private man who is busy with pottery in a quiet part of the world. 

He is quick and has an incredible amount of strength which he thwarts with the heavy cloak of Hiten Mitsurugi masters.

18. Gran Torino From My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia 10 Things About Gran Torino That Make No Sense featured image 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

The list wouldn’t be incomplete without the mention of the elderly man Gran Torino in My Hero Academia

He was a formidable fighter in his early days, and he was also the trainer of All Might

Don’t let his wrinkled appearance fool you, as the man still has an impressive punch.

You saw how well he trained Deku

His quirk is a jet that allows him to fly as his former companion, Nana Shimura. 

Gran Torino can release high-pressure air out of his shoes with his breath, which allows him to have incredible mobility.

17. Master Roshi From Dragon Ball Z

Master Roshi Battle Of Gods Fight 1536x768 2 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

The Immortal Turtle is a well-known name, but Master Roshi is a name that merits its spot on the list. 

He is a master of martial arts and was the first person to be able to master Kamehameha technique.

But when the Saiyans discover their real power, their powers are essentially ineffective. 

This is when Saiyan takes on his role as a comedian and brings his perverse style of comical humour into the production.

16. Raoh From Fist of the North Star

Raoh from Fist of the North Star 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Raoh was educated to train in the Hokuto Shinken style. 

The rivalry between his siblings causes Raoh to break off from his family, and he then creates an army that will overthrow his brothers. 

He is more powerful than anyone could have imagined and is thus the most dangerous character in the First of the North Star.

15. Furinji Hayato From Kenichi

Furinji Hayato from Kenichi 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Furinji Hayato is a whopping 90, but he can compete with any martial artist of his age. 

He is known as the Invincible Superman because of his amazing achievements over the years. 

Many still speak about how he battled more than 500 fighters at one time. 

He is an expert in diverse martial art techniques, including the most legendary techniques at his disposal. 

He is also capable of healing himself and others with Ki.

14. Walter. C. Dornez From Hellsing

Walter C Dornez 1 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Walter C. Dornez is the Hellsing family’s sophisticated, polite, and violent butler.

The technique he employs of tiny fiber-steel wires allows him to dismember and kill his foes with just a puff of his hand. 

In his earlier years, the man had a more violent and sadistic look as he slicked off several millennium soldiers. 

He is now an old man working under the supervision of the Hellsing family. 

He is a proud person who is concerned about Integra and Sera.

However, he has a deep dislike for human beings and their fragile mortality.

13. Makarov Dreyar From Fairy Tail

Makarov Saves Fairy Tail 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Makarov Dreyar is a dwarf-sized sweet grandpa who leads his Fairy Tail guild in Fiore. 

He’s a somewhat grumpy but kind man who’s not afraid to discipline his Guild members because he regards them to be his children. 

But, his size isn’t a guarantee of his strength, since he’s among the Ten Wizard Saints and possesses the power to utilize Light magic to transform into a giant. 

He has fought dragons, knocked out armies, and always been the pillar of support for members of the Guild, ensuring that he protects them by sacrificing his life in certain circumstances. 

Makarov’s incredible magic power as well as his acrobatics and endurance are more than an imposing adversary. 

His ability to master three distinct elements of magic and the most powerful “Fairy Law” (which allows anyone Makarov considers an enemy to be smashed through light magic) earned him the rightful position in the role of Guild Master.

12. Joseph Joestar From Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Joseph Joestar is most likely the most well-known JoJo in the JoJo series, which is a distant second to Jotaro Kujo

As a young man, Joseph was everything you would consider a criminal: aggressive, hot-headed and arrogant. 

He was easily involved in fights with the slightest suggestion and was never one to accept the blame for anything.

He preferred to play with women, pranks, and so on. 

His natural ripple ability and later stand abilities require him to work to develop this ability. 

As an older person, the man is still fun and a prankster, but has softened a bit more and is more kind towards others. 

His experiences with various Stand as well as Ripple users and his friends have provided him with lots of experience to share with Jotaro Kujo, his grandson, and support him.

11. Hiruzen Sarutobi From Naruto

Toughest Anime Elders third hokage 5 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

One of the original characters of Naruto, who was also among the very first to die, shocked the world. 

Hiruzen Sarutobi is the third Hokage following Tobirama Senju. 

He was the successor to Minato Namikaze but claimed it after his death. 

He is known for his role as “The Professor” or the “God of Shinobi.”

He can master all elements of release, including Yin and Yang, and possesses the rigid structure of chakras in the Sarutobi Clan. 

The activating Jutsu will be Monkey King Enma, which comes in the form of a bo staff, which is like Sun Wukong’s Ruyi Jingu. 

Hiruzen is a stern but gentleman who is willing to give up his life to secure an era for Konoha. 

He was able to fight fairly against Edo-Tensei and Tobirama Senju in a single match and even fight Orochimaru on the same level. 

He’s not a fighter to take lightly.

10. Zeno Zoldyck From Hunter x Hunter

Zeno Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

A skilled assassin and skilled Nen user is definitely on this list of top old-fashioned anime characters. 

It is not a different character than Zeno Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter

Despite his age, he can retain his speed and wits during battle, allowing him to outsmart his foes. 

His ability to analyze is beyond belief because he can read any situation in detail and figure out the most effective way to overcome it. 

Apart from his amazing capabilities as a Nen user, he’s well-known for being adept at Emission.

9. Zeus From Record of Ragnarok

zeus 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Zeus, from Ragnarok, is without a doubt the most powerful old man character in anime.

He is considered to be the top character in the hierarchy of gods and is the most powerful of them all. 

His might and power are so great that even other gods are scared of him. 

He can create power that he is also able to use to remove everything from the universe. 

Apart from being blessed with Godly abilities, he also has powerful tools available to him, such as the Meteor Jab, Divine Axe, and Adamas.

8. Shigekuni Yamamoto From Bleach

Shigekuni Yamamoto from Bleach

Shigekuni is a member of the soul race. He is the captain of the first division for Gotei 13 in Bleach

He is a respected person who has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years. 

He is famous for his skill when it comes to a sword since he has killed a lot of opponents. 

He’s virtually invincible due to his skill with swords and few would want to put money on his skills. 

In addition, it’s not like an issue if he does not have his sword since he is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat.

7. Bang /Silver Fang From One Punch Man

Silver Fang from One Punch Man

Bang is quite strong. Bang can use the strength of the Rock-Smashing Water Stream Fist. 

The age of his opponent gives him the skills and knowledge to do it successfully, as well as the fact that he’s an S-Class superhero, a rank 3 within the Heroes Association.

He’s a dojo leader that spreads his knowledge about fighting and remains committed to Saitama’s strength.

6. Jiraiya From Naruto

Jiraiya In The Naruto Anime 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

The truth that tears our eyes as we reminisce. Jiraiya was our cool uncle who was playing with us. Jiraiya was considered to be an innocent child and also an irresistible pervert. 

He was known for his pranks and played all day long as a child, like Naruto.

However, he maintained an intense, tense posture during battle. 

Being among the best-rounded fighters Jiraiya’s personality is a pseudo-nostalgic one who dreams of the future that’s never going to be a reality, but he tries to ignore it with a sense of humour.

5. Isaac Netero from Hunter x Hunter

Netero Featured 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Netero has the power to decide the hunter’s license they get because of his role as the Chairman of the Hunter Committee. 

In his early days, he was the best Nen user. 

He’s still quite strong enough to take on any enemy who crosses his path.

He prefers not to allow his strength to be known to the world. 

He is well-known for his quickness and agility during battle and can confuse his adversaries before a strike comes out of the blue.

4. Edward Newgate/Whitebeard From One Piece

Edward Newgate Whitebeard from One Piece 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Following the demise of Gol D.Roger, Whitebeard has been the most powerful character from One Piece. 

The Devil’s fruit power that enabled him to generate massive shock waves was considered to be a threat even by Marines. 

He ruled the seas as a king and took charge of his crewmates as your kids. 

Even in the event of his death, he was not willing to be lowered to the ground, which demonstrates his determination as the Captain of the Whitebeard Pirates.

3. Father/Van Hohenheim From Fullmetal Alchemist

Father Van Hohenheim from Fullmetal Alchemist 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

The top spot in the top 10 is a remnant of the human past. 

It is a tangible reminder of how humanity has died, evolved and adapted, been fearful, loved and grown, and lived for assisting humanity in discovering the truth.

This thing, or man, is the father. The Father is the first Homunculus with the greatest power of them all, in the form of a black sphere with one eye and a mouth fixed in an obscene and sinister grin. 

He was in a flask the whole time and was manipulated by Van Hohenheim into releasing him, and then he copied his body, allowing it to live for eternity.

2. Madara Uchiha From Naruto Shippuden

madara uchiha 740x414 1 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Madara Uchiha is well-known for his leadership position within his clan, the Uchiha clan. 

Along with his rival, he created Konohagakure intending to bring peace. 

Madara was believed to have died while fighting with his co-founders on how to bring peace, but he actually changed the death certificate and then went to hide.

Madara was a competitor as well as a hard-working perfectionist.

However, his personality changed and he became an angry and stubborn character.

He was adamant and ruthless and determined to do what was in the best interest of the people he served.

1. Yoshihiro Shimazu From Samurai Kings

yoshihio 25 Most Badass Old Man Characters in Anime

Yoshihiro’s old age just speaks to his strength and knowledge as an experienced Samurai Kung-Fu warrior. 

He is always on the search for battle and seeks out stronger foes to fight.

He doesn’t care too much about the logic and politics behind wars and battles.

However, if there’s an opponent that is strong enough to be defeated, he’ll enter the fight in a frank manner.

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