15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time

This list includes all of the main characters from Black Butler, as well as the main Black Butler roles. You’ve come to the right location if you’re hunting for the most well-known Black Butler characters.

Character roles from every season of Black Butler are included, as well as the roles’ gender, profession, and other information.

A manga about a young boy who has a strong desire for revenge and makes a bargain with a clever and manipulative demon and gets his revenge.

This article will go over 15 of Black Butler’s most unforgettable characters.

15. Undertaker

Black Butler Character Undertaker

The undertaker is a London-based former Grim Reaper and funeral director. His true identity as a rogue Grim Reaper wasn’t revealed till later in the period when he confessed to being the mastermind behind the Bizarre Dolls’ resurrection.

Let’s just enjoy Undertaker for a moment. He took on two Reapers and a Demon without glasses, putting him at a disadvantage, but he somehow managed to heavily hurt them all.

Add in the fact that he walked away unscathed, missing only his mourning jewelry, and he is, in my opinion, the most strong character.

Unlike many of the other characters, Undertaker’s character has a lot of complexity and uncertainty.

His good looks were revealed on his face reveal, but he is unquestionably my favorite character even without them. He never fails to pique my curiosity and keep me totally engrossed!

14. Doll


Doll was a tightrope walker for the Noah’s Ark Circus, and she was a first-string member. Doll was warm and polite, striking up a conversation with Ciel after they were assigned to the same tent.

She was, however, a little naive, quickly believing Ciel’s lies, which the other circus performers had chastised her for.

It is assumed that her left eye was lost as a result of her parents’ harsh upbringing, which deformed her.

They agreed to start a circus after that, and Joker offered them all given names, including Doll, who initially refused the name. Sebastian later murdered her on Ciel’s orders. She’s gorgeous and talented.

13. Prince Soma

Prince Soma

He’s among the most imperfect characters I’ve ever seen, but that’s exactly what makes him so relatable. Noone ever admits it, but He is perhaps the most reliable portrayal of how an individual behaves.

After learning his lesson in the Indian Butler Arc, he’s such a cute little cinnamon roll.

It still hits me so hard when he cries for Ciel (his memory loss, etc.). But it was just ugh when he opens the black gift box in remembrance of Ciel Phantomhive at the end of the regular season.

He’s a cinnamon roll on top of it all.

12. Claude Faustus

Claude Faustus

Claude Faustus is a horrible human, but he isn’t any worse than Sebastian. The main distinctions are that Claude killed Alois, that Claude was somewhat more obsessed, and that Claude ignored human morality.

At the very least, he didn’t murder a huge amount of people as Sebastian did, and he didn’t lie to him almost as much as Sebastian did to Ciel.

I adore how serious and evil Claude is, yet he engages in such unexpected activities. I just like how he can be so funny at times, like when he’s playing with the birds. He’s still a real gentleman.

His eyes are sweet, and they remind me of a cat’s. I really like how he begins tap dancing at random. When it comes to Ciel, he may be scary, but this is what makes him funny.

Claude is a great character, and his appearance rivals that of William and Sebastian merged.

11. Lau

Black Butler Character Lau

Lau is a Chinese nobleman who serves as the president of the British branch of Kong-Rong, a Chinese trading firm.

He owns an opium den and is the boss of the Shanghai Mafia Qing Bang. Except for brief moments, he is always smiling and his eyes are always closed.

Most people think he’s a jerk, but I think he’s incredibly intelligent, if not always friendly.

He does manage to catch Ceil, and Ciel is only able to flee thanks to Sebastian’s assistance. He is often seen with his personal assassin, Ran-Mao, a Chinese doll-like girl who is referred to as his niece.

Despite the fact that they are not related by blood. Despite the fact that she barely talks and is presented as emotionless, she is devoted to him.

10. Baldroy

Black Butler Character Baldroy

Baldroy, also known as Baldo or Bard, is an American-born chef in the household.

He rarely makes anything edible because he cooks with weapons like flamethrowers, claiming that cooking is an art that necessitates explosions.

Sebastian claims that everything he produces is made of carcinogens and coal.

Baldroy continues to practice cooking in order to learn how and when to slow down, claiming that learning cooking takes patience, which he says he lacked during his army duty.

If he keeps shoving cigarettes down his throat, he’ll get lung cancer.

Baldroy is funny, especially when he “accidentally” blows something up. His platoon was wiped out when he was a soldier, leaving him as the lone survivor.

9. Beast

Black Butler Character Beast

Beast was an animal trainer and one of the first-string participants of Noah’s Ark Circus. Beast grew up in the East End like the other first-string members before Baron Kelvin discovered them and plucked them off the road.

Beast’s right leg was amputated and replaced with a prosthetic arm. In the Black Butler series, Beast is one of the most despised characters.

She was a young woman who fell in love with a man who could not love her back. If he hadn’t died too young, he would have fallen in love with her.

She also proposed that they flee in order to put an end to Baron Kelvin’s scheme. Beast was a confident woman who loved her adopted family. She is deserving of further praise.

8. Snake

Black Butler Character Snake

Snake, a human/snake hybrid, was the Noah’s Ark Circus’s newest first-string participant. He’s still seen with at last one snake wrapped over his shoulders, and he has distinct snakeskin patterns all over his body.

The Snake was identified as the thirteenth visitor captured by Sebastian while hiding on the mansion grounds in an effort to kill Ciel after the murder cases inside the mansion were solved.

Instead of killing him, Ciel recognizes him as a new addition to his team, calling him the Phantomhive’s footman.

He is worthy of higher rank, and I despise Ciel’s lies to him about other members’ survival, but I think there would have been no Snake if Ciel didn’t lie.

7. Alois Trancy

Alois Trancy

Alois Trancy is under-appreciated. His backstory is one of the key reasons I respect him. He was enslaved and lost his parents and brother, but he rose from the ashes to take on the task of a Trancy.

Alois’s feelings are unpredictably volatile. In my view, Alois is a fascinating character. His personality is distinct and cunning, and it makes him seem like such a cool dude.

He, like Ciel, has been through a lot. Every time I see his flashback, it makes me sad, but he retains his happy disposition.

Alois may be sneaky and spoiled, but he has some very distinct characteristics that I don’t believe any other character in the series possesses.

Alois was, in my opinion, the badass psycho blonde that every anime requires.

6. Finnian


Finnian, also known as Finny, is a German gardener who works in the household. However, it appears that every time he tends to the greenhouse, he causes an accident due to his clumsiness.

He is depicted as an innocent, upbeat character who enjoys his work, but Sebastian calls him a fool for damaging everything he touches despite being warned to be careful.

Finnian was a test subject in an unknown experiment in which he was treated with unknown compounds on a daily basis.

Finnian gradually grew to have superpowers as a result of the experiment. Finnian is known for having a gentle and kind spirit, despite his strength.

5. Tanaka

Black Butler Character Tanaka

Tanaka is a Japanese-American house steward. When Ciel’s parents were killed, he was present and was stabbed in the back while attempting to defend Ciel.

As a result, he rarely speaks or works, but is often seen partaking in the shenanigans of the other servants.

Sebastian seems to hold him in the highest regard of the entire team. In my view, this guy is absolutely adorable.

Tanaka, unlike the other servants, is aware of Sebastian’s actions. As the series continues, he appears in his super-deformed form less often.

Tanaka also has an unusual ability to turn into “True Tanaka” on occasion. His abilities only lasted a short time before reverting to his more typical chibi form.

4. Mey-Rin

Mey Rin 15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time

Mey-Rin is a Chinese maid who works in the household. Mey-eyesight Rin’s prevents her from seeing things clearly at close range, making her clumsy in the kitchen.

However, Sebastian claims her biggest issue is her intellect, not her eyesight. She has a crush on Sebastian because she blushes whenever she is around him and becomes even more clumsy when he is looking.

She’s a badass and one of my favorite characters. Even though she is a mystery, she is kind and loyal, as well as a deadly warrior with an amazing story and strong character growth.

She is sweet and loving, as well as clumsy, but shenanigans are amusing, and Sebastian always comes to the rescue.

She talks in a whiny high pitched voice unless she’s using her sniper rifles, in which case she speaks in a deep serious voice. She, like Baldroy and Finnian, is a major source of comic relief.

3. Sebastian Michaelis

Sebastian Michaelis

The title character of Black Butler is Sebastian Michaelis. He is the Phantomhive household’s demon butler and Ciel Phantomhive’s bodyguard.

He is absolutely committed to his role as a butler, following Ciel’s instructions with great loyalty and pace. He loves testing Ciel and doesn’t often seem to care for his well-being, mocking and annoying him to see his response.

Sebastian is, in my opinion, the most attractive character in the history of the Black Butler franchise. But he has a lot of other characteristics that make him so appealing and entertaining to watch.

Sebastian is without a doubt one of the most compelling reasons to watch Black Butler! Yeah, everybody raves about him, and here’s what I have to say about him: He’s a ghost.

That is what makes him better; he has a history and all, and it just adds to the depth of his character.

2. Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive is the main character and a business-savvy, egotistical businessman. After the deaths of his parents, Vincent and Rachel Dalles-Phantomhive, he is thirteen years old and the head of the Phantomhive household.

A pentagram, the symbol of the Faustian contract he created with the demons Sebastian, is visible in his right eye, which is normally hidden by a black eye Patch.

Ciel, like his forefathers, is now regarded as the Queen’s Guard dog, charged with tracking down criminals and cracking problems in the underworld for Queen Victoria.

When it comes to completing demands, Ciel prefers to use his most dependable people and makes every effort to use all he has.

I can connect to Ciel, and I appreciate how, instead of panicking like other characters, he still takes a calm approach to solving problems.

His ability to achieve success with anything he does is due to his clear mind.

1. Grell Sutcliff

Black Butler Character Grell Sutcliff 15 Best Black Butler Characters of All Time

Grell Sutcliff is a Grim Reaper who served as Madam Red’s butler before becoming a Grim Reaper. Grell and Madam Red formed a relationship, murdering prostitutes together.

Grell uses a Death Scythe that looks like a chainsaw. Grell wears her red coat for the rest of the series after murdering Madam Red when she declined to kill Ciel.

Grell is without a doubt the show’s most amazing character. She doesn’t mask her emotions, which means that the moment she likes a person, she tells the entire world, which I believe is much better for humans today.

She makes it clear and doesn’t give a damn what the haters think. She isn’t deterred by a single rejection. She wants the entire world to know and accept Grell Sutcliff. Her personality, in my view, is far superior to Sebastian’s.

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