37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

There are lots of badass anime characters that we look up to and many fans also love these badass anime characters so today we are creating a list for you of badass anime characters.

Some characters are just there to make us laugh or cry, but it’s usually the badass characters who steal the show who make the crowd go “sugoi.”

And for this list, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most badass anime characters.

So, guys, let’s be careful, because it looks like we have some strong people here.

So lets begin the list of these badass anime characters.

37. Yami Sukehiro From Black Clover

28 yami sukehiro black clover anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Most of the time, samurai characters are tall, thin, mysterious, and vocal.

Yami didn’t get that message, so she just looks like a slightly deflated Baki.

But his attitude and power are much more impressive and badass.

The guy doesn’t seem to worry much when he’s in battle, probably because he knows he can push himself past his limits and look any enemy in the eye if he has enough time to build up.

And when he goes all out, it’s really something to see. As the mix of dark magic based on shadows and a katana is awesome.

36. Ghislaine Dedoldia From Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

27 ghislaine dedoldia mushoku tensei jobless reincarnation anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Ghislaine seemed like a fan service character at first, but she quickly became one of my favorite characters in the show.

This is because all the things about her that could have been ecchi are instead strong.

She is a great fighter and doesn’t really need help from anyone else. She also doesn’t like guys, but she doesn’t hate them either.

I’d say she’s an incredible warrior who will cut off your head in an instant if you touch her boss. She even went to college to become a more well-rounded person.

Even her private parts (like her butt) are used to show how strong and hardworking she is.

35. Firo Prochainezo From Baccano!

26 firo prochainezo baccano anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

As soon as Firo walked into the scene, he was all cool.

He is a great boxer who can both kick your behind and do it in an elegant way.

He is always very handsome. And the waifus he chooses are definitely S-tier.

I mean, I’m kind of surprised that more people didn’t notice Ennis’s absolute anime waifu stonks. At the same time, he always seems like a gentleman and a real gang member, which is pretty badass.

34. Hawks From My Hero Academia

24 hawks my hero academia anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

A lot of characters from My Hero Academia could have been on this list:

Just to name a few right away, there are Dabi, Stain, and Overhaul.

But now that the Hawks are in their fifth season, I’m excited about them.

From the moment he was introduced, we all knew he would be an interesting player.

He didn’t care about the typical hero ideal and just wanted to work in the shadows.

He’s also very strong and good at many things.

But what really drew me to his character was how casual he was and how mysterious his past was.

33. Garou From One Punch Man

23 garou one punch man anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

I don’t know if I’m the only one who liked the second season of One Punch Man, but I did.

The best thing about the show was definitely Garou, who was more like a standard shounen hero than Saitama ever was.

The guy is so stubborn it’s hard to believe. And every fight makes him stronger than he was before, so it feels like a little character arc.

Garou was the best thing about the second season for me because of how strange he looked and how good he was at fighting.

People need to stop sleeping on this badass, in my opinion.

32. Ban From The Seven Deadly Sins

22 ban the seven deadly sins anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Ban probably had the best opening of the whole show. Full Pringle Escanor might have been the only one better.

We see this guy being abused while he stares into the distance with no emotion.

But as soon as he hears Meliodas coming, he just runs out and uses his enemy’s attack to shave before his big date with his friend.

Then, they use the cheer power of arm wrestling to bring down the whole castle.

How can you not fall in love with this guy right away?

31. Rokurouta Sakuragi From Rainbow

21 rokurouta sakuragi rainbow anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

This guy is one of the few characters who was so nice and almost angelic that it made him look like the biggest badass in the world.

I’m not kidding!

Even though he had just met all of his cellmates the day before, he took them in right away and kept them safe from the corruption that was going around the jail.

Okay, he did beat them up at first to make a point… But that just makes him badasser.

So, if you want to be a badass, you might want to take a cue from this guy.

30. Sinbad From Magi: Adventure of Sinbad

20 sinbad magi adventure of sinbad anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Sinbad is hard to figure out when it comes to his morals.

At first glance, he seems like the perfect good guy who wants to make a country where everyone can feel at home.

On the other hand, he’s so powerful that he’s almost a god. And he doesn’t mind killing anyone who tries to stand up to him or his ideas.

But that made him so interesting to watch!

He was a guy who took life into his own hands and decided where to go with it.

His skills always look cool, and his serious moments were the best parts of both this show and the one that came after it.

29. Shinya Kougami From Psycho-Pass

19 shinya kougami psycho pass anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Every good police anime or crime drama has a good cop and a bad cop.

And Psycho-Pass is probably one of the most popular anime shows.

And let’s face it: if we were in their shoes, we’d all want the good cop, but it’s much more interesting to see what the bad cop will do next.

Shinya is a great example of this type of character. He’s not simple, but he always gets what he wants.

This bad-boy attitude stays with him throughout the series and may have been what gave the show its edge in the beginning.

28. Thorfinn From Vinland Saga

18 thorfinn vinland saga anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Who doesn’t like a good revenge plan now and then?

Thorfinn’s was the most fun to watch because he just didn’t care.

At first, it seemed strange that he was hanging out with the people he swore to kill, but that quickly faded as we saw him grow into a badass fighter.

Even though Thorfinn isn’t very tall, he took on dozens of guards with weapons without even breaking a sweat.

And he brought back the heads of generals that had been cut off to sell as if they were gaming tickets.

His violence was frightening, but it was also very badass.

27. Hyakkimaru From Dororo

17 hyakkimaru dororo anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

I love success stories. And Hyakkimaru is so low that he is on the way to hell.

This is because he had one of the worst starts of almost any anime character, since he was born without almost everything humans take for granted, like sight, pain, limbs, and even skin.

But he still manages to turn into a total badass who can fight monsters and whole armies by himself.

It never seems like he enjoys killing. But he has such a strong will that he never hesitates when it’s time to deliver the final blow.

And when he goes berserk, it’s both awesome and scary.

26. Akabane Karma From Assassination Classroom

15 akabane karma assassination classroom anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

I thought Karma was an instant hit because he finally gave the mostly PG class some edge.

Which is very important since they are all learning to be killers.

He was always creative in the way he taught, and he wasn’t afraid of anything if it helped him reach his goal. It was even okay to jump off a cliff.

Throughout the show, we see that he’s a great fighter and smarter than the average killer, which makes him a lot of fun to watch.

When he fought Nagisa, he also managed to get good guy and strong points at the same time.

25. Angelo Lagusa From 91 Days

14 angelo lagusa 91 days anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

I’ve already said that I like stories about getting even. But I forgot to say that mob-related payback stories are something I have to watch right away.

Angelo was born to be a gangster. His calm personality and ability to figure out what was going on always got him out of trouble.

He was also a good operator because he stayed out of sight right under the noses of his enemies and waited for the right moment.

Angelo always came up with good content when the risks were high. And I was very happy with how the story ended.

24. Izaya Orihara From Durarara!!

13 izaya orihara durarara anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

I really like people who are smart. A few worth mentioning are Light, Lelouch, and Johan.

But they usually aren’t badass enough for me to think of them as such. They just got their hands dirty very rarely.

Izaya, on the other hand, was a nice treat. As he was a great fighter and a master at making plans.

Even though he dodged fights most of the time, he was perfectly able to pull out his switchblade and fight one of the strongest guys in the whole series.

I thought he was so cool because he was a double threat.

23. Chrollo From Hunter x Hunter

12 chrollo hunter x hunter anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Even though we don’t see Chrollo all that often in the series, two important scenes have made me remember him forever.

Spoiler alerts here:

My first example is when he went up against the Zoldyck duo by himself and came out mostly unharmed, even though they were two of the best people in their world.

But the real selling point was when he led a “symphony of chaos,” playing Mozart while his gang caused chaos in the city.

This one scene was so badass that even if it was Chrollo’s only showing, it would have been enough to put him on this list.

22. Roronoa Zoro From One Piece

Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

Zoro is an old-school badass who has given us high-level sword fights for decades.

He is one of the more serious team members, so you can always count on him to keep things under control.

Anyone who likes shounen will love him because of how calm he is and how good he is with a sword.

Even more so when the third sword is brought out. Then I have flashbacks to Zabuza and I just know I’m in for a ride.

21. Gildarts Clive From Fairy Tail

Gildarts Clive From Fairy Tail 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Gildarts Clive is a supporting protagonist in the anime/manga series Fairy Tail.

He is one of the Fairy Tail Guild’s S-Class Mages, the guild’s Ace, its current most famous Mage, and was its Fifth Guild Master. He is also the father of Cana Alberona.

20. Spike Spiegel From Cowboy Bebop

11 spike spiegel cowboy bebop anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Spike has a lot of different kinds of charm. When he’s working, he seems like a totally different person than when he’s not.

When he doesn’t have anything to do, he just lays around and slowly kills his lungs to pass the time. Which makes him easy to understand.

But when he’s on the job and things are tough, he shows that he’s very determined. And his fighting style is so much more than just a tribute to Bruce Lee, because he has technique that is out of this world.

The guy has been a mainstay of any anime fan’s diet for over a decade. And I don’t think anyone will forget about this badass for a long time.

19. Vegeta From Dragon Ball Z

Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

Vegeta is the prince of the fallen Saiyan race.

He is the eldest son of King Vegeta, the older brother of Tarble, the husband of Bulma, the father of Trunks and Bulla, and the ancestor of Vegeta Jr.

18. Light Yagami From Death Note

Light Yagami (Death Note)

Light Yagami is the main protagonist of the Death Note series.

After discovering the Death Note, he decides to use it to rid the world of criminals.

His killings are eventually labelled by people of Japan as the work of “Kira.”

17. Giorno Giovanna From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

10 giorno giovanna jojos bizarre adventure golden wind anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

I knew right away that part five was going to be great. What could be bad about a season of JoJo that is all about mobsters?

But I wasn’t ready for how cool Giorno was going to be.

His attitude was to die for, and he was one of the few main characters in the series who didn’t mind death (by banana, no less).

He never gave up when something was hard.

And when it came to getting the W for his gang, he was very smart and sometimes cruel.

16. Natsu Dragneel From Fairy Tail

Natsu Dragneel From Fairy Tail 1 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Natsu “Salamander” Dragneel is a fictional character and protagonist of the Fairy Tail manga series created by Hiro Mashima.

He appears in most Fairy Tail media, including both feature films, all original video animations, light novels, and video games.

15. Mugen From Samurai Champloo

09 mugen samurai champloo anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Mugen is very appealing to me in the same way that Spike is.

Like Spike, he can go from being a lazy womanizer to a sword genius at the drop of a hat.

His style of fighting was also interesting to watch because it was very real and unique.

It often looked more like a hip-hop move than a way to save someone’s life.

His bluntness was another cool thing about him, as he seemed to fit every stereotype of a fighter of his level.

The guy was just living his best life out here. And that’s why you have to love him.

14. Sukuna Ryoumen From Jujutsu Kaisen

08 sukuna ryoumen jujutsu kaisen anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

I’ve seen a lot of shounen that use the “demon/monster inside the protagonist” trope.

But no one has ever been as cool as Sukuna.

This is because Sukuna was really scary and showed over and over again how little he cared about his host’s life.

In fact, he used some pretty sneaky ways to get what he wanted.

He also has a lot of pride, which led to some very badass scenes where he would basically hit someone while sitting on his throne of bones.

Take notes, shounen writers: this is how you do the trope right.

13. Kenpachi Zaraki From Bleach

Kenpachi Zaraki

Kenpachi Zaraki is a fictional character and an antihero in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo.

He is the captain of the 11th Division within the Gotei 13.

His lieutenant is Yachiru Kusajishi.

12. Tatsuya Shiba From Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Tatsuya Shiba mahouka koukou no rettousei 40451300 1200 675 1 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Shiba Tatsuya is the main protagonist of The Irregular in Magic High School.

He enrolled at the National Magic University Affiliated First High School in April 2095 with his younger sister, Miyuki.

He was accepted as one of the students to be placed in the Course 2 curriculum, marking the start of the series events.

11. Alucard From Hellsing

07 alucard hellsing ultimate anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

If you like characters who are dark and rough, Alucard is definitely at the top of your list.

This is because in his world, he feels like a scary god who plays with his victims before killing them.

From his clothes to his skills, everything about him was made to be very badass. He was the star of every scene he was in.

He also had a lot of attitude.

Sometimes he sounded like a little troll who was just having fun, even when the lives of many people were at stake.

10. Guts From Berserk

Guts (Berserk)

Guts is what you get if you take everything I said about Hyakkimaru and multiply it by ten.

Even though the guy was born from a dead body, his life kept getting worse from there on out.

If you read manga, you know what I mean.

But he still manages to stay on top and become a hero in his world.

This man is so determined that the word “tenacious” doesn’t even cover it.

When he smells blood in the water, the story really gets interesting.

9. Hei From Darker than Black

Hei (Darker than Black)

Hei, also known as the Black Reaper or BK-201, is a human who gained Contractor powers. He has worked with various organizations including the Syndicate and CIA.

8. Roy Mustang From Fullmetal Alchemist

Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA is one of the best anime out there, so it’s no surprise that it has a strong cast of characters.

Roy was one of my favorite characters in the series because he was usually lazy and seemed mean, but he was actually very loving and thoughtful on the inside.

His style of chemistry was just as badass as the rest of him. He pulled you right out of existence.

And his fight with a certain person was one of the most exciting endings to an anime story arc, or at least I think it was.

7. Ken Kaneki From Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)

If this list only included comics, Kaneki would probably be higher on it.

Still, the anime’s first and second seasons gave us a lot of information about this badass ghoul.

When Kaneki’s hair turned white, it was clear that he would no longer take anything from anyone. This was the time that put him in the hall of greats.

I think the fight he had with Jason was my favorite, and that was enough for me to put him at the bottom of this list.

6. Hisoka Morow From Hunter x Hunter

05 hisoka morow hunter x hunter anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

I love anime characters with unclear morals.

They keep me on my toes all the time.

Hisoka is possibly one of the best examples of this archetype.

Even though I don’t like what this killer clown does, he is interesting to look at. He really only cares about himself.

His whims can decide whether someone lives or dies, and the fact that he has to kill in such an arrogant and often showy way makes for great story twists.

There’s no way to know what he’s thinking. And it’s hard for me to imagine Hisoka in any other state than “badassness.”

5. Ichigo Kurosaki From Bleach

Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach is considered a badass anime character for several reasons.

First and foremost, his immense strength and battle prowess set him apart.

As a Soul Reaper with the ability to wield a Zanpakuto, Ichigo showcases incredible swordsmanship and powerful spiritual energy, allowing him to take on formidable enemies.

Additionally, Ichigo’s determination and willingness to protect his loved ones drive him to face overwhelming odds and push past his limits. His unwavering resolve and sense of justice make him a force to be reckoned with.

Furthermore, Ichigo’s iconic design, including his distinctive orange hair and rebellious attitude, contribute to his overall badass image.

Whether it’s his epic battles, indomitable spirit, or unique character traits, Ichigo Kurosaki remains a beloved and respected badass character in the realm of anime.

4. Joutarou Kuujou From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

03 joutarou kuujou jojos bizarre adventure stardust crusaders anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Even though I love my boy Giorno, I think this guy is the most badass person I’ve ever met.

He’s the perfect example of a dark, mysterious bad boy, and he’s stayed that way through the whole series.

He has everything he needs to look good. I’m sure that even one serious look from this guy could make everyone in a prison center stop talking.

He also has a pretty good head on his shoulders, since he rarely wins by force and usually does so by outsmarting his opponents.

Some of his plans take so much guts that you have to wonder for a second how old he is.

3. Satoru Gojo From Jujutsu Kaisen

02 satoru gojou jujutsu kaisen anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

I feel like Gojo goes against almost everything I’ve put on this list as “badass traits.”

Gojo is always messing around, and his mind is generally as clear as that of a 10-year-old after eating 300 grams of sugar.

But then you understand that his attitude is just because he has so much power in his hands.

This guy just shows off his strength to anyone who is dumb enough to get in his way, and he does it in such a stunning way that you can’t take your eyes off the screen while he fights.

He also knows that he is not naive because his plans for the future are not as relaxed as they might seem.

2. Levi Ackerman From Attack on Titan

Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Levi is a badass and I don’t need to say anything about it, I mean everyone knows that.


With unmatched combat skills, relentless determination, and a mysterious aura, he is known as “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier” in Attack on Titan.

His lightning-fast agility, sharp wit, and unwavering pursuit of justice make him an unforgettable and iconic character in the anime world.

He is quite short, but his physique is well-developed in musculature from extensive vertical maneuvering equipment usage. 

1. Itachi Uchiha From Naruto

01 itachi uchiha naruto shippuden anime 37 Badass Anime Characters of All Time

Itachi was the part of Naruto that kept drawing me back.

Even though he was only on screen for a short time, he was always there.

Everything about this guy is so awesome it’s not even funny.

It would be hard to find a figure as badass as Itachi. From his strong will and beliefs to his fighting style and appearance, he is a badass in every way.

This man was always one step ahead of the game. He went from being the worst bad guy in Sasuke’s story to being the hidden hero of an entire generation.

So I think it’s only fair to put him in first place.

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