25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Bad boy

Bad boy

What you Gonna Do?

Remember this epic Song?

Bad Boys, A type that a lot of men want to be and that, supposedly, a lot of women swoon over, but I haven’t been able to show this yet.

But these guys seem to have it all, whether it’s in movies, comics, K-pop bands, or even real life.

So, what kind of guys in the world of anime are like this?

Well, they’re the meanest boys I know, in my opinion.

And now we’re going to list some of our favorite “bad boy” anime characters.

25. Dabi from My Hero Academia

Coolest Anime Bad Boy

As one of the main bad guys in BnHA, Dabi joined the League of Villains to get his own back. His blue flames are the coolest thing about him.

Dabi is careful just as much as he is rough, angry, and mysterious. He doesn’t seem to trust anyone because he is a loner who likes to do things on his own.

On the crazy side of him, Dabi likes being a psychotic monster. He is very cruel, doesn’t feel bad about hurting harmless people, and enjoys making fun of people.

He also uses tricks like psychological warfare. Points for this hot guy who is also the worst of the worst.

24. Light Yagami From Death Note

Light Yagami 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

The scary Kira is a good example of a hot bad boy who wears casual clothes most of the time.

In his school outfit, he looks very handsome, sophisticated, and well-mannered.

But Light Yagami is too proud and sure of himself, which gives him a twisted sense of what is fair.

He is determined and ready to use anything and anyone, except his family, to get the “Perfect World” he wants most.

His “God” complex makes him the perfect red flag, but fans see him as a circus!

23. Sesshomaru From InuYasha

Sesshomaru 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Even though InuYasha is the main character, Sesshomaru always stole the show when he was on screen.

As a strong daiyokai, he is feared all over the country. He is cool, collected, sure of himself, and smart, and he has no desire for more power.

But the fact that he likes people makes him a real hero. All of this makes him a very hot and beautiful anime bad boy, especially when he wears a royal white kimono.

22. Zora Ideale From Black Clover

22 zora ideale black clover anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Zora is a fairly new character in the story, but he has already made a name for himself.

When he first shows up, he kicks a lot of butt, and then he kicks even more butt while showing us a type of magic we’d never seen before.

No one seems to matter to him. He only wants to reach his own goals, which is a standard bad boy move.

And his picture looks like it came straight from the app TikTok.

21. Karma Akabane From Assassination Classroom

21 karma akabane assassination classroom 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Fans of the show might say that Karma is as well-known as the yellow blob himself.

Even though he gets a little less crazy as time goes on, he still has the air of a badass and scares random thugs whenever he gets the chance.

His fight with Nagisa is probably the best example of why people like him so much.

It shows that he is not only incredibly strong, but also has a soft side.

Even though he probably wouldn’t admit that part.

20. Louis From Beastars

20 louis beastars anime screenshot 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

You probably didn’t think you’d see a deer on this page.

Besides calling me a “furry,” Louis is a pretty badass boy. .

Even though he is an animal that is hunted, he always keeps his head up and isn’t afraid to show who is boss in front of bigger opponents.

Even though he is hurt, he stays in the lead part until the end. And probably gets a big kick in the rear.

He wasn’t the usual bad boy. But if you look closely at his ego, you can see that he has everything he needs.

19. Shouto Todoroki From Boku no Hero Academia

19 shouto todoroki boku no hero academia anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

He’s as cold as ice and as hot as fire. Being a bad boy is pretty much his thing.

His problems with his dad also help him keep up that look.

Even though he gets better as the show goes on, Todoroki was the perfect bad boy in season 1.

He was overpowered than everyone else, looked down on them, and was always sad.

I mean, he was attacked by like a dozen bad guys, but he just stopped moving and told them how stupid they were.

18. Ryuunosuke Akutagawa From Bungo Stray Dogs

18 ryuunosuke akutagawa bungo stray dogs 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Isn’t Mr. Hot Topic a pretty cool guy?

He always sees the worst in everything and fights with a sadistic streak that is scary.

Man, you need to take a chill pill. We know you’re strong, but come on.

And, as is often the case with archetypes, he has some problems.

Most of all, the one man Suicide Squad’s support.

So it’s no wonder that when he was paired with Nakajima, everything went well.

17. Ryou Asuka From Devilman Crybaby

17 ryou asuka devilman cybaby anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Ryou is really just a crazy little guy, isn’t he?

He goes against the grain of society in every way.

He carries around some pretty serious weapons, goes to Satan frat parties, breaks every speed limit known to man, and manipulates the people in his pursuit of total chaos.

Akira is the only person who really matters to him. And it took him too long to figure out even that.

16. Izaya Orihara From Durarara!!

16 izaya orihara durarara anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Remember when an evil genius was an old man locked away in a lab, not a beautiful teenager?

Izaya really does have everything… okay, except that none of his friends like him.

Not only does he mess around with tens of thousands of people, starting huge fights and even getting the occasional girl to kill herself, but he’s also very good at fighting with his hands.

Even though the fights are more hand-to-hand, my point still stands.

15. Killua Zoldyck From Hunter x Hunter 

15 killua zoldyck hunter x hunter anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

With this one, we’re really stepping on the “boy” part of “bad boy.”

Killua has that raw edge that we all criticize but quietly love.

He is a master at getting what he wants and has no problem killing someone in cold blood.

Even so, most of the time it comes down to murder or fears of murder.

Because of this, I can only guess what kind of person he will be when he is old enough to drink.

14. Johan Liebert From Monster

14 johan liebert monster anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Now we’re getting to the bad part of “bad boy,” because Johan is probably the most immoral person on this list.

This man won’t blink at anything. Not killing, not the chance of dying, nothing.

Even when a gun is pointed at his head in a building that is on fire, he stays calm and even quietly taunts his enemy.

Most people like him because of how he looks on the outside. And he is smart enough to be able to play with a whole country.

13. Takumi Ichinose From Nana

13 takumi ichinose nana anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Parents everywhere have nightmares about Takumi.

He always knows exactly what to say and do to get the person he likes to do what he wants.

He has changed power more times than you can count, and the fact that he is a rock star only adds to his draw to the average fan.

I don’t think he’s bad. He’s just damaged.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Tumblr, it’s that this is what a real bad boy should stand for.

12. Katsuki Bakugou From Boku no Hero Academia

12 katsuki bakugou boku no hero academia anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Bakugou is pretty high up on the list of places that go against the flow.

He basically tells everyone he meets that war is coming.

At one point, he turned down his own hero when he tried to cheer him up, and most importantly, he plays the drums very well.

At first, he was like a bull in a china shop. But once we saw his character grow, he became very likeable and even easy to understand.

Some people could hate him. I’m a Bakugou fan, though, so here he is.

11. Sasuke Uchiha From Naruto: Shippuden

11 sasuke uchiha naruto shippuden anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

You must be pretty special if you can almost kill a woman and still have her swoon over you.

The worst part is that he did it more than once and to two different women.

I feel like you just get the “bad boy” prize at that point.

He grows out of this, which is good.

He almost stabbed his daughter, but that doesn’t make him a domestic abuser yet.

But, come on, how much natural charm do you need to get away with this?

10. Shougo Makishima From Psycho-Pass

10 shougo makishima psycho pass anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Makishima has a very strange allure. I mean, he’s a total monster who doesn’t even flinch at the thought of dying.

He is very smart. He plays with the whole police force like they are kids, and Kougami is the only one who can outsmart him.

But from his point of view, everything he did was for the greater good, which was to destroy the Sybil system. He looks almost like Pain, but he’s easier on the eyes and easier to move.

9. Mugen From Samurai Champloo

09 mugen samurai champloo anime 1 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

I think people have stopped paying attention to Mugen, even though he’s the perfect bad boy.

For a bowl of rice, he will kick you in the behind and do some crazy tricks while he does it.

This guy is very grumpy and almost always tries to do things his own way. But that makes him more interesting.

He doesn’t want to be told what to do or even tied down.

And he just wants to enjoy life by himself, which is a good way of thinking, in my opinion.

8. Levi From Attack on Titan

08 levi attack on titan anime screenshot 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Levi is seen as a national prize by people who like anime. It’s hard to find someone who everyone likes as much as this guy.

And it’s not because he has great values or gives nakama speeches. It’s because he has a cutthroat attitude and is a badass.

He gets rid of a lot of filler and just says things as they are. He is mean to bad people and has as much power as a platoon.

He can always be counted on, and you already know that his house is always spotless.

7. Naofumi Iwatani From The Rising of the Shield Hero

07 naofumi iwatani the rising of the shield hero anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

This man’s life gave him too many lemons to turn them into lemonade. So he started squirting them in people’s eyes.

So, yeah, he’s not exactly the most upbeat person. And for good reason.

He doesn’t like people in general and doesn’t like most of the people in power.

But that has never stopped him from giving people in need a hand at a reasonable price.

He did make the slave trade a little bit more successful, that’s true. But at least they’re happy with him!

6. Ken Kaneki From Tokyo Ghoul

06 ken kaneki tokyo ghoul anime screenshot 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Let it be known that I’m only talking about the white-haired badass we all cheered for when he ate his attacker, not Haise.

Because Kaneki was a force to be reckoned with for that short time.

He was out in the streets asking people for their names and killing people.

He is the only reason why a whole generation of teens will have bad finger joint health in the future.

But that doesn’t matter because he was such a bad boy!

5. Kyo Sohma From Fruits Basket

05 kyo sohma fruits basket anime screenshot 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Kyo is one of the most realistic bad boys, and he’s also one of the most likeable. He should be the model boy for bad boys.

Yes, he hasn’t killed millions of people like some of the other people on this list. But he’s not a simple client.

Because he’s been hurt before, he tries not to get close to anyone so that they don’t get hurt and so that no one will feel sorry for him.

So he yells, gets angry, and says things he probably shouldn’t, but it’s not usually (if ever) because he wants to hurt someone.

He’s just a softy with a tough and sarcastic shell.

4. Itachi Uchiha From Naruto: Shippuden

04 itachi uchiha naruto shippuden anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Itachi has the look of a bad boy down to a science.

For so long, no one knew anything about him. He was just this all-powerful ninja who killed his whole clan in one night.

Even when he first shows up, he doesn’t say much, other than giving the Internet a meme about choking. Just adding to how strange he seems as a whole.

But once you know his story, you realize that he is a tragic hero and possibly the most mentally strong character in the whole series, second only to Kakashi.

So he might be a saint at heart. But he looks like a tough bad boy from the outside.

3. Haru Yoshida From My Little Monster

03 haru yoshida my little monster anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

If you only looked at Haru’s grades, you might think he’s smart.

And if you talked to him for a few minutes, you would probably think he is either stupid or hates you.

This is because my boy has a hard time getting along with other people and always ends up getting into a fight. Either that, or he makes things very uncomfortable.

But it’s not because he’s bad or anything; he doesn’t always know how to act because his past was hard.

I guess God should bless tsunderes because they can teach a man how to fish.

2. Sebastian Michaelis From Black Butler

02 sebastian michaelis black butler anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

A very large number of the people on this list have been described like this: “He looks bad, but he’s actually pretty nice.”

In Sebastian’s case, though, it’s more like “he seems nice, but he’s really bad.”

He’s a devil, so it makes sense.

He does a great job as a butler, carrying out every order right away and without doubt. Only sometimes did he watch his master move.

He doesn’t care about murder, trickery, threats, or anything else. Why then is he here?

Because, man, we all know that the guy is hot. Even though he is really bad, I can’t stop myself.

1. Lelouch Lamperouge From Code Geass

01 lelouch lamperouge code geass anime 25 Coolest Anime Bad Boys Characters

Che Guevara is possibly the most dangerous boy in the world.

So it’s not surprising that making him an anime kid with superpowers only adds to his popularity.

The man led a whole revolution for what he thought was right, leaving behind who knows how many dead people.

But Lelouch really put his money where his mouth was and was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for his ideals to come true.

This is what makes him a monster and not just a bad boy.


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