What is Itachi Necklace Meaning

The ‘Itachi Necklace’ is a lovely piece of jewelry with many meanings. You can use it as an accessory which makes it unique and even more special.

Depending on the meaning you choose, an Itachi Necklace can have many meanings. The Itachi Necklace can be used to symbolize hope. 

Itachi’s meaning is very interesting because each culture has its interpretation. You may be wondering what it means. Continue reading!

What is Itachi’s Necklace?

The “Itachi necklace” symbolizes the love for Naruto. Although it’s not Japanese, this necklace is growing in popularity in Japan. 

It is worn by many people to express their love for Naruto. They also add charms such as Uchiha Crest, Konoha Leaf, shuriken, or Naruto’s Frog to the necklaces.

Itachi Necklace Meaning

Itachi is the name given to a Naruto character who killed his entire family, except his younger brother Sasuke

Although he was not proud of his actions, it was necessary due to the Uchiha clan’s circumstances. Itachi is thought to be cold-hearted and emotionless.

Although he is considered a genius and one of the most successful members of his clan, his fate was determined at an early age. He knew he would either kill his entire family or be killed by them. 

He chose to live and he murdered them all. Itachi was forbidden to go near Sasuke after the tragedy. However, he still loved him and left a special necklace for his younger brother.

Why does Itachi wear a necklace?

Itachi Necklace Meaning 1 What is Itachi Necklace Meaning

Itachi was born and raised in Konohagakure. He met his older brother when they were put together on a team. They became friends at the Academy. 

Their skills were similar, so their sensei decided that they would be taught together. After being promoted by Hiruzen Srutobi to the rank of genin, Itachi graduated from the academy with honors in just one year.

Itachi was devoted to his brother and willing to go to any length to protect him. Itachi joined the Uchiha clan to overthrow Konoha. 

He spared the life of his younger brother and gave him the Necklace of Death to protect him from any potential pursuers.

Itachi is known for wearing the necklace as a symbol of his love and hopes to one day forgive him. 

Sasuke learns the truth about Itachi’s family and can forgive his brother. The brothers’ newly reunited relationship is symbolized by the necklace.

How did the Itachi Necklace get its name?

Many theories exist about the origin of the Itachi necklace. Some say they know the origin of the Itachi necklace, while others claim they don’t. 

One theory states that some French children who were interested in Naruto created a group of people wearing an Itachi necklace.

The internet spread their image and it became increasingly popular. Another theory states that a Chinese fan of Naruto made a necklace and gave it to her friends, who love Naruto. 

The original blog post she wrote about the necklace was more than three years ago. Its popularity has increased over time.

Why Does Itachi Wear a Ring?

Itachi Necklace Meaning 2 What is Itachi Necklace Meaning

Itachi has a ring that he wears on his right hand. It serves many purposes throughout anime and manga. This ring was presented to Itachi by Shisui Uchiha, his best friend.

It is a symbol of unity among members of the Uchiha Clan. Itachi was always reminded by this ring to keep his friends and teammates strong.

Itachi killed his clan and he fled Konoha. He then went into hiding. He ran from Akatsuki, an organization that wants all tailed beasts to be captured, and was caught by the village.

Itachi joined Akatsuki to defend his village. He pretended to be an ally. He was assigned to guard the Uchiha against Akatsuki. Itachi would keep his ring close to him during this time and wear it while on duty.

Itachi’s necklace is also suitable for single women. If you are single and you see a married woman wearing this necklace, it is considered a sign that she has blessed you with something. 

If you don’t want others to see it this way, then you can buy the silver version. It looks more like an accessory.

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