All About Boruto’s Time Travel Arc


Boruto‘s time travel arc is a huge hit with the fans, and we can see why that’s the case. Although the show hasn’t gone back to adapting manga, it has done the second best thing it could’ve possibly done, that is, go back to showing the fans content from Naruto.

As Urashiki Otsutsuki went back in time to get the Nine-tails from Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Boruto Uzumaki followed him to put an end to his acts, and stop him once and for all.

Boruto Time-skip Arc – What’s Happening?

While that hasn’t happened right away, it’ll all be the focus of this 8-episode arc, and hopefully, we’ll get to see some great content in this arc as well.

Last week, again, we saw some great character interactions between the old generation characters such as Naruto, Hinata, Neji, and even Rock Lee.

It was really enjoyable to watch, but the most exciting part came towards the end of the episode, as we found out what was next for the arc.

According to the synopsis for Boruto Episode 131, the next episode of the show is going to be titled “The Power of the Nine-Tails,” and these are the contents of the episode: “Urashiki is Back! Boruto, Sasuke, and Jiraiya try to rescue Naruto from Urashiki’s clutches but the Nine-Tails chakra gets out of control. Boruto manages to catch up to Urashiki but witnesses something disturbing?!”

We’re very excited to see this big team-up between Jiraiya and Sasuke Uchiha. Will Jiraiya find out who Sasuke really is? Or will that bit remain a mystery? We don’t know much about it yet, but hopefully, our questions will be answered soon.

Boruto Time-skip Arc – Urashiki vs Jiraiya

We’re even more excited to see what becomes of Urashiki Otsutsuki. Will he finally be taken down in this arc?

We certainly think that it could well be the case, but nothing can be said for sure, and if it truly is the case, then it’ll be even more interesting to see who possessed his Karma, and how they were able to manifest its powers.

Boruto Time-skip Arc

Boruto Episode 131 is going to be released on Sunday, November 3, 2019.

How do you guys feel about the upcoming time travel arc in Boruto? Apparently, Urashiki goes to the past to kill Naruto for the Nine Tails, because he knows he doesn’t stand a chance against adult Naruto. Boruto and Sasuke also go to the past.

I know I’m really nervous about it. What if it isn’t good quality? What if it opens plot holes? And how is this arc not significant enough to be manga content, because undoubtedly it’ll push Boruto’s development a lot??? I kind of wish they just made this arc a non-canon movie.

But also, Kishimoto personally requested this arc, so I’m hopeful, too. Maybe this’ll be really good with his involvement. Who knows—maybe it’ll even close plot holes?

Let me know your thoughts… and let’s pray for this arc oof.

Kishimoto requesting the arc doesn’t really settle my fear for this. Although there’s no doubt he is a skilled writer and artist, he’s definitely made a large number of mistakes in both departments across the whole series.

Then again, although they label this as canon, it will likely never or rarely be referenced and as such should be able to stand on its own without possibly butchering the plot.

I’m more worried about how time travel is done and the rule surrounding it, because if it’s relatively simple to pull of or contains too few restrictions, then for the rest of the series whenever something bad happens I’m gonna be thinking they should just time travel to solve it.

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  1. I have a problem lol the scene they jump to where jiraiya jumps infront on naturo it has happened before in the first show or movie or shippuden flash backs because I haven’t seen any of boruto yet and i see that part before!! Where naturo pushed a body to the side with tails chakra

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