Boruto Filler List – The Ultimate Filler Guide!

If you are searching for Boruto Filler List then you are on the right page Boruto is the latest anime that continue after the Naruto Shippuden.

We all know Naruto series have many fillers and Boruto take the Naruto legacy forward in terms of fillers. Even though the story has been evolved with a great concept, there is something that’s dragging it down.

Because out of 157 episodes, over 90 fillers which makes it 60% of the series as filler content. and well know filler are very irritating they break the flow of the arc.

Boruto Filler List Guide

Let’s begin the list of Boruto Filler list guide.

Filler List

16-17, 33-34, 40-50, 67-140, 152-156

Manga Canon Episodes

1-15, 18-32, 35-37, 39, 53-59, 61-66, 148-151

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes

18, 24, 51, 61, 93-95, 106-111

Note: Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes contain some part of additional content that doesn’t exist in the manga. On the other hand, manga canon episodes define the story that follows the original events of the manga. But to enjoy and understand the anime completely, you need to watch these Mixed Canon Episodes too.

Here we also have Naruto Filler List and Naruto Shippuden Filler List.

Boruto Fillers That Are Worth Watching!

Even though most of the Boruto is filled with filler content but here are some of the episodes and arc that you can watch later using this Boruto fillers list.

These episodes are not only just funny but also filled with adventurous and some even have good plot.

So, I thought it would be better to include a few time worthy fillers for you to watch in this Boruto filler list.

Byakuya Gang Arc (43-51)

Byakuya Gang Arc boruto filler list

The Byakuya Gang Arc is the sixth arc of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

It covers episodes 43 to 47 and is preceded by the Genin Mission Arc and followed by the Versus Momoshiki Arc.

This arc focuses on Boruto and Shikadai dealing with the noble thieves called the Byakuya Gang.

Genin Mission Arc (40-42)

Genin Mission Arc

The Genin Mission Arc, also known as the Genin Arc is the fifth arc of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

It covers episodes 40 to 42. It is preceded by the Graduation Exams Arc and followed by the Byakuya Gang Arc.

This arc focuses on Team 7’s first mission and other newly constructed teams partaking in missions.

Chocho Arc (67-70)

Chocho Arc

The Chōchō Arc also known as the Super Chōchō Butterfly Mode Arc is the eighth arc of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. It covers episodes 67 to 69.

The arc focuses on Chōchō and is based on Kishimoto’s idea, with him also providing some dialogue for it.

It is preceded by the Versus Momoshiki Arc and followed by the Mitsuki’s Disappearance Arc.

Konohamaru Arc (112-119)

Konohamaru Arc

The Konohamaru’s Love Arc is the thirteenth arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

It covers episodes 116 to 119. It is preceded by Steam Ninja Scrolls Arc and followed by One-Tail Escort Arc.

One-Tail Escort Arc (120-126)

One-Tail Escort Arc

One-Tail Escort Arc is the fourteenth arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.

It covers episodes 120 to 126. It is preceded by Konohamaru’s Love Arc and is followed by Time Slip Arc.

The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand (Episode 60)

The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand

Sarada’s friends offer her encouragement and advice before her match against Araya. Sarada starts the match off using shurikenjutsu, which Araya deflects with his sword, even the ones Sarada bends to attack from a blindspot.

Sarada activates her Sharingan to analyse his movements, but can’t keep up with Araya’s moves. Araya attacks with a spear, and Sarada tries using Sharingan genjutsu against him, but it doesn’t work, and Araya manages to injure her.

Sarada thinks through the possible reasons for her genjutsu not working, and realises something about Araya. Araya pressures her to end the fight, saying he researched Konoha shinobi.

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