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A hot Japanese anime TV show that ran from October 2006 to June 2007 is nothing less than the Death Note Filler’s list.

It’s an anime version of the manga composed by Tsugumi Ohba. It is a compilation of the Death Note Anime Filler List, developed by Madhouse and overseen by Tetsuro Araki.


The storyline of this anime series is centered around a 17-year-old boy named “Light Yagami,” who is also called Kira later. In total, 37 episodes were broadcast live.

Death Note does not have any reported filler. The series aired from 2006 until 2007. The story begins with a 17-year-old genius from Japan.

It’s his name: Light Yagami. He’s tired of his existence at school, at work, and in his world in the way he perceives it. 

As he walks back from school, Light stumbles on the black notebook that reads “Death Note” written on the front.

He was astonished by the design and read the initial sentences. He discovers that any person whose name is written inside will be dead. Light continues to perform its work but discards it as an amusing joke.

However, his curiosity quickly grows more intense and prompts him to take a look at the notebook. With strength in the palms of his fingers, Light is in search of changing the universe to become the New God of the World.

The Death Note is discovered by brilliant high school senior Light Yagami. He’s also bored of the world. He first views the book as a joke, but he is able to test it through experiments.

Light is soon able to see that the argument in the book is real. You must think of a person while writing names of people on the Death Note, and that person dies from an attack of the heart forty seconds later.

At first, he relies on the book to eradicate people who commit crimes. However, he later discovered that intelligence agencies such as those the FBI are also searching for him. The book is used against them too.

Because of its thrilling nature, the Death Note anime series has gained a reputation. The series is among the top anime and has also been placed at number one numerous times. 

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Death Note: Episode List

1RebirthMixed Canon/Filler2006-10-03
2ConfrontationManga Canon2006-10-10
3DealingsManga Canon2006-10-17
4PursuitManga Canon2006-10-24
5TacticsManga Canon2006-10-31
6UnravelingManga Canon2006-11-07
7OvercastManga Canon2006-11-14
8GlareManga Canon2006-11-21
9EncounterManga Canon2006-11-28
10DoubtManga Canon2006-12-05
11AssaultManga Canon2006-12-12
12LoveManga Canon2006-12-26
13ConfessionManga Canon2007-01-09
14FriendManga Canon2007-01-16
15WagerManga Canon2007-01-23
16DecisionManga Canon2007-01-30
17ExecutionManga Canon2007-02-06
18AllyManga Canon2007-02-13
19MatsudaManga Canon2007-02-20
20MakeshiftManga Canon2007-02-27
21PerformanceManga Canon2007-03-06
22GuidanceManga Canon2007-03-13
23FrenzyManga Canon2007-03-20
24RevivalManga Canon2007-03-27
25SilenceMixed Canon/Filler2007-04-03
26RenewalMixed Canon/Filler2007-04-10
27AbductionManga Canon2007-04-17
28ImpatienceManga Canon2007-04-24
29FatherManga Canon2007-05-01
30JusticeManga Canon2007-05-08
31TransferManga Canon2007-05-15
32SelectionManga Canon2007-05-22
33ScornManga Canon2007-05-29
34VigilanceManga Canon2007-06-05
35MaliceManga Canon2008-06-12
361.28Manga Canon2007-06-19
37New WorldMixed Canon/Filler2007-06-26

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