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Anime dad are hard to find because in most of the anime they are either dead, missing or long on a trip to never return home and even if they are not then probably they are just old and wrinkly.

But we have a few cool looking, handsome, hot anime dads that can steal the center of attentions for all fangirls.

21 Best Anime Dads of All Time

Let’s begin the list of best anime dads of all time!

21. Kiritsugu Emiya From Fate Stay Night

Kiritsugu saw Shirou as a symbol of hope that allowed Kiritsugu to believe he had not abandoned everything for nothing, as he was still able to save one boy at the end of the Fourth Holy Grail War.

Kiritsugu Emiya From Fate Stay Night

Kiritsugu initially wanted to raise Shirou as a normal boy, but he was convinced to teach Shirou basic magecraft and died believing Shirou could actually fulfill his own life-long dream of becoming a “Hero of Justice.”

20. Sojiro Izumi From Lucky Star

He loves watching anime and playing video games, which influenced his daughter’s interests.

Sōjirō is very thin, has unshaven stubble, has a mole under his left eye (which his daughter inherited) and has thick eyebrows.

Sojiro Izumi From Lucky Star

Konata also appears to have inherited her skin tone from him. He always wears loose, traditional Japanese clothing as his work clothes.

19. Tomihisa Kaname From Madoka Magica

Tomohisa is a kind man that supports his family. He is a stay-at-home dad and does the chores around the house.

Tomohisa is a handsome young man with medium light-brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Tomihisa Kaname From Madoka Magica

He wears glasses rimmed with taupe brown, a baggy long sleeved shirt, khakis and dark brown shoes.

18. Shiro Fujimoto From Blue Exorcist

Shiro is quite mysterious but has a protective personality and kind heart.

Though a Paladin, he is not merciless towards Demons as he befriended the cat sith, Kuro, and is the adopted father of Rin, which made him one of the few people able to calm Rin down.

Despite being born as the twin sons of Satan Shiro raised and loved Yukio and Rin with all of his heart as if they were his own children.

Shiro Fujimoto From Blue Exorcist

He loved them so much that he was willing to die for them if it meant protecting his sons.

17. Daikichi Kawachi From Usagi Drop

With Rin living in his home, Daikichi quits smoking, cleans his house, and reluctantly cuts back on work hours. Despite his irresponsible lifestyle, Daikichi is a very hard worker and considered the best in his department.

He is insecure about his style on raising Rin, considering him being single and doesn’t have any single idea of what being a guardian nor a father would be.

Daikichi Kawachi From Usagi Drop

He always asks his co-workers or Yukari for guidance. Yumi Unita stated some events Daikichi faced when raising Rin were based on her personal experiences.

16. Soun Tendo From Ranma 1/2

Soun is very emotional, and is prone to visibly displaying this, whether it be a tragic, happy, or angry occasion.

He is regularly brought to tears when caught up in sentimentality, compassion, worrying about his children, or if he thinks their affection is in doubt. They occasionally gush from his eyes.

Soun Tendo From Ranma 1/2

He has also been portrayed as mostly honourable and a generally good person, frequently showing compassion towards others and offering hospitality or aid for people in trouble.

15. Mr. Kimura From Azumanga Daioh!

Kimura at one point drops a photo in the home room, only to have it picked up by the main cast. When Tomo asks who the woman in the picture is, Kimura replies, in heavily accented English: “Mai waifu”.

The scene following is one of shock. The girls are unwilling to believe that Kimura could have married such a beautiful woman, and to prove that he is telling the truth, Kimura shows them a family photo of himself, his wife and their daughter (whom the girls are surprised by because she looks smart).

Mr. Kimura From Azumanga Daioh!

The photo is a key part in Kimura’s character development as it is one of the only scenes in Azumanga Daioh where Kimura shows any sign of true happiness or any other kind of real emotion.

14. Goku From Dragon ball Z

When Gohan was born, Goku, Chi-Chi, and Ox-King were trying think of a name for him.

When they couldn’t come up with a good name, Goku decided to go fishing but was yelled at by Chi-Chi and asks if Grandpa Gohan taught him any manners.

Goku From Dragon ball Z

All of a sudden the baby starts to laugh and they decided to name him in honor of Goku’s adoptive grandfather.

13. Soichiro Yagami From Death Note

Soichiro is a kind man with a strong sense of justice. He cares greatly for his family and the members of the Japanese Task Force.

He is a serious and responsible man that gains the respect of many.

Soichiro Yagami From Death Note

Soichiro was often absent from home, meaning that he spent little time with his family. However, this is in part to his motto, “justice first, family later” (a belief Light ends up adopting).

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