Fortnite Is Making a Change to Emotes

Fortnite is making some changes to how “confrontational” emotes are displayed to other players during play. Even though Fortnite doesn’t let players talk to enemies directly yet, emotes are often used as a taunt after killing an enemy player.

Some emotes, like “Take the L” or “Laugh It Up,” can be seen as toxic by some fans of the series, which can make it difficult for some players to enjoy the game.

A big part of Fortnite’s cosmetics is emotes, which can give a player’s current avatar a lot of different animated styles.

Weapon skins, character skins, backpacks, pickaxes, and other things can also be used as cosmetics.

There have also been rumors that Fortnite will be adding a new type of cosmetic item in addition to the ones that are already there.

Massive changes and additions to Fortnite are always being thought about by Epic Games. At the moment, changes are being made to emotes.

It’s been said by Epic Games that soon there will be changes to how players see “confrontational” emotes. Players will no longer see several emotes when they are used by an enemy player in an upcoming update on April 23.

When used by enemy players, these “confrontational” emotes will appear as standing still and make no sound. You can change this by going to the main menu and finding the “social privacy” settings.

The affected emotes will only be shown to players in the same party by default. Players can choose to see the emotes from all players or no other players.

There are a lot of emotes to choose from, and some of them are added to the item shop in Fortnite every so often. That being said, the update will only change the following emotes.

Fortnite Emotes Affected by April 23 Update

  • Laugh It Up
  • Take The L
  • Whipcrack
  • Make It Plantain

Following the upcoming update, players will only be able to see four emotes, and all of them are potentially hostile. It’s still possible for players to use these emotes on their own after these changes.

When used against an enemy player, emotes like “Laugh It Up” and “Take The L” can be seen as harmful, and some players would rather not see these kinds of emotes at all.

However, rare Fortnite emotes like “It’s Complicated” and “Kiss the Cup” will still work as usual. On April 23, Billie Eilish, who is coming to Fortnite Festival, will be included in the patch with the update, version 29.30.

Emotes and other cosmetics are now displayed in the Fortnite store after many changes were made. The goal of this update is to completely change the way players see emotes.

To fight toxicity, these changes can help players get away from bad things while they play the game.

Fortunately, players in Fortnite who don’t like this change can change a setting in the main menu to return to the way they see emotes.

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