Spider-Man 2 Releases New Update You Can Download Right Now

The latest update to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is now available for download, and it includes several bug fixes and other request improvements. The latest chapter of Insomniac’s critically acclaimed open-world superhero series came out in October for the PlayStation 5.

It put Peter Parker and Miles Morales up against well-known bad guys like Kraven the Hunter, the Lizard, and the long-awaited Venom. Spider-Man 2 has been a huge hit so far, selling over five million copies around the world and ranking as one of Insomniac’s highest-rated releases.

But every super hero has flaws, and Insomniac has spent the last few months fixing Spider-Man 2’s bugs and other problems with free download update patches.

New Game Plus, the ability to replay story missions, a lot of new costumes, special bonus challenges, and accessibility features were finally added in March.

This was the biggest update. In addition, Spider-Man 2 teamed up with Gameheads to sell a pair of different Peter and Miles skins. The money raised went to helping underprivileged youth and youth of color try their luck in the tech and gaming industries.

Now, Insomniac has released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Version 1.002.003, a patch update that fixes bugs and glitches in a variety of areas. After one of these fixes, players have been reporting problems with some of the costumes in the game.

Specifically, Andrew Garfield’s updated costume from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would make Spidey’s mask look strangely wavy.

In addition to fixing bugs, the new update also fixes issues where some users’ saved data disappears, custom accessibility settings are reset when you die, and the newly added Screen Reader feature doesn’t read some in-game text correctly.

Fans still can’t wait for news about Spider-Man 2’s post-launch story DLC, which was talked about in the now-famous December data breach at Insomniac. Insomniac hasn’t said for sure, but a new leak suggests that Janice Lincoln, also known as “The Beetle,” might be the main bad guy in this DLC campaign.

Others who are talking about Spider-Man 2 DLC think that Carnage, Daredevil, or even Wolverine might show up before his own game from Insomniac.

While gamers wait for more solid confirmation about any new Spider-Man 2 game content, they can enjoy the smaller changes made to the game in its latest patch update.

The PS5’s technical prowess is already on full display in Spider-Man 2, and the ongoing wave of fixes and improvements will make it easier for Peter and Miles to win from the skyscrapers above New York City.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Version 1.002.003 Patch Notes

Suit Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where masks and lenses on certain suits would appear wavy, notably on the Amazing 2 Suit
  • Addressed an issue where the webbing on the Classic Suit appeared blurry
  • Addressed an issue where Peter’s Hellfire Gala would have glowing lights around the mask
  • Addressed an issue where an orb of light would appear on Peter’s Iron Spider Suit


  • Addressed an issue where some users’ save data would disappear, notably after v. 1.002.000
  • Addressed an issue where the game would prompt users to start a new game instead of continuing their current NG+ save file
  • Addressed an issue where the sun would move across the sky when using the “Sunset” Time of Day setting
  • Addressed an issue where the Charge Jump tutorial prompt wouldn’t show up when avoiding the security guard in the “Roll Like We Used To” flashback mission
  • Addressed an issue where the L1+R1 prompts wouldn’t show up to pick up Dima’s steak in NG+
  • Addressed an issue where the duffle bag would show skin/suit damage


  • Addressed environmental textures/bugs in the open world
  • Add general stability improvements to address common crashes and performance hiccups


  • Addressed an issue where accessibility presets would reset any additional customizations on death, restart, or reloading checkpoint
  • Addressed missing High Contrast shaders during the EMF Prospect Park Bee Drone mission
  • Addressed an issue where the screen reader would automatically turn off when selecting a New Game save slot
  • Addressed an issue where the screen reader would not properly read certain text, including confirmation windows, the initial shortcut menu on setup, 120hz display mode confirmation, and more
  • Added Skip Puzzle option to the tether puzzle in Make Your Own Choices

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