Street Fighter 6 Acknowledges M.Bison’s Confusing Name Change

A clever nod to the infamous controversy that has surrounded his name in various parts of the world was included in the most recent piece of downloadable content for Street Fighter 6, which finally included the dreaded M. Bison as a playable character.

In the base version of Street Fighter 6, Bison is believed to have passed away as a result of the climactic battle that he fought against Ryu in the previous entry.

Newcomer JP has assumed the role of master of the evil Psycho Power and is the main antagonist that players in both the World Tour mode and various Arcade entry playthroughs must face.

The former head of Shadaloo, M. Bison, was confirmed to be a part of the second-year DLC pass for Street Fighter 6 during the Summer Game Fest livestream in June.

At that time, it was later revealed that M. Bison is not actually dead after all. The gameplay footage showed that Bison is still as dangerous as ever thanks to his return of his Psycho Power-enhanced moveset, despite the fact that he was shown to be sporting a ragged new look as he rode into the fray on horseback.

If players were to seek out Bison in World Tour, they would be able to learn how to channel these moves ever since he was added to the Street Fighter 6 roster a couple of weeks ago to begin with.

The player will discover that M. Bison, the once-famous leader of the Shadaloo, has no recollection of his previous existence once they have located him in the World Tour mode of Street Fighter 6.

Over the course of a conversation, Bison will provide the player with a list of potential names, including Bison, Vega, Shadaloo, and Lord, and then tell them to call him whatever they like. With one of Bison’s examples, the Fighting Game Anniversaries Twitter account was quick to notice an intriguing Easter egg.

In particular, the name “Vega,” which was Bison’s original name in the Japanese release of Street Fighter 2, was the Easter egg that caught their attention.

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Originally, the hat rig was given to his master, but American Street Fighter fans know Vega as the masked claw-wielding assassin of Shadaloo.

In Japan, Vega was referred to as “Balrog,” and the boxer who went by that name in the United States was referred to as “M. Bison” in Japan.

This was a reference to Mike Tyson, who had previously held the title of undisputed world heavyweight champion.

As a result of concerns that Mike Tyson might file a lawsuit over the perceived use of his likeness, the names of the three members of Shadaloo were changed when Street Fighter 2 was localised in the United States. This change has remained in effect to this day.

For English-speaking Street Fighter players, the meaning behind the name “M. Bison” is a mystery because it does not explicitly refer to Mike Tyson.

Furthermore, not many players are aware of the dark one’s original name or the switch-up with his henchmen during the game.

There are a lot of humorous references to things like Blanka’s green skin in Street Fighter 6, and now M. Bison is bringing attention to the confusion that has been surrounding his name as part of his recent issues with his identity.

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